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Superb. This episode is pretty much the reason why 'Almost Human' is the future of television Sci-Fi
kleemannmax27 March 2014
Almost Human stands on fairly shaking ground so far. The universe it mostly builds in this season is fantastic. Although it's clearly inspired by movies like 'Blade Runner' and 'Minority Report', 'Terminator' and takes ideas from more independent sci-fi films like 'Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind' to establish its identity it seems fresh, original and fun. And Sci-Fi needs its time, the audience has to get comfortable with the setting and that is exactly what Almost Human has been doing, so far we know about Sex-Bots, Cloning, we know the chemistry between MX's and real cops, we've seen futuristic tech like Face-Makers and by know the audience gets to be comfortable with Almost Human's take on futuristic tech.

Because of that it can finally tackle bigger plot points, which were first seen in this episode. They even teased this episode in the very first one. I've had my concerns with AH, the episodic format and the action and simple "Find out who is the criminal" driven plots were entertaining and great, definitely, but they were missing something. The soundtrack has been a hit and miss so far too. Some tracks are great, atmospheric and have a familiar Vangelis sound to them, but action scenes are combined with dub step tunes which in my opinion do not go well together with the scenes and make them appear more ordinary, which they aren't. The best parts of every episode for me were the basic conversations, where we get to meet people in their surroundings, the conversations between Dorian and Kennex. Great sci-fi does not equal suspense and action, great sci-fi builds a believable future which at the same time brings up contemporary ethical and philosophical question to which we in our time can relate. Sci-Fi is at its core a very sophisticated genre and its hard to maneuver and get right.

And in my opinion Almost Human got something very very right in this episode. The introduction of Dr. Nigel Vaughn, who is brilliantly portrayed by John Larroquette, is great. He's the broken unfortunate thoughtful creator of the DRN's, which were decommissioned because of emotional instability. Dr. Vaughn is the philosophical link the show has been missing and its great to see that they actually get it. The conversations and simple interaction between Dorian and his maker are fascinating, the dialog is very well and carefully written and for the first time intriguing. Dorian's existential fear which is brought up after seeing his maker makes him ironically the most human character on the show.

Almost Human has something very special here and they should build on that. So far it only scratches the surface of an immensely deep universe which it is not yet ready to go in to as it seems. There are endless possibilities here that may make this show stand out in the future, it really is great so far, this episode though proved that this show can be fantastic.

Almost Human has potential, there is real and great Science Fiction in there, they just aren't ready to touch it yet. The episodic format seems outdated and not progressive enough for a show with such endless possibilities, but it's there. Something's there and support is more than needed. FOX has a gem on its hands here and they better not cancel it prematurely, let it breath and build its universe. Sci-Fi needs its time.
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Gina Carano goes Haywire
XweAponX20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
No ratings available- 10/10

All through this show, we have been wondering what happened to that Robot Head from the Pilot.

Finally, at long last...

We get to see now, it belongs to an unstoppable killing machine, who has no compunctions against killing everyone it sees. Only kind words from a child seems to stop it from inserting bullets into a human being. So... It can be Flattered.

From the start of this episode, it just shows that as modern and intelligent as these mid 21st century cops are, they still are not smart enough to figure out a trick and Trojan Horse gambit when one is played on them.

Otherwise, they would have seen a huge red flag, when the Robot kills it's way back to a warehouse containing Sex-Bots and change bodies, it runs smack into it's creator, and the creator agrees to help them "Find it and Stop it". Why would this 'Bot, who seemed to have no trouble killing everyone in it's way, leave one man alive?

John Larroquette makes an appearance as "Dr. Nigel Vaughn" - Creator of "Danika" - A Robot that went ballistic during it's unveiling and killed half of the police force taking it down. But there is something else - He also made the DRN's - aka "Dorian". Hints are inserted regarding exactly what "Synthetic Soul" really is, is there more to it than Dr. Vaughn says?

So, Dr Vaughn does help them spot this Beserker's movements, but they can't figure out her motives, except that she is heading to a Political Fundraiser where they guy who put an end to the DRN's on the Police Force was putting on a Gala. Why would a Robot seek Revenge - Unless it was Programmed into her to do it, or, was a ruse?

Both Danika and Dorian use the same "Synthetic Soul" module. So why is Dorian not out shooting civilians? Ironically, when Dorian confronts Danika, she tells him that they are both "Sacrifices" of some sort: To Be Continued.

Questions start arising, as in: Was Dorian planted as Kennex' partner? Because Kennex was involved in a fight with INsyndicate, they are his personal enemy, and they were keeping tabs on him, even 2 years after his initial bout with them. Why are they so interested in Kennex? And this also brings up the point that INsyndicate could have continued their pogrom during the two years Kennex was incapacitated - So why did they wait two whole years before they started up again - On the very first day Kennex got back? Not to mention, Dorian gets re-activated and made into Kennex' Partner.

There are a lot of Grey areas here, motives that are not clear.

It seems that the Danika robot was not the issue, this was all about Dr Vaughn- He wanted his Synthetic Souls, and he also wanted the main CPUs to build a hundred new Danika robots.

But where can he set up a factory?

This is where we hear more about "The Wall" - Apparently there is no civilization beyond it. No Civilization, and no way to find Vaughn once he jumps over it.

How big is this area of lawlessness? Is it bigger than the City Kennex defends? Is it bigger than the World Kennex defends?

All we are shown is a huge Wall - And Dr Vaughn going over it with enough Synthetic Souls and other gadgetry to build an army of Danikas.

Gina Carano is a fighter, and it has been said that the people she fights for have a huge problem with her: How can someone so beautiful be so vicious? This is perhaps the best role for her yet. And just because she was blown up in this episode, doesn't mean we will not see more, and more, and more of her in Almost Human.
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cyborg-smourfette25 August 2018
-This series is absolutely FLAWLESS ! This is the first time when i still having fun watching more than two episodes from a tv series made after 2005,excepting Dark Matter .I will miss this series very much.
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