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The Irony and the Ecstasy
XweAponX9 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The World of "Chromes" (Genetically enhanced people) is once again in danger.

And this worries Detective Valery Stahl (Minka Kelly who needs no Genetic Enhancement)- Because "Chromes do Not Die Young".

But it seems that a few Chromes are dropping dead anyway, so Stahl asks Kennex and DRN to check it out.

Stahl once again has to venture into Chrome Territory. but as a Police Officer she runs into a bit of Resistance- Until she meets a specific Chrome. There is some exploration of why Stahl became a Cop.

An Investigation produces a possible Killer wearing a Hoodie who is targeting Chromes with specific facial characteristics. He wants to steal their DNA. The only Problem, is that the technique used to extract that DNA seems to kill all of the Chromes Targeted for DNA Extraction.

And it goes back to a Medical Procedure that was tested a year earlier, that failed because all of the patients who were DNA donors winded up on a slab. The Experiments were banned, but the device used in the experiments lives on, in the hands of "Eric Lathem" (Michael Eklund).

But Why is he doing this? The main Aspect of this episode is Irony - Lathem wants to look a certain way for romantic reasons.

The Irony comes into play because of what Lathem does not know about his romantic interest.

And just when Kennex works up enough nerve to ask Stahl out on a date, well... Should have worked faster buddy - But Kennex himself makes the wrong assumptions, just like Lathem.

How many years I gotta wait for reviews to be posted now? Used to go through in 4 hours.
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