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  • Sheriff Corbin's son returns from war, but his strange behavior leads Abbie and Ichabod to question his intentions.


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  • Abbie leads Ichabod Crane through yoga, leading to the revelation that he calls his buns "double jugs." She suggests he's been anxious since they saw Katrina. He's trying to make peace with the fact that she hid his friend Mary's death from him. "Katrina held too much from me and it's hard, in good conscience, to believe in her as I have," he says.

    When yoga doesn't lift his spirits, they head for beer. They notice fighting down the bar and Abbie goes to break it up. One of the brawlers is Joe Corbin, sheriff Corbin's son. After he gets kicked out, Abbie goes to talk to him outside. He's recently returned from fighting overseas. Something happened to his platoon and he was honorably discharged.

    Joe is angry at her and blames her for his dad's death. He warns her to stay away from him.

    Somewhere in the dark, a snorting thing stalks people.

    Driving home, Abbie tells Crane about babysitting for Joe when he was younger. They get a call about a noise complaint involving Joe's car. Crane finds Abbie's Brethalyzer and tries it out. "I do believe I've won," he announces.

    When they pull up to the car, some sort of horned animal jumps out at them. There are giant paw prints in the dirt. Joe's truck is crashed nearby. They find a man's body with his chest split open wide. Joe is slumped against a tree nearby. He manages to mutter something about his dad warning him and "it is going to kill us all."

    The next day in the hospital, Abbie tries to convince Joe to talk to her. He snaps that his dad never told him anything because he was too busy with Abbie. He once missed a fishing trip with Joe because he was teaching Abbie how to shoot. He won't talk.

    Back in Tarrytown, Henry Parrish tells Captain Irving how to get his soul back. He has to kill someone. Henry suggests another patient named Gil Everett, another client of his who was arrested for DUI after hitting a little girl. Irving knows him -- he's the man who paralyzed his daughter. But Irving refuses.

    Back in the archives, Crane suggests that it is odd that Joe was the only one to survive, and that he called for his father. Abbie looks up records of what happened to Joe's platoons and finds that they were all killed and one man was hollowed of his organs -- like one of the victim's last night. Joe was the sole survivor.

    Crane tells Abbie about his friend Daniel Boone, whose brother Squire suffered from PTSD after Valley Forge and attacked him. Daniel only wore the raccoon on his head to cover the scars.

    Crane pulls up a book on the Shawnee curse of the Wendigo, who has human and bestial attributes and partakes of cannibalism. Once it's appetite has been triggered, it can only return to human form after the consumption of human organs.

    They're leaving for the hospital when Abbie gets a call that Joe is gone.

    At Joe's apartment, Abbie finds Sheriff Corbin's will including a note from him to Joe about protecting a few valuable items. They find coded numbers leading to Pioneer Point, where the attack happened.

    Back out in the forest, Joe digs up a box. He runs when Abbie and Crane find him. When Crane cuts his arm on barbed wire, Joe smells his blood and can feel the transformation coming. He yells at Crane to run. Abbie goes for tranquilizer darts in her car as the growling blue beast races down Crane. She manages to hit him with enough before Joe gets him.

    Down in a secret Masonic cell, Abbie has called in Hawley for help. Jenny joins them with stolen organs from the hospital, which she feeds to Joe to turn him back. Hawley leaves to go research cures. Abbie talks to Joe, who didn't know the name of the creature he turned into. He finally ready to talk. He tells Abbie he stopped at the bar that night for a drink and ran into friends. He didn't realize until after Pioneer Point that blood was the trigger. The first time it happened was two weeks ago in Afghanistan. It started after he got a letter covered in white powder. (Flash back to Henry crushing up the bone flute belonging to the Pied Piper.) The letter said he'd been cursed and the only way to lift it was to trade something his dad had left him. The return address was Frederick's Manor, Henry's house. They open the box and find a glass flask filled with what looks like blood. Crane recognizes it as a Chinese poison called jinkan, made when the deadliest animals are put in a single vessel and left to devour each other, and their remains are concentrated. They know they don't have long before Henry finds them. Crane tells Joe that Henry is his son, but can't be trusted. Joe asks Crane to be sure to tell his son he loves him. In the archives, Abbie and Hawley haven't found the cure, but she did find that the fourth time anyone turns into a wendigo, the change will be permanent. Joe has turned three times. When Hawley mentions he knows some Shawnee, Abbie suggests Crane go with him. They visit a man Hawley knows named Big Ash, working in his garage. He's angry at Hawley for selling a tribal mask he gave him on the condition he keep it. Crane intervenes and says they'll get it back if he helps with a wendigo cure. When Ash says they don't exist, Crane points out a red fox foot on someone's motorcycle. He identifies the group in the garage as a Shawnee hunting party and says the owner of the bike is their shaman. Ash points to Frank, and old man asleep in a nearby chair. Ash isn't interested until Crane mentions Squire Boone. Back with Joe, Abbie tells him about what his dad said that made her turn her life around. She remembers Sheriff Corbin talking about his then-nine-year-old son, saying he's Superman and can do whatever he puts his mind to. She wanted to be a part of that. Abbie tries to convince Joe that he meant everything to his dad. Just then, Henry and two goons bust into the chamber, demanding the jinkan. Abbie stalls and Jenny joins them, with a gun on one of the goons. When one of the goons aims at Abbie, Joe steps in and offers to bring Henry the jinkan if he'll leave the Millses along. Henry agrees despite Abbie's objections. Joe goes with him willingly when he says he has Joe's cure. Outside, Henry takes out a knife and slices into Joe's arm, telling him the real curse was his humanity, and now Abbie will realize that Joe is an instrument of war. He starts to turn. In Tarrytown, Irving goes to talk to the man who paralyzed his daughter. Irving says he doesn't want to kill him anymore, he just wants to make it right. He takes Gil's hand to shake it and elicits a half-hearted apology. Then he says the accident ruined his life, too, all because "some kid was too stupid to get out of the way." Frank attacks him and starts to choke him, but then he realizes it's exactly what Henry wants and backs off. Hawley and Crane return to the cell and get the Henry update from Abbie and Jenny. Crane has the cure -- they have to recite a Shawnee curse inscribed in a skull after filling it with blood drawn from Joe with an obsidian knife. They can still reverse the curse if Joe hasn't killed yet. But if it is too late, the same knife can be used to kill him. Abbie and Crane head outside and cut their hands to draw Joe out. He catches their scene and chases after them into a dead end alley. Crane slashes him with the knife and begins reciting. When he finishes reciting, nothing happens. Crane says they're too late and tries to hand Abbie the knife to finish him. But she insists on waiting and after a few more seconds, Joe turns back into himself. Later, Abbie shows Joe the archives as Crane plays an online game. Joe asks Abbie to write a letter of recommendation for him to Quantico. Abbie gets a call from Irving telling her that Henry owns his soul and he's messed everything up. When Abbie says Henry must be stopped, Crane reminds her that Katrina still believes there is some good in him. Crane wants to fight for his son the way Abbie fought for Joe. Meanwhile, Henry uses the jinkan to concoct a potion that turns it into a spider. He releases it into a bed where Katrina is sleeping and it crawls up her body and down her throat. She wakes up screaming.

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