"Under the Dome" Reconciliation (TV Episode 2014) Poster

(TV Series)


Mackenzie Lintz: Norrie Calvert-Hill


  • Melanie Cross : What are you doing?

    Joe McAlister : You were moaning. Nightmare?

    Melanie Cross : No. Just a dream. Not as scary waking up to you two standing over me.

    Norrie Calvert-Hill : None of us sleep very well these days.

  • Melanie Cross : Still nothing.

    Norrie Calvert-Hill : The dome kind of has a mind of its own. Maybe it's not in the mood.

    Joe McAlister : What if we try touching it at the same time? Worked for me and Norrie.

    Melanie Cross : Because you guys aren't some undead freak.

    Joe McAlister : Melanie, we're gonna figure this out.

    Melanie Cross : How long will that take? I still have no idea why I'm back.

    Norrie Calvert-Hill : None of us know why we're trapped in this fish bowl. You need to deal. Think of it this way: you were alive, then dead, now alive again. Two out of three ain't bad.

    Melanie Cross : You don't know what I'm going through.

    Norrie Calvert-Hill : No, I don't. But I know how much I'd give to have my mom alive again. If it'd bring her back, I'd trade you rotting in the bottom of that crater in a heartbeat.

    Joe McAlister : You know, I've defended you a lot, but sometimes you're a real bitch.

  • Norrie Calvert-Hill : Didn't find your answers touching the Dome, hey, maybe you'll find them sticking your tongue down his throat.

    Melanie Cross : Actually, what I'm wondering is what he sees in you, since you treat him and everyone else like crap.

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