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Ruth Negga: Raina


  • Grant Ward : Skye's an orphan. Been looking for her parents for awhile. It's not exactly a secret.

    Raina : But that's what intrigued me. That and her DNA. It appears to be a match for someone I heard bout a long time ago.

    Grant Ward : You know something about Skye's history?

    Raina : I can't confirm it's her, but I did hear a story about a baby girl. Years ago, a village in the Hunan province in China. It destroyed, every man, woman, and child torn apart by monsters trying to find this baby.

    Grant Ward : Did the monster kill the baby's parents?

    Raina : No. That's whats so interesting. The baby's parents were the monsters.

  • Raina : You're staring at me again.

    Deathlok : You gave them my son. All I see are pictures of him in a cell.

    Raina : I was following orders. Just like you.

    Deathlok : So, is someone playing God with you, too? Seeing everything you see? Waiting to push a button and blow a hole in your skull if you disobey? Is there?

    Raina : No.

    Deathlok : Then why are you here?

    Raina : For you and others like you - people with gifts. I'm waiting for what's inside to be revealed.

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