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They tried their best to make it look like a movie Warning: Spoilers
"Vanity Fair: Killers Kill, Dead Men Die" is a fairly long title for a relatively short film as this one here runs for approximately six minutes of which half a minute is closing credits. The director here is Annie Leibovitz, which sould tell you precisely what to expect here. This is a collection of artistic (some more, others less) photographs being put together and they follow one by one and with a help of a narrator this is supposed to be a movie. Oh well, it is up to you to decide if you see it as such. I am struggling with the term "movie" for this one here. I have seen a similar approach for comic book short films and there it was working better. Another reason may be that this one here just tries to be too much too little. It's not working overall, which is a bit of a disappointment as if you take a look at the cast list, it is really impressive for sure. But the plot, if there is any, feels shoddy and forced and never interesting involving boxers and songbirds like in the old days of Hollywood. There is definitely such an aura to this one here and early on it also reminded me a bit of Sin City with the narration. By the way, yep all the stars are credited, but why does it not say who the narrator is here on imdb. I mean he was basically the only one performing, maybe even (voice) acting. Okay I will not write an endless review for this one. Maybe if you like Oscar winner Penelope Cruz you can check it out as she is featured in here more than most others. Or if you love Leibovitz, the photgraphs are not bad I give them that, and Robertg Downey jr. looks oh so young. Did they take old pictures of him? Otherwise, amazing make-up work from the team here and it reminded me what a young brute he was. Interesting that once growing older and doing away with his addictions, he took a completely different, very comedy-centered road. That's all. As a whole, it's a thumbs-down for me. Not a (good) movie. Not recommended.
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