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  • Jon and the wildlings return to Castle Black. Jaime meets with Doran Martell. Stannis makes a hard choice. Arya runs into Meryn Trant. Daenerys attends the grand reopening of the fighting pits.

  • Things are not going well for Stannis and his army. Winter is upon them and they are attacked in the night losing most of their stores. Unable to move forward or back, he dispatches Ser Davos Seaworth to seek help from Castle Black. Jon Snow and the survivors of the attack at Hardhome make it safely back to the wall but the reception they get is anything but warm. In Dorne, Doran Martell takes the diplomatic route telling Jaime that Myrcella can return to King's Landing with him provided certain conditions were met. In Braavos, Arya sees Lord Tyrell who arrives to speak to representatives of the Iron Bank. He's accompanied by Meryn Trant, one of the men on her list. In Meereen, the Great Games begin but the needless killing is not to Daenarys or Tyrion's liking. Ser Jorah defeats his opponents in the arena but a trap is sprung and the Sons of the Harpy attack. Rescue is at hand however.


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  • "Game of Thrones" - "The Dance of Dragons" - June 7,2015

    On the road to Winterfell: Melisandre, Stannis

    In a tent in a frozen encampment Melisandre stares into a fire as snow and wind blow outside. She has an epiphany of some kind and heads out and looks around. She sees tents catch fire all around the encampment, seemingly spontaneously. She sees a horse on fire run by. Ramsay Bolton's group of 20 men is responsible. Davos says no guards raised an alarm. Stannis says to hang the guards. Davos wonders if they are going back to Castle Black. They are not. Nor are they marching to Winterfell. Davos is confused at this course of inaction. Stannis stares at Melisandre and his wife and tells Davos to have the dead horses butchered for meat.

    Stannis looks at the pieces on his war map. Davos enters and Stannis orders him to go tell the Lord Commander (Jon Snow) to send supplies, horses, and food in return for all the men the Night's Watch needs. Davos doesn't want to abandon Stannis. Stannis says he isn't and tells him not to come back empty-handed. Davos pleads to take Shireen with him since a siege is no place for a little girl. Stannis says his family stays.

    Davos walks out among the freezing, starving,dwindling men. He goes to Shireen's tent, she's reading a story called "A Dance of Dragons" about an old battle with the Targaryens that split the kingdom. They chat about the story. He gives her a carved reindeer he made. She asks him to make a doe to accompany it. He says he will. She gives him a kiss. He is saying his thank yous for teaching him to read and be a grown-up and, of course, goodbye.

    Stannis comes to visit Shireen and she tells him about the "Dance of Dragons." She explains about the Targaryen history. She says she thinks the story is poetic. He asks her about choosing sides. She says it's doing that that makes everything so horrible. He has clearly made his decision about what he is going to do in order to "fulfill his destiny." He is clearly troubled and she says it's alright. He notes she doesn't even know what he's talking about. She says she doesn't care, she wants to help and asks if she can. He says she can. He hugs her and says "Forgive me."

    She is led by guards to a pyre. She finally realizes what is about to happen as she sees Melisandre standing there by the man with the fire. Shireen begs for her father. Melisandre says it will all be over soon. Two men seize her and tie her to a pole as she begs to see her father. Her horrible mother holds Stannis' hands and says this is a good thing and if they don't make this sacrifice they will all starve and die as Melisandre says the prayer and Shireen is set afire. She screams for help from her father and mother. Her mother finally sees reason and runs to her but is held back by guards. All the soldiers watch as Shireen burns and screams. And Melisandre looks on beatifically. Stannis turns away.

    The Wall: Jon Snow, Tormund, the Wildlings

    The survivors of the attack at Hardhome reach the Wall. Ser Alliser Thorne spies them from the top. He and Jon stare at one another. Alliser is clearly surprised he is back. Alliser telll them to open the gates. The Wildlings, thousands of them, file in. Jon tells Sam it was a failure. Sam says he saved all these people. Jon says "and no one else" and that fact is not lost on them. Everyone stares as the Giant roams through. Ollie sees Jon and stalks off, catching his eye.

    Alliser approaches a bloody and tired Jon. He tells he he has a good heart but he will get them all killed.

    Dorne: Jaime, Prince Doran, the Sand Snakes, Myrcella and Tristane

    Jaime meets with the family and explains he is there to look after Myrcella since they received a threatening message via the necklace. Doran realizes the lead Sand Snake sent this. Doran says he won't kill Jaime, he doesn't want war. Doran makes a toast to King Tommen. The lead Sand Snake pours out her drink in disgust. Tommen has insisted on Myrcella's return and Doran can't disobey the King. So he will send her and Tristane back. Doran wants Tristane to take Oberynn's place on the small council. Jaime says he will. The lead Sand Snake snarls at him and Doran says she better think twice about talking to him like that. Jaime asks after Bronn, and the Dornish agree to set him free on one condition: he has to let Doran's huge bodyguard whack him in the mouth with his elbow. Ouch.

    Later, Doran asks the lead Sand Snake to swear her allegiance to him or die. She kneels before him and kisses his hand, to the chagrin of her daughters, still bound at the hands. He warns her that he believes in second chances but not third ones.

    She goes to see Jaime. She reassures him she knows of his love for Cersei and that no one cares about incest in Dorne and it's always changing across the Seven Kingdoms about who people are allowed to love and the only thing she knows is we want who we want. She also notes that Myrcella had no part in the terrible thing that happened to Oberynn and perhaps even he is also innocent of that.

    Braavos: Arya, the Gambler, Jaqen, Meryn Trant

    Arya's on her morning "oysters, clams and cockles!" run when she spies the gambler. She puts the poison in her pouch and approaches. She is unsure at first and sees something and walks past him as he hollers at her. It's Mace Tyrell arriving with Meryn Trant. She watches them disembark and be welcomed by the men from the Iron Bank. She turns away as they pass.

    They head on to the Bank and she follows their party. Meryn Trant spies her as Mace Tyrell talks about investments and gambling to the chagrin of the bankers who don't consider themselves gamblers. When they come out, Mace begins to sing for some reason and Arya continues to watch.

    Later, Trant and some other guards head to a brothel and Arya continues to follow, having fallen down on her duty with the gambler at the canal. She brings a tray in and some of the whores are interested in her oysters. She continues to wander and watches as Meryn chooses a woman. He keeps turning them down because they are "too old." The madam offers up her most expensive girl and he turns her down as well. She gets pulled into the room with Meryn by one of the Knights who wants oysters. Meryn seems to sort of recognize her but not exactly. The madam brings in a VERY young girl and he says "good." The girl looks very alarmed. The Madam shoos Arya out.

    She heads back to the House of Black and White where Jaqen is tending to someone. She lies and says the gambler wasn't hungry today and she will get him tomorrow. He knows she is lying.

    Meereen: Dany, Daario, Tyrion, Hizdahr, Jorah

    The day of the Great Games in the fighting pits has arrived. The fighters declare their allegiance to Dany. She seems uncomfortable. Hizdahr notes they are waiting for her to clap her hands to start fighting. She does, they do.

    Daario leans in between Dany and her fiancee and is all up in the guy's face. Dany is amused. Hizdahr is not. The first fight ends in a beheading. Tyrion does not have a taste for it. Dany and Hizdahr snipe at each other about what is true and false and the nature of belief.

    Jorah shows up in the next fight and declares his allegiance. Dany look upset. But then she hardens and gives the clap. He nods at her. The fight begins. When he takes a major hit, Dany winces. Tyrion is n the edge of his seat. Jorah bests one man. He takes on the next. Again he is cut. Again she winces. Other fights are happening simultaneously and the crowd cheers with bloodlust. Jorah is down on the ground with a sword at his neck. Another fighter saves him, apparently wanting to fight him himself. Tyrion says Dany can end it. Hizdahr says she cannot. Jorah bests the man who saved him. The crowd boos him. Suddenly, he throws a spear right towards Dany. He kills a man in a mask behind her.

    All hell breaks loose. As hundreds of men in masks emerge from the stands and go on a killing spree, including Hizdahr.

    Dany, Missandei,Jorah, Daario, and Tyrion make their way to the center of the arena fighting every step as the Unsullied try to protect her. Suddenly, Drogon the errant dragon arrives and begins breathing fire and eating the men in the masks. Tyrion is agape. As is everyone else. Dany is ecstatic. The masked men begin to throw spears at the dragon. Dany approaches and he seems to be recognize her and be happy to see her as she pulls out a spear. She climbs aborad his back and commands him to fly and he does, taking her up and out of the arena.

    Erm, except they left Tyrion, Daario, Jorah and Missandei behind? Oops.

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