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Sex & Nudity

  • All sex scenes in the film are meant for comic relief; however, many of them are over-the-top and disgusting.
  • A girl describes using vegetables to pleasure herself.
  • A teenage boy and girl have sex in a public bathroom stall. The girl finds a glory hole and jumps over to the next stall, ordering the boy to use the hole.
  • A teenage girl (played by a male actor) says "And that's the last time I have sex with the lunch lady!" Later, she complains about her not being "fingered" at a party. Her breasts are later shown while having sex with a teenage boy.
  • A teenage boy talks about having sex with a girl and 'sitting on her face'; he makes explicit hand and tongue motions to show this.
  • A young man and woman have sex in a car (twice). We only see them strip to the point the girl is in a bra.
  • A young man tries to defecate on his ex-girlfriend's lawn; his butt is seen.
  • A young man and woman press their buttocks against a tram window, both with their middle finger raised. A homeless man in the tram with them presses his genitals against the window.
  • A sex doll, as well as a rubber dildo, are shown in a few scenes.
  • A young man is attacked by a young woman in a bedroom and she attempts to have sex with him; we see thrusting and hear graphic dialogue, but no nudity is seen. A young woman walks in on them and leaves in tears.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman projectile vomits all over another woman. The latter is covered in vomit for two minutes and rubs it on a man's face.
  • All scenes of violence are meant for comic relief.
  • A young man is hit by a car. He lies on the ground, whining in pain.
  • A young man is tased by a security officer in a mall.
  • A young man has his ear pierced; a small stream of blood squirts out and hits the doctor in the face. He instantly faints.
  • A young woman, who shows signs of mental illness, punches several other young people; she threatens to hit a young woman in a wheelchair.


  • 79 F-words, 37 'shit's, 9 'asshole's, 11 'hell's, 11 'bitch', seven 'dick's, three 'damn's (one with a 'God' before it), three 'slut's, one 'c**t', one 'whore'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenage girls talk about a drug that is a mixture of Molly and "old people medicine" (they are excited about it).
  • A young woman gives a young man a cannabis brownie, but later tells him that she lied and that it was a regular brownie.
  • A young woman says she's on 'Rihanna', which is 'steroids mixed with adrenaline'.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All the sex and violence in the film is intended for comic relief and is extremely over-the-top and exaggerated.

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