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  • A routine traffic stop lands a suspect who poses a lethal new threat, while Bosch and J. Edgar (Jamie Hector) pursue a promising lead in the bones case. Bosch locks horns with Deputy Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) over his ongoing court battle, just as his relationship with Brasher picks up. And murder suspect Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) makes a startling confession about Bosch's cold case.


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  • Dr. Golliher talks to Bosch over a beer, they talk about the abused boy and 9/11. Bosch vows not to let the Bones case go.

    Raynard Waits (Jason Gedric) drives a Window Washing van at night. He offers a lift to a guy on the street. Officers Irving and Pierce see the van, Irving has a feeling but doesn't get the plates run. They are assuming it is stolen. Another patrol car arrives and the cops take down Waits the driver. Irving opens the side door and finds a nude male dead body in the back.

    At the Station Bosch and the uniforms congratulate Pierce and Irving. Capt Pounds comes out of his office, Bosch accuses him of giving his file to Chandler, Pounds doesn't deny but rips Bosch for being a loner who's time is past.

    Moore and Johnson interview Waits. Waits plays dumb. They wonder where he was going in Echo Park and if he is gay. They show a burlap bag and stun gun they found in his car. Moore says they will charge Waits with murder, Waits wants a lawyer.

    A young public defender, Maureen O'Grady (Leisha Hailey) is assigned to Waits. She says he will be held, Waits gets angry wanting to be released, he has people to take care of.

    Bosch picks up the morning paper and sees another large story on him. At the SID lab a tech goes over the Bones evidence. He suspects the boy was a skateboarder, and inside the pack was a small plastic starfish from the San Diego Aquarium. Harry tells Jerry to issue a generic statement to the press.

    Grace Billets takes Harry aside and says Irving wants him to settle, the City will pay. Harry refuses on principle.

    In court, the judge excludes any evidence about Flores' past. Attorney Rodney Belk (Abraham Benrubi) puts his client Bosch on the stand to refute Chandler's assertions. Bosch is factual and states the shooting was fully investigated and he was cleared. Chandler goes to re-direct and asks why Bosch broke LAPD policy in making a foot chase. She tries unsuccessfully to get him to admit he was looking for a chance to shoot Flores.

    Bosch meets Edgar outside a Nicolas Trent's house. The man lived down the street from Dr. Guyot and was a convicted child molester in 1990. They interview him and challenge why he tried to hide his past. Bosch snoops around the house while going to the washroom and Edgar keeps Trent talking in the foyer. He finds stuffed animals in the basement and a skateboard. Trent comes down and says he is a Set Dresser and these are props for his work. Trent agrees to a polygraph and will call a lawyer. Outside the house Noah Tyler springs out and asks them for comment. Harry makes a bland statement that he also records himself.

    Waits is in county jail and eyes another prisoner. The TV shows Waits' arrest and then shows the Bones case and introduces Harry Bosch's background.

    Harry buys himself a burger then responds to a radio call with his siren and lights. Police are under attack by gunfire. When he strives at the scene all is calm. He speaks to Officer Edgewood who says Brasher left the car with a gun in her hand on a routine stop, the passenger fired twice at her before his gun jammed. Edge is her TO, Training Officer, and will have to write her up, it's her second tactical UnSat. Bosch waits for her to come off duty, he returns the flashlight he borrowed. He offers to buy her a drink. At a bar he says she should be OK, but he asks about the first UnSat, at a Domestic Dispute. Julia wants to be a detective but Harry is firm she has to do her time in uniform. She wants to be a boss like Harry. He takes her home and they have sex. After he explains the house and the Black Echo movie. They go for round 2, she asks about his scars and the picture of his daughter Maddie.

    In the morning Julia shows Harry the online LA Times story on the convicted sex offender. Harry says they really shouldn't be sleeping together given their work positions and asks that she keep it quiet.

    Waits' lawyer O'Grady explains the case against him. There were also multiple other DNA samples found in the van, he may be facing the death penalty. Raynard then says he has something to trade.

    The cops joke around, right away they know Harry and Julia are having sex. Sgt Mankiewicz even agrees to have Edgewood downplay her mistake.

    Deputy DA Escobar meets with Waits and O'Grady. Waits will give closure on other victims and confesses to the child bones case. Escobar is wiling to listen.

    Irving enters Hollywood Station, Detective Rider says Lt Billets is in the washroom, he waits in her office. He asks her about Nicolas Trent and gets an update. Billets let him know Bosch believes Pounds gave up the file, Irving listens. Trent's lawyer calls, he can't get a hold of him. They return to Trent's house and find him suicided, hanging from a closet. Harry sighs.

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