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The second LEGO video game I've played on PC and in my whole life
boris_kolarov5 February 2015
After playing the awesome LEGO Marvel Superheroes I decided to try this LEGO game. And it was very fun.

The best part were the levels. The cut-scenes were very well made. It wasn't problem for me that the voices we hear are audio from the Hobbit films. I liked to hear again orcs talking on their language. The level design is great and after you unlock more characters with different abilities you can come back to replay a level and find the secrets of it. After I finished the game it felt for me unfinished. I thing it would have been better to be released after the third movie comes out.

After you finish the levels you can explore the Middle-earth. There you can complete side quests, buying characters or making new items.

The character variety isn't that great. Most of the characters, unlocked through the entire game are just versions of one characters. Take for instance Bilbo. We have a Hobbiton Bilbo, Bilbo with the clothes in the first film, a Lake-town Bilbo and a old Bilbo. Characters like orcs or other characters are also some kind of copy-paste. Well very helpful characters during the free play were for me the Necromancer and Sam.

Exploring the Middle-earth was super. Hobitton looked beautiful during the day. I felt Bree was meant to visited during night time. There you'll find the blacksmith were you can make tools with the designs you've found in the levels or in the Middle-earth.

LEGO The Hobbit is good and fun game which deserves to be played.
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Best lego game since lord of the rings.
jespervanduyne10 April 2014
When i first started this game i noticed it was different. The graphics have improved greatly since Lego Marvel. The game play of this Lego game is great.

New in game play: Digging for loot,Teamwork (you can now tag a character and work together) and searching for loot to access a building print.

These options are a new and fresh addition to the Lego game play, and make these game look different than others (finally). I have nothing to complain about the graphics. The world of middle earth is now even more beautiful than Lego lord of the rings.

I lost hope after the last few Lego games, because everything was just the same, over and over again. Lego The Hobbit is proof that TT can actually make some changes, in such short time.

Voting 9 out of 10 due to some bugs i stumbled upon. By far the best Lego game out now. Let's all forget about the abomination that was the Lego movie video game....
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