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8 minutes of mediocrity
Horst_In_Translation13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is the music video for "Up in the Air", a song by "30 Seconds to Mars" from 2 years ago. It was made the exact same year when front singer Jared Leto won his Academy Award for "Dallas Buyers Club". This music video here did not really impress me though in contrast to his lauded performance. It's basically a collection of really short static camera recordings with the object briefly moving. These objects are mostly humans, sometimes animals too. There is no story in this music video. It is slightly artistic, but mostly colorful. Leto also directed it under a pseudonym and his brother (the drummer I think) as well as another band member are in it as well. Leto always kept his music career going and even took some pretty long breaks from film for it, so it's no surprise "30 Seconds to Mars" haven't split up already. Unfortunately their work here did not really do a lot for me. The song is also neither particularly catchy or memorable. Thumbs down.
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