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Dylan Walsh: Al Burns


  • Al Burns : You're nuts, running on a day like this. Ever heard of heat stroke?

    Carrie Wells : I barely got started running before you called me, and I'm trying to beat my 10K record.

    Al Burns : Proving what, exactly?

    Carrie Wells : Proving that I'm better now than I was in 1993.

    Al Burns : Just competing against yourself.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, well, you got to beat the best to be the best.

  • Al Burns : All right, our victim is Scott Standley, zoning board commissioner.

    Carrie Wells : That's a powerful position.

    Al Burns : Yet I never heard of him. You have anything on him in that head of yours?

    Carrie Wells : No. Drawing a total blank.

    Al Burns : See? Running in this heat's melting your brain.

  • Carrie Wells : You clear the aide?

    Al Burns : Ah, claims he was with his girlfriend on 21st Street all night. Murray's looking into it.

    [a CSU passes by with the victim's cat in a pet carrier] 

    Al Burns : Looks like two shots to the chest; used a pillow to muffle the sound.

    Carrie Wells : [looking around]  5,000-piece puzzle.

    [picking up a book with a latex glove] 

    Carrie Wells : "Learning Portugese". I don't know, the... puzzle, the cat, learning a new language. Seems like a lonely guy looking for a distraction.

    [seeing the vic's face, she remembers seeing him at an underground poker game] 

    Carrie Wells : I know you're wondering if I hit my trips, boys, but... you're gonna have to pay to find out.

    [the other players all fold, and the memory ends] 

    Al Burns : [noticing her having spaced out]  Something?

    Carrie Wells : Hmm? No. Nothing.

  • Al Burns : So, this guy Standley was basically Mr. Clean. Murray's going over his phone records, online history; there's nothing. He wasn't dating anybody. No evidence of drug use. Are you even listening to me?

    Carrie Wells : [quickly]  I met Standley gambling at a card room on the Upper West Side about four months ago. I recognized him when I saw his dead body.

    Al Burns : You were playing poker?

    Carrie Wells : Yes. And I know I told you I would quit, and I did, I did for a while.

    Al Burns : For a while? Are you forgetting what it took to cover your ass last time in Chinatown?

    Carrie Wells : No. I know.

    Al Burns : If Tom Stoddard hadn't owed me a favor...

    Carrie Wells : I appreciate that!

    Al Burns : Oh, well, not enough that you would stop doing it.

    Carrie Wells : It's because I'm weak and reckless.

    Al Burns : Selfish.

    Carrie Wells : And selfish.

    Al Burns : Stupid. Self-destructive.

    Carrie Wells : I'm not stupid.

    Al Burns : Yeah, stupid. And you're my partner. You're compromising an investigation.

    Carrie Wells : I know. And I have put you in an impossible situation, and I'm gonna fix it. I'm gonna fix it because I'm gonna talk to Eliot, okay?

    Al Burns : He's gonna go ballistic.

    Carrie Wells : I know.

    Al Burns : It's gonna be the last conversation you ever have with him.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, I know.

    Al Burns : Okay. I'll go with you.

    Carrie Wells : No. I don't want to compromise you any more than I already have. I'm gonna go on my own. I'm a big girl, I'm just gonna face the music.

    Al Burns : What are you gonna say?

  • Jay Lee : Hey, Al, Commissioner Standley's bank records. Now, this guy's been draining his accounts over the last nine months. Downsized apartments from the Upper West Side to Alphabet City.

    Al Burns : If he was corrupt, he sure as hell wasn't too good at it.

  • Al Burns : [after talking to the victim's assistant]  Why'd you step on my affair angle? I was getting signals from her.

    Carrie Wells : You were getting signals from her? Really?

    [pointing to a framed picture on the desk] 

    Carrie Wells : Were you also getting signals from her wife?

  • Al Burns : All the bars in New York, and this is where Standley came to unwind?

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, well, you forgot your skinny jeans and your moustache.

    Al Burns : Drinking beer out of a can a thing again? Haven't seen that since Cavanaugh's back in Syracuse.

    Carrie Wells : Tuesday night PBRs led to an epic game of truth or dare. You won.

    Al Burns : Turned out we could sneak into the ladies' room and go undetected. I think we both won.

    Carrie Wells : For eleven mind-blowing minutes.

    Al Burns : I thought it was longer.

  • Carrie Wells : Okay, listen, I just saw a guy who used a pocket watch to gain access to the back room. Now, Standley had the exact same watch in his apartment. He wasn't coming here to drink.

    Al Burns : You think there's a casino in there.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, I do. And he was here before the night he was killed. I gotta get in there.

    Al Burns : Don't even think about it.

    Carrie Wells : Why? We-we could go in and check things out from the inside. We can't just go in and shut it down, 'cause we're not gonna learn anything that way.

    Al Burns : You really think Eliot's gonna let you go undercover at an underground casino?

    Carrie Wells : Sure. Of course. It's a brilliant idea. How could he say no?

    [cut to Eliot's office] 

    Eliot Delson : No.

  • Al Burns : Look, we tracked Standley to an underground casino.

    Eliot Delson : The same one you saw him in?

    Carrie Wells : One I haven't been to.

    Eliot Delson : Oh, imagine that.

    Carrie Wells : His aide confirmed he was there the night before he was murdered. Now, I've been digging around, and I've got some contacts who say Standley was asking for a big loan.

    Al Burns : He was asking loan sharks for $180,000. So we're thinking either he lost money gambling, took out a big loan and he couldn't repay it, or he pissed off the wrong guy at the card table.

    Carrie Wells : So we go undercover at the casino, we find the killer.

  • Eliot Delson : That's a year ago. The Chanel is a little out of style, but I do think... I do think you pull it off.

    Carrie Wells : Oh, thank you very much. How did you get...

    Eliot Delson : You don't really think I was gonna hire you two without doing my research, did you? This one, oh, look, four months ago. That's the warehouse down on Grover.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah, it's Fulton, actually, and I am very flattered that you've been spying on me.

    Eliot Delson : Relax, Wells. I'm just keeping tabs on my dream team.

    Carrie Wells : What do you have on Al?

    Eliot Delson : Al? Uh... you know, well, four unpaid parking tickets outside the same curry house in Astoria. And I seem to recall an unlicensed woodworking class in Dumbo.

    [feigning a snore of boredom] 

    Eliot Delson : Yawn.

    Carrie Wells : Life in the fast lane, huh?

    Al Burns : I made a magazine rack. Mahogany.

  • Carrie Wells : Listen, got us into the casino. We're all good. I had my bookie Zeke vouch for us.

    Al Burns : You got a bookie named Zeke who vouches for you?

    Carrie Wells : Yeah. I told him you were my new sugar daddy, so you should start practicing your part.

    Al Burns : Who's your old sugar daddy?

    Carrie Wells : Wouldn't you like to know?

    Al Burns : Yeah. Let me ask you, do you moonlight as a gambler or as a cop?

    Carrie Wells : I am not a gambler. Gamblers lose, I win.

  • Eliot Delson : You're the bank.

    Al Burns : Huh. Put the responsible one in charge; that's smart.

    Carrie Wells : Wait a second, I'm the one playing at the big table.

    Eliot Delson : Precisely. If you have a cold night, I can trust Al not to lose all that cash. I can't even tell you what I did for the commissioner for him to okay this.

    Carrie Wells : We won't ask, you don't tell.

    Eliot Delson : The cash comes back, every penny of it.

    [moving to leave] 

    Eliot Delson : Oh, yeah, and, um... it'd also be nice if you found Standley's killer.

  • Carrie Wells : Whoa. There's cold, and then there's you.

    Al Burns : How many 15s can they give me?

    Carrie Wells : Book says to hit against a face.

    Al Burns : I keep telling you, I play my gut.

    Carrie Wells : Yes, and the casino really appreciates that.

  • Dean : So you're the redheaded card counter I've heard rumors about.

    Carrie Wells : Card counter? Are you crazy? Who could possibly count against, what, four decks?

    Dean : You'd be the first I've seen. Time to move on from blackjack, Sydney.

    Al Burns : Ah, you really want to cut her off before she gives it all back?

  • Molly : I have a seat ready for you at the poker table. Well, she still has poker privileges, right?

    Dean : Of course.

    Carrie Wells : Behave, Charlie.

    Al Burns : Mm-hmm.

    Dean : Good luck.

    Carrie Wells : Luck. Who said anything about luck?

  • Dean : Men's room is on the other side of the floor.

    Al Burns : I need a marker. Like the one you gave that guy over there.

    Dean : Only Mr. Zager approves markers.

    Al Burns : I just dropped a European sports car on your tables. Least he can do is give me a chance to win it back.

  • Carrie Wells : Hi, Charlie.

    Al Burns : Guy must've lost 80 grand.

    Carrie Wells : Like Standley. He never had a chance. The whole game is fixed.

  • Jay Lee : So, I know Carrie thinks the poker game is rigged, but... what's the guy's signal?

    Al Burns : The cards of the player they're targeting. Someone was spotting his cards behind the table.

    Jay Lee : All right, but then how did Carrie take Germ down?

    Al Burns : Nobody was spotting her cards, he had no advantage.

    Jay Lee : Pretty ballsy move; two guys running a card scam in front of Dean.

    Al Burns : Which is why we think they work for the casino. They're targeting individuals and bleeding them.

  • Al Burns : What'd you find?

    Jay Lee : Well... Lonnegan's is owned by a dummy corporation called the Foxriver Group. Sunglasses guy is Kirby Monroe. Got a couple of charges for robbery. Seems to work card rooms around the East Coast.

    Al Burns : And Germ?

    Jay Lee : This is an interesting fellow. Chuck Thornton. Got a perfect score on his LSATs, Columbia Law School, but this guy's a two-time loser. Got pinched for falsifying pick-six bets from the Breeder's Cup back in 2006. Served 37 months.

  • Cherie Rollins-Murray : A buddy of mine at the Bureau just sent this over on the money guy Zager. Now, the name Zager showed up in the gambling scene a few years ago, but nobody's got anything on him. Not even a country of origin.

    Al Burns : What about the guy they cleaned out, Olden?

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : Yes. Will Olden. 32, lawyer, lives in Park Slope. Made about $150K last year. His only client is the estate of a dead guy. Here's what I got on the estate.

    Jay Lee : Okay, so Olden loses almost an entire year's salary at the poker table last night. Why extend a marker to a guy who can't pay it back? It doesn't make sense.

    Al Burns : It does to someone.

  • Al Burns : How is it we both stayed up all night and you look amazing and I look like hell?

    Carrie Wells : Practice. And genetics.

  • Al Burns : So we looked into this guy Olden...

    Carrie Wells : Coffee?

    Al Burns : Sure. Who lost big at poker. Strange thing is, he's a small-time lawyer without deep pockets, and still they gave him this big marker.

    Carrie Wells : Huh. Same profile as Standley. Maybe they set him up, too.

    Al Burns : Well, why fix games against people who borrow money from you who can't pay you back?

    Carrie Wells : [sipping and spitting out her coffee]  Ooh.

    Al Burns : No good, huh?

    Carrie Wells : Mm-mm. What does the guy do for a living?

    Al Burns : Represents the estate of some dead guy who owned run-down buildings in Red Hook. Donald Trump, he isn't.

  • Carrie Wells : Standley was working on the subway expansion project in Red Hook, deciding on stops. I saw the map in his office. He was choosing between Wolcott Street and Carroll Street.

    Al Burns : The property near the new subway stop will suddenly become a gold mine.

    Carrie Wells : Jay, where are the buildings that Olden represented in Red Hook?

    Jay Lee : Uh, hold on a sec.


    Jay Lee : Okay, here we go. Olden's client's biggest property was an abandoned warehouse on Wolcott Street.

    Carrie Wells : That's the play. They weren't looking to get back paid in money. They wanted Standley to rule in their favor on the subway expansion.

    Al Burns : Which, if they own the right property, is a hell of a lot more valuable than any gambling debt.

    Jay Lee : I don't know, that seems like an awful lot of work. Why not just bribe the guy?

    Al Burns : Standley's assistant said he was incorruptible. But once the casino got their hooks into him, he had no choice.

  • Carrie Wells : The assistant was right. Standley's not corrupt, he's a gambling addict, right? So they lure him in, and then once they get him in debt, they use their leverage to make him choose Wolcott Street.

    Jay Lee : But then why kill the guy before he's made his decision?

    Carrie Wells : [remembering the maps in the victim's office]  He had made a decision. I saw it circled on the map in his office. He chose Carroll Street.

    Al Burns : So he decides to go with his conscience, even if it means screwing the Foxriver guys. So they kill him, but they still go forward trying to acquire Olden's property. They must think they can get Standley's replacement to go their way.

    Carrie Wells : Right. They bet on Wolcott. Jay, look into the local holdings of Foxriver Group.

    Jay Lee : [typing]  Okay. Okay, we got two properties, both purchased within the last three weeks. Both buildings on Wolcott Street.

    Al Burns : Okay, can you find any names on these property deals?

    Jay Lee : [searching]  Just the one: Dean Gray.

  • Eliot Delson : Just because you think you know why Standley was murdered doesn't mean we can prove it. If we go marching in there without the complete picture, we could easily jeopardize our murder investigation.

    Al Burns : If we can get to someone on the inside, we can go after Dean and his crew for extortion and racketeering; squeeze them on the Standley murder. I think I know someone at the casino who can help us.

  • Molly : I can't believe I let cops into the club. Do you know what will happen to me if-if... if we get raided?

    Al Burns : I'm interested in things far more serious than a card game, okay?

  • Eliot Delson : Okay, so the ledger will give us the names of the other extortion and racketeering victims, and then we use our leverage to find out who killed Standley. But how are you gonna get that ledger out of there?

    Al Burns : The plan is Carrie and I show up like we did last night, but Molly greets us before security pats us down. We escort her out with the ledger, then we signal ESU to move on the casino.

    Eliot Delson : That's a lot of working parts, Burns.

    Al Burns : It's the only way to bring 'em down. Molly's just getting to work right now. I don't want to leave her hanging for too long. She's in a dangerous corner. We got to move.

  • Jay Lee : Remember that burner cell that Standley called the night he was killed? I just tracked a call from it to the switchboard at Police Plaza.

    Al Burns : The call could be to Vice. Germ and Dean might already know we've been inside.

    Eliot Delson : You gotta move now.

  • Molly : My god, I am dead if they find out that I ratted...

    Al Burns : Listen to me. We can protect you. We can work with the D.A. We can get it in writing. If you help us take down your bosses, I can make sure that you walk.

    Molly : You don't get it. These guys are wired. We've never been raided. And I'm pretty sure it's because they've got vice cops on their payroll.

  • Al Burns : You recognize him?

    Molly : Yeah, sure. That's Marty.

    Al Burns : Have Dean and Germ been extending him credit?

    Molly : He owes them big.

    Al Burns : I'm looking for other people like Marty who are in the hole to your bosses. You keep records of that?

    Molly : I have a ledger. But, I mean, Dean has control over it when I leave. There's some file in the back he has locked up.

    Al Burns : If you want your life back, I'm gonna need your help.

    Molly : I want my life back.

  • Carrie Wells : No bouncer.

    Al Burns : [entering the back room]  Something feels off.

    Carrie Wells : Something tells me your gut's right this time.

    [entering the casino and seeing everything and everyone cleared out] 

    Carrie Wells : What the hell is going on?

  • Carrie Wells : Okay, listen, it's Molly. She's running the whole thing.

    Al Burns : Go get her. I got this.

    Carrie Wells : [two gunshots]  You got this? Really?

  • Carrie Wells : Nice bluff, Molly. You almost had us. But we own your ass now. You got here fast.

    Al Burns : Yeah, I move all right.

  • Eliot Delson : Just talked with Ballistics. The gun in Molly's purse matches to Standley's killer. She killed him 'cause she couldn't blackmail him.

    Al Burns : And Germ's been spilling to Murray. Turns out, he lost his ass to Molly three years ago. Rather than offing him like she did Standley, she concocted this scheme to have him and Dean front as the boss.

    Carrie Wells : And the call she made to Police Plaza was just to divert suspicion from herself. She... she was a smart, shrewd lady.

    Al Burns : She was seconds away from disappearing forever.

  • Al Burns : Should I even ask what you're gonna do with the money you won? You can't keep it.

    Carrie Wells : All right. How about a little wager? Arm-wrestle. You win, the money goes to charity. I win, hello, Puerto Rico.

    Al Burns : This is you not gambling? You can't help yourself.

    Carrie Wells : One last bet. Come on. Let's go. You're just scared.

    Al Burns : Yeah? All right.

    Carrie Wells : I'm very, very strong.

    [he laughs] 

    Carrie Wells : I don't just have a superior memory.

    Al Burns : You... are going down.

    Carrie Wells : I'll send you a postcard from the beach.

  • Al Burns : [accepting Carrie's arm wrestling challenge]  Count of three?

    Carrie Wells : Yep.

    Al Burns : One... two... three.

    [neither of them moves] 

    Carrie Wells : [snickering]  This is quite strange. Are we gonna, um... wrestle or-or hold hands all night?

    Al Burns : Call it a draw?

    Carrie Wells : [feigning a "loss"]  You win. Money goes to charity.

    Al Burns : Oh, the game was fixed.

    Carrie Wells : I just wanted you to see how good it feels to win.

    Al Burns : Can the winner buy you a drink?

    Carrie Wells : Always. Let's go, Charlie.

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