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  • Above the swamps of Karda Nui, three of the Toa Nuva, Tahu, Gali and Onua search for the mysterious Keystones that can open the Codrex. Three mutated members of the Brotherhood of Makuta are after them, but together they manage to fight them back long enough to gather the stones and open the Codrex's gate. Inside, the Toa discover flying vehicles of enormous power. Suddenly, Makuta Antroz hops into one and steals it, leading two other Toa, Lewa and Pohatu, to man their own aircraft in pursuit. While the aerial battle wages outside, Toa Ignika, the Toa of Life, flies into the Codrex's main chamber and sacrifices himself, turning his body into energy to re-power the Great Spirit Mata Nui. On the surface of Aqua Magna, the Endless Ocean planet, a lone island rests completely barren: the island Mata Nui, former home of the Toa Nuva. An earthquake destroys the last remaining structures of the island, like the Great Temple Kini Nui, and the entire island breaks apart. Underneath the landmass, a giant metal face appears. A planet-sized robot begins to rise, continental plates falling off its bodyparts as it slowly stands up. The Great Spirit, Mata Nui has finally awakened. But the benevolent green eyes suddenly turn an evil red, as the spirit of Makuta takes over the Great Spirit robot. Forcing Mata Nui's spirit into the Mask of Life, Makuta blasts the mask into space. The Toa Nuva have achieved their ultimate goal by awakening the Great Spirit, but at the last moment, evil has triumphed.

  • The Toa Nuva finally complete their task of re-awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui and bringing peace back to the universe. But not all is as it seems: the ultimate evil, Makuta, possesses Mata Nui's body, bringing forth a new age under his dark rule.


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