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Dallas Roberts: Eliot Delson


  • Carrie Wells : All right. Okay. Here it is. Scott Standley was gambling in underground casinos.

    Eliot Delson : Okay. You believe... this is connected to why he was murdered?

    Carrie Wells : I'm not sure.

    Eliot Delson : Okay, why do I have the odd feeling that there's something more?

    Carrie Wells : Well, I know this... well, because I remember him from one of the casinos.

    Eliot Delson : One of those... casinos that you yourself... were gambling at?

    Carrie Wells : Yes.

    Eliot Delson : I see. What exactly do you expect me to do with this information?

    Carrie Wells : I-I thought you should know.

    Eliot Delson : You... thought I should know that one of my detectives, a New York City police officer, working the Major Crimes Bureau, an officer sworn to uphold the law, was committing a felony?

    Carrie Wells : Here's the thing: we need to investigate gambling as a lead, and I thought you should know the basis... of that investigation...

    Eliot Delson : Thank you. You can go now.

    Carrie Wells : So you don't have any more questions for me about, you know, maybe how often I gamble, if it's maybe a problem for me? Do I win much? Because I always win...

    Eliot Delson : I most certainly do not have any more questions like that. I do, however, have one question, which I will ask again: will you please leave my office?

    Carrie Wells : Sure. Are you mad?

    [seeing his look] 

    Carrie Wells : [turning to leave]  I'm not... okay.

  • Carrie Wells : Okay, listen, I just saw a guy who used a pocket watch to gain access to the back room. Now, Standley had the exact same watch in his apartment. He wasn't coming here to drink.

    Al Burns : You think there's a casino in there.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, I do. And he was here before the night he was killed. I gotta get in there.

    Al Burns : Don't even think about it.

    Carrie Wells : Why? We-we could go in and check things out from the inside. We can't just go in and shut it down, 'cause we're not gonna learn anything that way.

    Al Burns : You really think Eliot's gonna let you go undercover at an underground casino?

    Carrie Wells : Sure. Of course. It's a brilliant idea. How could he say no?

    [cut to Eliot's office] 

    Eliot Delson : No.

  • Al Burns : Look, we tracked Standley to an underground casino.

    Eliot Delson : The same one you saw him in?

    Carrie Wells : One I haven't been to.

    Eliot Delson : Oh, imagine that.

    Carrie Wells : His aide confirmed he was there the night before he was murdered. Now, I've been digging around, and I've got some contacts who say Standley was asking for a big loan.

    Al Burns : He was asking loan sharks for $180,000. So we're thinking either he lost money gambling, took out a big loan and he couldn't repay it, or he pissed off the wrong guy at the card table.

    Carrie Wells : So we go undercover at the casino, we find the killer.

  • Eliot Delson : That's a year ago. The Chanel is a little out of style, but I do think... I do think you pull it off.

    Carrie Wells : Oh, thank you very much. How did you get...

    Eliot Delson : You don't really think I was gonna hire you two without doing my research, did you? This one, oh, look, four months ago. That's the warehouse down on Grover.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, it's Fulton, actually, and I am very flattered that you've been spying on me.

    Eliot Delson : Relax, Wells. I'm just keeping tabs on my dream team.

    Carrie Wells : What do you have on Al?

    Eliot Delson : Al? Uh... you know, well, four unpaid parking tickets outside the same curry house in Astoria. And I seem to recall an unlicensed woodworking class in Dumbo.

    [feigning a snore of boredom] 

    Eliot Delson : Yawn.

    Carrie Wells : Life in the fast lane, huh?

    Al Burns : I made a magazine rack. Mahogany.

  • Eliot Delson : I trust... that you could understand the blowback that could come down on this unit if others from City Hall or the department find out about your little habit?

    Carrie Wells : You found out about my little habit and you haven't fired me yet; why?

    Eliot Delson : Really? I mean, would you fire you?

    Carrie Wells : No.

    Eliot Delson : You're going undercover.

    Carrie Wells : Yes!

    Eliot Delson : Both of you.

  • Carrie Wells : Ooh, nice "murse", Eliot.

    Eliot Delson : You want to pass as a high roller, you have to bet like a high roller.

    [he holds up a stack of cash; she moves to take the satchel, and he slaps her hand away] 

    Eliot Delson : Oop.

    Carrie Wells : Ow!

    Eliot Delson : No catnip for kitty.

  • Eliot Delson : You're the bank.

    Al Burns : Huh. Put the responsible one in charge; that's smart.

    Carrie Wells : Wait a second, I'm the one playing at the big table.

    Eliot Delson : Precisely. If you have a cold night, I can trust Al not to lose all that cash. I can't even tell you what I did for the commissioner for him to okay this.

    Carrie Wells : We won't ask, you don't tell.

    Eliot Delson : The cash comes back, every penny of it.

    [moving to leave] 

    Eliot Delson : Oh, yeah, and, um... it'd also be nice if you found Standley's killer.

  • Eliot Delson : How they doing?

    Jay Lee : Boss, I've got facial recognition working overtime. This place is not lacking in suspects. Most of the security guards have sheets.

    Eliot Delson : Yeah, it takes a criminal to run a criminal operation.

  • Eliot Delson : Who's that Al's taken an interest in?

    Jay Lee : Oh, that's Molly McGintee. I think she's the hostess or something. Smart kid. Was a student at Stern Business School, but dropped out about three years ago.

    Eliot Delson : Good job. Keep me posted.

    Jay Lee : Will do. It's a pretty risky business, huh, boss?

    Eliot Delson : You can say that again. And then there's Al and Carrie to worry about.

  • Eliot Delson : Just because you think you know why Standley was murdered doesn't mean we can prove it. If we go marching in there without the complete picture, we could easily jeopardize our murder investigation.

    Al Burns : If we can get to someone on the inside, we can go after Dean and his crew for extortion and racketeering; squeeze them on the Standley murder. I think I know someone at the casino who can help us.

  • Eliot Delson : Okay, so the ledger will give us the names of the other extortion and racketeering victims, and then we use our leverage to find out who killed Standley. But how are you gonna get that ledger out of there?

    Al Burns : The plan is Carrie and I show up like we did last night, but Molly greets us before security pats us down. We escort her out with the ledger, then we signal ESU to move on the casino.

    Eliot Delson : That's a lot of working parts, Burns.

    Al Burns : It's the only way to bring 'em down. Molly's just getting to work right now. I don't want to leave her hanging for too long. She's in a dangerous corner. We got to move.

  • Jay Lee : Remember that burner cell that Standley called the night he was killed? I just tracked a call from it to the switchboard at Police Plaza.

    Al Burns : The call could be to Vice. Germ and Dean might already know we've been inside.

    Eliot Delson : You gotta move now.

  • Eliot Delson : Just talked with Ballistics. The gun in Molly's purse matches to Standley's killer. She killed him 'cause she couldn't blackmail him.

    Al Burns : And Germ's been spilling to Murray. Turns out, he lost his ass to Molly three years ago. Rather than offing him like she did Standley, she concocted this scheme to have him and Dean front as the boss.

    Carrie Wells : And the call she made to Police Plaza was just to divert suspicion from herself. She... she was a smart, shrewd lady.

    Al Burns : She was seconds away from disappearing forever.

  • Eliot Delson : Well played, team. Really. Well played. Now, there's just the, uh, matter of my money.

    Carrie Wells : What money?

    Eliot Delson : [looking at Al and back]  Does it ever get old, Wells?

    Carrie Wells : [laughing]  No.

    [giving him the satchel back] 

    Carrie Wells : Fine. Here's your money. All of it is there. Every penny. You don't have to count it. You can trust me.

    Eliot Delson : [checking anyway]  Mmm. L... oh. All those hours gambling, and yet you return the exact amount I gave you. Now... what are the odds of that?

    Carrie Wells : Uh, you said "I want all of it returned. Every penny." And I kept my end of the bargain. You should be happy.

    Eliot Delson : Fine. I will take my little win, and I wil fold.

  • Eliot Delson : Carrie, you have to know, I can only protect you so far with this stuff.

    Carrie Wells : I know. Thank you.

    Eliot Delson : But there will come a time.

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