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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Exceeds already high expectations
Platypuschow25 March 2018
Despite being a huge comic book nerd I was not familiar with the Guardians before the first movie came out. I did some googling and upon learning about this sci-fi superhero team consisting of a talking raccoon and tree man I was hardly impressed.

I finally got round to watching the first film and was blown away. It had a remarkable charm that even the other Marvel titles didn't have. It was filled with great humour, memorable moments and fit into the Marvel Universe long running story perfectly.

Because of this I pumped by expectations up high for the sequel to a degree where it was almost guaranteed to fail yet somehow, someway it didn't.

Not only did it meet my expectations but it exceeded them, GotG2 is amazing.

Full of the same five star humour, being a visual treat and once again with an excellent soundtrack the film gripped me from the outset and delivered that charm all over again.

This time including several industry veterans including Kurt Russell (Who has been on great form since his return) and Sylvester Stallone they fit in well and don't detract from the franchise as I feared they might.

With cameo appearances along the way from the likes of Farscape (1999) lead Ben Browder to industry legend Seth Green as Howard the Duck this is a fun rollercoaster ride than left me positively gagging for more.

This is one of those films I feel like I could rant about (In a positive way) for a while and so I'm going to resist the urge and merely say that Guardians 2 is a contender for the best Marvel movie, contested only by the first Avengers film.


The Good:

Cast are great again

Charm returns

Excellent nostalgic soundtrack

Looks amazing

The Bad:

Only one movie with Baby Groot? Noooo!

They seem to have dropped Drax's taking everything literal jokes away

Michael Rosenbaum was wasted

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Batista should have skipped over wrestling and just been an actor
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Great sequel overall
crberme20 August 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a great movie, and I would say better than the recent superhero movies. I'm afraid thought that the first movie set the expectations so high that is not crazy to doubt if this one was able to keep up.

Visually is as good as the first one, the acting is on point and the soundtrack is dope. The plot is fine, although it falls under the "knowing better the characters and realizing their sad and deep feelings" cliché. It leaves me with the feeling that the first one was innovative and fresh, wherever this one just reused the formula.

Apart from that, this is an entertaining and fun movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who is into superhero or science fiction movies. It doesn't disappoint.
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Almost as funny and charming as the first
Harun_Karali24 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As someone who was floored by the first film, I was eager to see how the second installment in Gunn's trilogy(yes, it's a trilogy now) would pan out. To be honest, I was a bit anxious, as we are familiar with Hollywoods track record when it comes to sequels. However there are rare moments when the sequel lives up to it's predecessor. As is the case here, as Gunn delivers the same charm, humor and emotion as the first film. The big difference is the focus on Peter's story, As our heroin meets his long lost father Ego(brilliantly played by Kurt Russell), who shows up at the knick of time, as Rocket pisses off Ayesha(Elizabeth Debicki) who sends a space armada after them. To add the cherry on top of this pie is the soundtrack(Sam Cooke's Bring it on Home to Me), that was meticulously chosen. If you were a fan of the first, don't doubt, Gunn delivers a space opera that lives up to it's hype. I have high hopes for the future of the MCU, it's clear that the studio let Gunn's creativity speak for itself and boy did he have a lot to say.
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The Sequel to Those Unusual Marvel Superhero in the Galaxy
MichaelNontonMulu27 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a very fun superhero film. It did not provide us with very heavy storyline, the premise was quite simple and best of it all, it was having lots and lots of funny moments. My wife and I truly enjoyed this movie as we had laughs all over the movie and there were even some emotional moments as well which was very lovely to see at the end (and made my wife very emotional). I love the chemistry among the Guardians, and I loved Baby Groot's very cute and adorable behavior. I also loved the opening scene which I think was very cool.

In addition to the good chemistry among the stars, I also felt that Mantis' character was fun to see, especially whenever she was interacting with Drax. In this sequel, it was also surprising to see Drax' very funny characterization and his comments. Both Yondu and Nebula also had larger important role in this movie compared to Volume 1. There was even a surprise new character played by Sylvester Stallone whom I understand would be having larger role in future Marvel movies.

Apart from those fun interactions and the nice light story, the movie itself was not the type of full of action scenes. Mostly it was done in the early stage, middle part and the ending part. The sound effects were good, the effects involving Baby Groot and Rocket were awesome, but I felt the CGI effects were not that nice, especially during the scenes in the Ego planet where it really looked computerized. However, it was not really a bothering scene. One thing that was quite curious for me is the trailer to this movie was already showing Kurt Russel portraying Peter's father, which I thought would be best kept hidden to avoid spoiler. But then as we continued watching it, I realized that it was more like a part that was supposed to intrigue us.

I personally felt that this movie was better than Volume 1, in term of the story and characterizations. And for those of you who knew that Marvel's movies would have some end credit scenes, better wait till the very end, since this film had got not 1, not 2 not even 3, but 5 post credit scenes altogether.

So if you enjoyed the first volume, you would enjoy this one even better. I would recommend you to watch the first one before seeing this one to have a better understanding on the movie. Though I am pretty sure that most likely you would have seen it. Now if you are a fan of a much heavier superhero movie, than this one may not suit your thirst, but I am confident that you would still be entertained watching this one.
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Must disengage brain entirely to enjoy
imdb2-528 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With so much talent in this film, it's so disappointing that the writers were right . Don't waste a dime on developing a sensible plot because the hordes of fans will eat this crap up like it was a 5 star meal. Hence the 8.1 star rating which reflects a demographic with time on their hands and a studio with plenty of marketing budget.

On the bright side - the CGI is great. The sets are beautiful. There are some very funny moments. The cast still has some chemistry with each other. And I've seen movies that were much worse and unwatchable than this one. But I wouldn't be honest if I didn't give this a very generous 5 because of the horrendous, deficient plot. And after this film I'd have to say that I've about had enough with this series. We've heard the story, had some fun with the characters and it's clear that what was fun, fresh and original is what it should have been - a one film wonder leaving Hollywood to develop another story.

Without giving away the big reveal or true spoilers, I'll explain the problem that are evident throughout the entire film:

(1) Repeated jokes as if we're supposed to be warmed to it, e.g. how dumb and oblivious baby Groot is (except when he needs not to be.) Funny at the opening moment and gets more difficult to stomach as we make our way through.

(2) The fact that our heroes are never really in danger. They are always somehow able to avoid dangers of the most extreme kind for prolonged periods while they joke during the encounter and then you know they will be saved by some unknown force to be named shortly.

(3) The abject stupidity of supremely smart characters. Because we need those whose level of intelligence is off the charts to continue to do some really stupid or missing the obvious for a prolonged period of time but just enough for our heroes to have the time to do something to save themselves and the galaxy from certain destruction.

(4) The explanation of the villain's plan made absolutely no sense. It was the usual pseudo-brilliant but amorphous hogwash that only made sense when you were 5 years old in the world of make believe without having to think about whether there was any logic.

(5) Occasional product placement. Fedex anyone? It's one thing to have a "special moment" and another to believe we're too stupid to understand why it happened. And then there is Baby Groot who exists and will continue to exist solely for merchandising... Too cute to kill off. ;)
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Very disappointing
rocketdog-743352 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have to start by saying the first film was my favourite film of the last few years and I'm a huge fan.

But let's be honest, this was a huuuge let down of a sequel after an amazing first film. The first had a good story, fleshed out characters, believable villains, genuine affection, drama, tension and a soundtrack that was original and used brilliantly.

This film had a weak, bloated story. Almost every scene filled with forced, cheap gags. Unbelievable and disappointing bad guys who tried to wise crack their through and lost any menace. Acting was poor apart from Yondu and Nebula who was woefully underused.

This was was like a comedy parody of the first film. A goofy, TV sequel that had none of the magic of the original blockbuster.

At one point Drax wisecracks that he does big turds. I'd venture none as big as this one.

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Guardians' date with the creator.
Reno-Rangan13 October 2017
The first film was the most unexpected. That was one of the most colourfull space films I have ever seen. Youthful, energetic, fantastic visuals and so the same followed in this sequel as well. Not the same good, but stood to the expectation of the first film's success. This story does not have a great adventure in the galaxy. A simple quest, but a thrilling action-adventure. Now this accidental space gang is set to meet the creator.

It's time for Peter to meet his father, Ego. As he still upset with his mother's death, his encounter with his father was not as expectedly smooth. On the other side of the story, Rocket, Yandu, Baby Groot make their escape from the captivity. They all end up on the Ego's planet where the rest of the film going to take place. Being the guardians of the galaxy, their fight against the whoever threaten the safety of the universe once again tested with their strength as a team.

James Gunn did it again. And I'm confident that he's going to do the same for next as well. All the actors were fantastic like the previous film. This time, little fun with little Groot. Anybody who loved the first would love it too. Being a franchise from Marvel universe, it is yet to join the 'Avengers'. So far so good. I'm now expecting one of the best of best trilogies. Bring it on the volume 3.

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Open Mindedly Exploring the Chauvinistic Celestial Domain Warning: Spoilers
This story has a philosophically intriguing and imaginative theme. If a person lived forever and for millions of years, what would be his psychology. What if he is also able to manifest his physical body and his world through his thoughts. This movie presents a picture where this person becomes extremely egoistic. There is no 'she' to this 'him' and I think that's what went wrong with this guy.

He creates a wonderful planet and then to get rid of his loneliness goes around looking for other life in the universe. He finds many women, makes love to them and plants his seed on every planet he went so that he could take over the universe. He is able to destroy other beings and planets. This makes him think he could just destroy them whenever he wanted and walk away from the crime scene. But his son proves him wrong.

Although it is nowhere close, this story does remind of god the father and Jesus the son and another story where it all went biblical. So the son in the story realizes who is father is, and who his real daddy is, and the difference between the two.

Another interesting aspect of the story was the relationship between two sisters. Gamora and Nebula who were brought up by an abusive parent. Gamora remained beautiful because of her sister's sacrifices. I like the part where Gamora realizes this fact and starts appreciating her sister. Nebula was at the verge of killing her sister because she felt she had had enough. Love renders us weak and sacrifice has its limits. But in the end honest communication works its magic. The importance of role of communication in personal relationships comes to forefront altogether.

There are many other intriguing things like Yondu looking into Rocket's eyes and saying a magical phrase. Totally amazing movie. A must watch.
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Here's how not to do a sequel
drgrozozo7 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OMG, what a terrible sequel to one of the best movies of the decade...

Shallow, unfunny, clichéd, predictable and often pathetic, in many places poorly acted and directed, with overabundance of cheesy fake-looking rainbow effects.

It's like writers read all viewer comments to Vol.1 then added whatever people liked 100 times over into Vol.2. So the lovely 80s music vignette now becomes massive bore shoveled into every scene, complex Yondu-Peter relationship gets butchered into cheesy pathos, Yondu's character gets reduced to repeating Vol.1 whistling scene over and over, Rocket goes boring with highlights being Vol.1 repeats, Gamora/Nebula relation - again repeats, Groot no development at all beyond Vol.1 ending cute cgi.

The only character that actually gets improved is Drax, his lines are written and get delivered in the best manner of the first movie, unfortunately that can't keep this wreck afloat.
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Great Adventure
luzm885 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My main criticism was that I don't feel like you needed to have seen the previous movie to really get/enjoy this one. You would have missed out on the bonding of the team and the backstory of Nebula and Gamora, but overall you'd be fine.

Overall, though it was a great movie, it felt more like a side story in the many adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy and less like an actual continuation of their main story. Why? Well, we did have that wonderful cameo of great actors who portrayed the original Guardians. We had our Stan Lee cameo. And, we had Peter Quill's backstory explained. Other then that, I don't yet see how any of this advanced the main plot of Thanos or of any big threat to the Galaxy.

My favorite parts of the movie were Rocket and Yondu's character growth. I felt tears in my eyes when Yondu died. Such a powerful message that parentage and parents can be such distinct things. Also, Gamora and Nebula's sister bonding and reconciliation. Their scenes were so much of what it is to be a sister. One cannot hate in such a way without there being love in the mix.

The only truly plot advancing potential that I saw in this movie were the after-credit scenes. Especially the one with Adam. Only time will tell if any more of this will have an effect on the Marvel Universe. Regardless, this was a great story to tell.
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Disappointing.... this movie cares more about jokes than a good plot
sthingsone5 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
***Potential Spoilers***

+Visuals were okay but not that great at some point it kinda looked animated

+Acting was perfect

-but the plot was Horrible

-Some of the comedy sequences felt Forced

-Villian was underwhelming

-Overacting -Pacing issues

Marvel overused their formula in this one & it just felt Choppy & bloated there are jokes but by jokes i mean there are too many if you are fan of Forced ripoff jokes then this movie is for you there wasn't even much action You have a guy name Drax the Destroyer but you given him only one Action sequence Come'on **Spoilers* Nebula tries to kills herself to kill Gamora, and later on both of them forgive each other ? It just felt messy

The only thing i learned from GOTG 2 is that never go with high expectation while seeing a movie
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The Guardians Strike Back
stormryder_thomas24 April 2017
I was lucky enough to see this on 20/4 at an industry screening which allowed me to sit on the film for a few days before I gave a review. I can safely say GotG Volume 2 absolutely wowed me. I can't believe these bunch of lovable misfit a-holes made one of the most MATURE themed films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is visually gorgeous. The use of colour, design and the straight up imagination of the source material outstand any MCU film prior. The action is glorious and astonishing. One scene in particular, I was jaw-dropped in its entirety as direction, action-choreography and music all came together so harmoniously. And THE MUSIC! What an eargasmic soundtrack. The songs are more poetic this time around and fit the subtext of the film perfectly. The trailers gave me the feel of the first movie; a straight-up Sci-fi action-comedy with a simple point A to B plot. GotGV2 is so much MORE than this! This film is patient with its characters and there is an emphasis on growth and family. It manages to balance 7-8 characters and gives almost all of them a satisfactory emotional arc. There is so much to chew on here with the issues and motifs felt by certain characters and I applaud that! This film is vastly different and I'm glad because I just love these characters so much! They are still so fun and energetic. It's great to see the team again and how their dynamic transforms. Also I forget to mention, the film is laugh-out-loud funny! All thanks to Drax who is by far the most comedic character and put me stitches.

Overall, this was both (I can't believe I'm saying this about the Guardians of the Galaxy) an emotionally dense and exciting blast. If Guardians 1 is the fast-paced Sci-Fi adventure like Star Wars was in 1977, then Vol. 2 is the deeper & richer film that takes its time to expand our beloved characters; just like Empire Strikes Back.
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Top-Notch Entertainment !
Samirsbureau4 May 2017

As a huge fan of the first film, I went to watch the movie as soon as it came out. And I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Offers so much thrills and an awesome cinematic experience, The action starts right from the opening scene and it doesn't end until the last 2 seconds of the film. The people behind the movie just knew how to not make the audience bored, and they succeeded at that.

I have to say that 3D ticket here is worth the additional price, because honestly, if any movie deserved to be really watched in 3D it's this one,It adds so much depth to the scenes and makes the movie alive.

The plot is interesting enough to keep you engaged and the pacing never really drags even with the movie's long duration.

The soundtrack just fits right into its place and it really helped the background quality, providing the best classic songs. The movie is also really humorous and I found it as funny as the first.

Due to the movie's high budget, the scenery is Amazing! The movie feels like a very entertaining roller coaster, it was a joy and all the crowd were very pleased.

In the end, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Is a MUST-SEE for fans of the first one and a VERY ENJOYABLE ride for everyone else. It's simply one of these movies that are always fun to watch.
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A flashy production with no substance
tdevil91 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
At the time of writing, there are only 7 out of 120 user reviewers that did not like the movie. I know I will receive a multitude of unhelpful votes for voicing my honest feedback about this movie. However, I hope that my feedback will be helpful for people who are able to judge a film in an objective manner so that they, at least, will be able to save their hard earned cash.

Firstly, the main antagonist is a Marvel character that has been completely changed for this movie. It bears no background similarity to the character in the comics whatsoever. I understand that the Marvel movies are all about making a spin on the comic book story arcs, but this difference was far too large for me to accept.

Whilst watching the movie, I had to ponder whether I had stepped into a Marvel Superhero version of "Fast and Furious". There was a continuous message that family is important and how the protagonists became who they were due to disenfranchised childhoods. Whilst this is a valid point, I do not feel that it belongs in a superhero action movie as it serves no purpose. Worse was when the message contradicted itself when we see Peter Quill betrayed by his Father. The clumsiness of this contradiction did nothing to alleviate the sickly sweet message that the movie was trying to convey. I get that James Gunn is trying to send out a message to the younger generation but I would think that kids go to watch a superhero movie for the action, and will not really appreciate or acknowledge the message that he is driving.

Unlike the first movie, there was a distinct lack of character focus and their abilities. It could easily have been an action movie without superheroes. In fact, the movie seemed to be focused on two characters when it came to showcasing their abilities. One of these had a sequence that was inspired by the Quicksilver scenes in the X-Men movies. The other was extremely underwhelming and was defeated far too incredibly when you consider the differences in age and experiences. None of the characters were interesting with the exception of Nebula and Mantis. However, Pom Klementieff played her role like a stuttering female cyborg that I even thought the role was played by an East Asian actress before I checked the cast members. The actors paid to play the new characters were miscast in my opinion. Sylvester Stallone's performance reminded me of his Judge Dredd and not in a good way.

It was clear that the popular factors in the first movie were taken and overdone in the second movie. Drax was made to look like a dumb fool once again but even more than in the first movie. While the CGI effects were good, the cuteness factor of Baby Groot served only to market the movie to kids and geek girls, and to rake in merchandise profit. There was also constant mention and focus on the cassette mix which was totally unnecessary (again, for merchandise promotion).

With the exception of Captain America and the first two Avengers and Thor movies, why do the Marvel movies have to be over-saturated with humor? It's one thing to market the movies to a wider audience but it's totally another thing when it's taken too far, and the humor becomes so clichéd.
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Laugh out loud funny movie filled with many touching moments that will make you cry!
keal7 May 2017
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is such a glorious celebration of all that's enjoyable about going to the movies. It makes you feel you've gotten your money's worth, from the ticket price to all the expensive food and drink items. Everyone in the theater walked out chatting and laughing about the movie. I can't think of a way to make a more enjoyable movie than GOTG 2.

From the beginning, the MARVEL STUDIOS logo has changed. While it's slowly creeping on screen, we used to see comic pages flipping. That's now replaced with movie footage, and the music is now epic, making the MS logo feel more classy and majestic.

The opening credits scene is just so creative, and a scene like that could very well be one of the best ending scenes in another movie. But in GOTG 2, it's just the opening! Looking back on the entire film, I can't believe in this age where we're all so used to seeing flashy space and combat action scenes, everything gets better and better as this movie rolls along towards the ending.

This is a really character-driven movie, and every single main actor gets fantastic screen time. No one is in the background. They all shine. Jokes are non-stop, and there are WAY more jokes in this sequel. Some of the humor is so unexpected and wacky that you'll just burst out loud laughing! You'll hear other people in the theater continue to laugh as the movie rolls on and you'll laugh again just thinking about what happened on screen.

As funny as this movie gets, you'll be pleasantly blindsided with some extremely heartwarming scenes between characters. How can a movie make people laugh so hard, then the next minute have everyone sobbing, or at least fighting back tears? If you're the type of movie-goer who likes to brag that you didn't cry through an emotional scene, prepare to get tested. GOTG 2 has many emotional scenes, and they happen at the weirdest, most unexpected times. My bet is, you WILL cry at least once. There's just too many good scenes coming at you and you'll stumble. This movie is such a rare roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs. Enjoy the ride!

The end credits are filled with things to keep you sitting in your chair. Don't make the mistake of walking out. There are something like 5 or 6 end scenes dispersed through the credits. You'll see people in the theater standing to leave, then sitting. Standing again, then sitting down. There's just so much going on in the end credits!

From start to finish, this movie has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. It's all bigger, better, funnier and way more emotional than the first GOTG, and easily the most entertaining thing you might witness this year in the theater. Don't miss this movie!
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So Good, Just Pure and Simple Pleasure
semaj19688 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The intro was one of the best I've seen in a movie for a long time, Mixture of Groot dancing to ELO's Mr Blue Skies while the rest fight in the background is pure mind blowing Joy. So many LOL moments, the cinema crowd were in stitches, I have to go see this again, I won't meander on too long but this for me was on par and up there for the first movie. That's tough thing to pull off these days as the firstwas mind blowing as I don't think anyone expected it to be so good again I was expecting this to be great but not as good but I was wrong. Part of me was hoping for another tentative link towards Infinity Wars but a minor niggle on my part. Great Movie Great Characters Great Laughs
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Family cosmagogue
BiiivAL5 June 2018
Today I dedicated to the Guardians of the Galaxy. I remembered the contents of the first film and got acquainted with the second part, which placed a great emphasis on the drama of characters and family values. With this text, I will try to orient you to watching this movie, because despite the fact that the film, though done by the templates of the first part, even stylistically and graphically turns out to be the ideological continuer of the first film. James Gunn stayed at the role of the project to revive the popularity of forgotten heroes, which by two thousand and fourteen already no one remembered. The second series promised to be bigger in many ways, but could it? Let's understand!

Guardians of the galaxy angered the sovereignty of the Sovereign, their heads are hunted by space pirates, the ship is broken, and the team nearly cried to death. But there is no evil without good: The Star Lord met a long-lost father named Ego and learned the story of his origin. Because of which the Guardians again have to save this galaxy ... Synopsis is good, catching and logically coming out of the first film. The main question disturbing many: the second part was better or worse than the original. And here already from which side to look.

"Guardians 2" are made at the same high level as the first part. They are as spectacular and funny and, perhaps, even more ambitious and touching. There is everything that should be in the film about the Guardians: a lot of humor, space battles, dizzying action scenes and music from the seventies. And, of course, Stan Lee's cameo and Howard's ducks.

But what's in the continuation there, so this is at least something fundamentally new, at least some serious differences from the original. "Guardians 2" is not a sequel like "Terminator 2" or "Aliens", raising the series to a new level, but just another portion of adventure in a familiar style. It can be compared with the next episode of the series, which is no better and no worse than the previous one. And he loses only because he is not the first. Still, the first "Guardians of the galaxy" was a terrific surprise. Nobody knew what to expect from the film about little-known heroes from the comic books Marvel. Nobody expected that a talking raccoon and not quite speaking tree would become symbols of 2014. And what to expect from the second "Sentinels", everyone knew, and this is what they give: "Pirates of the Caribbean Space." Parallels between the two Disney franchises and the truth is a lot. Space pirates behave exactly like the team of the "Black Pearl", and the Raccoon raccoon with its antics makes us remember Jack Sparrow. Well, Peter Quill reminds Will Turner, who finally found his lost father. And absolutely not how I expected.

James Gunn did not deceive, saying that the main theme in the film would be the theme of the family. She touched not only Peter, but also each of the Guardians. Gamora finds out the relationship with her sister Nebula and serves as a caring "mommy" for dunces-muzhiks. The rocket (do not call it raccoon!) Actually becomes a father for Little Grunt. Even Drax the Destroyer, which in the first film seemed almost superfluous, was revealed due to the fact that he found himself a pair. He flirts in a friendly way with the fragile empathic Mantis, and their joint scenes have come out touchingly awkward and comical.

Characters and parallel lines in the sequel became more. To the cast was added Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone (and David Hasselhoff flashed into the cameo). The composition of the Guardians themselves grows, and they will look more than the Avengers. It is felt that it is harder for Gann to come up with memorable remarks for everyone and from time to time he gives slack. This is especially noticeable in jokes: sometimes they roll down to humor below the belt, and not an adult, as in "Deadpool", but some school. When a raccoon threatens to throw a fecal to a friend, when the great Kurt Russell has to joke about his huge penis, it does not cause laughter, but awkwardness. Such moments can spoil the impression from the first half of the film. t is better where the director succeeds in the scenes, where humor is born from the action itself. As an example, any scene dedicated to Little Gruda is suitable. He does not say much, but everything he does, whether it's trying to get friends out of captivity, dancing during a battle or careless handling of a bomb, turns out touching and hilarious. If the slogan of the first part was "Especially the raccoon", then the second would come up with the slogan "Especially Little Grut".

In "Guardians 2" there is already no magic spark of novelty, which caused such enthusiasm in the first part. But this is a competent and qualitative continuation. The scale has grown, the characters are better exposed, and jokes and memorable scenes would be enough for a few more films.

Verdicting: The movie turned out to be excellent, it has a smart picture, intelligent thoughts (the dialogue between Drax and Mantis about love of freaks and beautiful ones was remembered) and moments of non-stop dynamics with colorful explosions and blasters, in the best traditions of the new "Star Trek". Of the merits: Yonda, Drax and Little Groot are well exposed, they really experience for them throughout the whole film, enchanting spectacle and jokes above the belt that have a place to be. From not very successful: jokes below the belt, ill-conceived villain and lack of novelty, but about the last point you forget completely, because you are immersed in the cinema with your head, because it tightens. I advise you to watch two films at once - the picture is more complete. All good and pleasant viewing!
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This movie is a joyous experience. Guaranteed to raise your mood!
MrHomerJay8 May 2017
James Gunn is clearly a fan of the work, and his love for the material shows through out the movie. Such a weird and bizarre universe so beautifully adapted to the screen.

This time around, part2 concentrates more on character development rather than being a plot driven movie. It concentrates on building the team dynamics and their relationships with each other. This enriches the movie's universe and is a decision with long term considerations for the series.

Even if you miss out on the amount of plot, you will be easily distracted by the great humor. The jokes are well written through out the running time. I haven't had so many laughs in a movie since Deadpool.

The plot is well written and the extra character development time raises the stakes and our attachment to the characters during action scenes. The actions scenes are visually incredible, in fact the entire universe is colorful and beautiful to behold.

I had a blast watching this movie, and I think you will too.
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As expected for marvel studios
salehben28 April 2017
Yeah marvel did it again and hit us with an Amazing Movie I as a comics and MCU fan Really enjoyed the movie it has some astonishing easter eggs that will make you stand from your chair in the theater.... the movie got a great action scenes (like any marvel movie) a good Scenario and beautiful Directing from James Gunn he really did a great job with this movie. the CGI are quit good as expected from a marvel movie... but what i liked the most of this movie is character development this movie is completely about develop the characters that we met in the first Guardians movie you really start to care more about the characters especially Yondu he become my favourite character in the Guardians they really work him well very well ! and we can't forget the humor it does take a big part of the movie this movie was the funnies MCU movie till now... is it good as the first ? well the first movie was a surprise hit not like vol2 cause we expected the movie to be great ... and also Thanos scene in the first *_*
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Guardians of the what?
urthpainter8 July 2017
The most astonishing thing about this movie to me is how fast I forgot the entire experience.

I kinda remember that cool opening scene with Groot - but after that? Guardians of the Galaxy 2 moves from one action scene to the next with a bunch of random banter about an extended family... which is completely contradicted in the final 15 minutes.

I also remember a bunch of absurd happenings during the action scenes. Improbable results, luck, weird environments that do not follow any known physics and characters screaming at one another over the ambient sound.

To paraphrase someones wisdom - the script wasn't the result of time, hard work, skill and craftsmanship. Things happen on the screen because the screen writers say so. This is what many superhero films have become: glorified CG cartoons that feel like really long TV episodes.

Ironic too - in an age of great TV writing, many blockbuster movies have been reduced to mass world wide appeal instead of any unique writer/director vision.

I really didn't like this movie 3/10
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I call it Side B
vanumbastuna2 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's not often you wanted to hear side B of a tape. Unless you were too lazy to rewind it. I'm not sure how they did it but side B aka Vol. 2 is a greatest hits album. It went double Vibranuim. The cast stays in complete character only improving by letting the audience get to know and love them. Even Drax's absurd laugh was necessary. They did not drag you through the beef between sisters, x gang affiliates or father and son. They only produced an appropriate outcome for each situation that leaves the studio wide open for Vol. 3. The soundtrack is really its own character making even the most rhythmically challenged viewers feeling comfortable bobbing their heads. I don't watch trailers so hearing a familiar voice in a film that already had it all was the bonus track with features artist.
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So disappointed
simonaortale26 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first movie I believe at least 50 times, one of my favourite movie since the last 10 years; however this Vol. 2 really disappointed me. I think it's a goofy movie for kids, a bit different from the first one. The "funny" scenes have been dramatized too much, so much that they became stupid jokes. The movie itself is too long, no funny movie should ever be so long. You cannot keep people laughing for more than 2 hours...even if the movie was a REALLY funny movie (which it was not). I was expecting coming out this Vol. 2 for so long...I guess I created too many expectations for it. Go to watch the movie thinking that would be "just OK", my 2 cents.
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awesome !!!
windabebek4 May 2017
Best movie just like the first one..makes me wanna watch it again and never get bored cause all the cast is super amazing with their character in this film...!! Baby Groot i love you so much.. you so innocent and adorable.. and i like it the new character mantis.. she is very good with her acting.. after all this movie just make my day completely perfect.. i hope the next movie is just like the first and second.. very good job all of cast this film.. !!!!!
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Meh... Fast and Furious in Space. *FAMILY*
justicewillprevail4 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What's Hollywood's obsession with family these days? Wonder if it has to do the the growing culture of nepotism elsewhere. Regardless, a script cannot rely on simply yelling "FAMILY" as the motivation for EVERYTHING. And this movie works that cliché to DEATH. *LITERALLY*

Not worth a 1/10, more like a 6 plus (which I'll adjust when they stop manipulating the ratings. Forgettable at best, and you know the story is crap when all you can remember is CGI baby Groot. Suffers terribly from Bond villain syndrome, in that villains needs too much exposition (AKA weird and unexplained motivations).

Actual line in the movie, after one character tries to murder another, "You needed to win, I just wanted a *RELATIVE*." *slow claps* that TOTALLY explains attempted murder. Did I mention there's attempted genocide too?! For reasons that only Gunn will know.
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The First Was My Favourite Film. This One Tops It.
sjo-507854 May 2017
I adored the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Like many, I was blown away having gone in with no expectations, and laughed and grinned through the entire thing. It became my favourite film, on its own until Denis Villeneuve's masterpiece Arrival profoundly moved me, and so the stakes were high for the sequel that I arrived to with Baby Groot bobble-head in hand (bringing my cardboard cut-out was logistically impractical).

When I went to the midnight screening (28th of April in the UK), I loved it. Everyone in the room did. From the very first scene where the rich visuals filled my eyes, to the following scene, which made, and continues to make, me grin from ear to ear and is my favourite scene in cinema. to the laughs and action and thoughtful moments that made up the rest of this film; they managed to take all that was great about the first and ramp it up.

So yes, I exited the cinema at something past 2 in the morning, utterly delighted. I wanted to go again. And that I did. In the first five days of the film being open in the UK, I watched it four times (at three separate cinemas), and I have to say that I have been delighted with it every single time.

Standout performances in this film must go to Drax, Rocket and Yondu—with the former taking the lead in laugh-out-loud moments in this film—while Kurt Russell has an absolute ball as Ego.

One of the many, many things that I loved about this film (whose soundtrack, I would argue—having had it on hard rotation for this last week—surpasses the first's) is the fact that James Gunn's work is self- aware. We saw some of this in Deadpool, as Ryan Reynolds spent his time making fun of 'superhero landing's and similar superhero movie tropes, despite falling into a number of those, itself. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we see a step up from this. Instead of making fun of the clichés that come along with this sort of film, they embrace them and ramp it up at times, having the duel effect of accepting that there are certain hoops that need to be jumped through while also retaining the sense of fun and ham for which the first was so lauded. Additionally, this also means that any sentimental message is passed on, while also you're aware that the tongue is rooted firmly in cheek: much akin to somebody who uses hyperbole to tell their partner that they physically radiate beauty- although the manner of delivery isn't meant to be taken seriously, the message is still genuine.

Chris Pratt does this very well; I'm convinced he's not a very good dramatist, he's just such a charismatic and funny person that he gets away with it, which works perfectly well in situations like this, as he makes comments that plainly point towards motifs within the film which, in a Shawshank or a film of that ilk would seem out of place and stilted, but work brilliantly in the context. (Disclaimer: I haven't seen Passengers and so don't know whether his performance here proves wrong my theory about his acting chops)

There are moments throughout the film that are surprisingly brutal for a Marvel film, definitely a high-end 12A, but not out of place, and there is a general joy that easily balances this out.

If you go to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, you should absolutely love it. Admittedly, I went in with a lot vested in the film being good, but I have been to see it thrice more after that, and it still holds up for me. What I would say, as was the case with my brother, is that going a second time may help because this film is chocked full (both in the sense of the story-line and visually) and going multiple times allows you to notice little moments throughout—with there easter eggs galore for the Marvel fan, including references to the previous film. Also, I would recommend going to see it in 2D on your first showing: I went in 2D for my first two viewings, then IMAX 3D and then 2D again, and—although the 3D has some absolutely beautiful moments and really is striking—I found that it distracted from the film at times and I spent time looking at the film, rather than watching it.

So yes, I could not recommend this film highly enough. James Gunn does a fantastic job of giving us a film that helps us learn more about these characters; care more about them; see them in battle and, most importantly, meet Baby Groot, who is a complete and utter delight. Bar one moment of slightly choppy editing (although this may just be my four viewings showing an over-analysis that most people won't notice) I could not fault it for the way it was put together, mixing light moments with dark brilliantly and keeping an excellent pace, and all of the cast are thoroughly watchable, with it a joy to be back in this gang's company.

Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to go and re-watch the original, before, potentially, going back to the cinema this weekend. I am Groot.
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