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Suvari's performance worth watching..
A_Different_Drummer18 October 2015
... but only if you are a casting director looking to find a formerly A-list actor who has the chops but has not been getting the roles needed to show off her skills.

The rest of the film is basically a clinic in how to make a sub-B indie product:

1. Pull together some actors who are slightly past their BEST BY date and will work cheap.

2. Lay down the heaviest sound track you can, because everyone knows that deficiencies in the production (direction, lighting, acting, scripting) can be "hidden" if the viewer is distracted by a heavy sound track.

3. Shoot the entire film in as much natural light as you can. If anyone complains, call it "authentic". Others of course might just call it "dark." This saves a lot of money.

4. Speed up all the action scenes just a little, maybe by dropping a few frames here and there. This makes the action look faster and cooler than it actually is.

5. (Optional) If you are the director and writer, give yourself a one-word name -- like Madonna -- so that viewers will remember your work and avoid it in the future

Finally, for the record, Martin Sheen is one of my all time faves but PA-LEEZE to imagine he can still play a professional, active-duty, cop at 75 years of age almost qualifies this film as Science Fiction.
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Worth watching (once only)
london77719 May 2015
I am British, so rarely watch US TV crime series. Maybe for that reason there were some angles in this "dirty cop" drama which were new to me, and kept me watching to the end.

But they were not developed as they could have been, and the screenplay was to blame. The direction, too, is mediocre with the same tired style of flashbacks to patch holes in the exposition that we see in so many direct-to-DVD movies.

I think the intended ironic statement about "truth" and "honor" is indeed there, but gets muffled in the obligatory Hollywood ending.

The heroine and the "redeemed" cop were too lightweight, while Martin Sheen popping up in a supporting role, and still-beautiful Natasha Hensbridge in a dispensable one, only served to undermine the intended grittiness and remind us we are watching a Hollywood movie.

I am posting because I think this movie deserves better than the current 4.7 score. I give it 6, and most of that is for the storyline rather than the way it is realised on screen.
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Another 'corrupt cop' movie but not a terrible one.
nathan_kugan18 April 2015
All the scenes in the movie and the story,u would have seen it all before, most of the time done better than how it's done in this movie. But still this movie is very watchable and had some interesting parts. The acting in this movie is solid too. Not award material but for what they are given,i think the actors have done a very good job. Lochyln Munro ,especially,was really good in his role. He seemed so involved and committed to his role and it shows in his performance. The director could have directed his scenes better though and maybe build a little more character arc for him. And they could have also used Martin Sheen more. I didn't like the climax much as it seemed rushed but other than that i think it's a good enough movie that u can rent and watch or if u happen to catch this movie on TV,it's worth spending some free time on.
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An OK Low-Cost Movie with REALLY Bad Spelling
miguelramosl9 November 2015
OK for a got-nothing-else-to-do movie. Whomever was in charge of writing stuff in this film needs spelling classes ASAP. Apart from the "Assualt" mistake in the report, the Credits at the end are FULL of errors: The character appears as "Jocob", another one is "Smauel". Then there are three "Sunt Doubles", an "Add'l Firs Assistant B Camera", an "Assitant Costume Designer" and a "Set Cosumers Supervisor". I'm sure there are other goofs I didn't catch, especially among the First and Last Names of people involved in the movie. One positive thing about the movie is FINALLY using people who really do speak Spanish playing the roles of Latinos something Hollywood, completely surrounded by people from Central and South America doesn't usually do. Maybe it was Martin Sheen's influence or that Agustin's ear would hurt from the bad Spanish found in most American movies. Unfortunately, the director wasn't the right person to check the credits or assign that job to whomever did it.
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A decent low-budget potboiler buoyed by credible performances but marred by incessant camera movement
ginocox-206-33696819 October 2015
As a low-budget DTV production, "Badge of Honor" is a credible effort. It's not in the same league as "We Own the Night," "Street Kings" or "Serpico;" however, it maintains the audience's attention and interest. Its greatest strength lies in credible performances by the entire cast. It's greatest weakness is undoubtedly the incessant camera movement. I can't remember a single shot that looked as if the camera were locked down. The amount of camera motion, particularly in inappropriate shots, was frequently distracting. It also seemed a little thin on forensics and police procedures. For that matter, a large drug deal in an early scene didn't seem very realistic. The POV was also a little muddled, as at least two characters had memory flashes. Compared to top-notch police procedural films, it ranks somewhere in the middle of the herd, well back from the must-see films. However, compared to DTV productions shot in Eastern Europe starring faded action stars from the 1970s and 1980s, it's a much more rewarding cinematic experience.
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Taut Internal Affairs
JohnnyLee128 April 2018
Taut police Internal Affairs investigation. Great production and acting. What is missing is any real crime scene investigation which would have taken the story in a different direction. Instead the relationships between almost everyone involved become the focus. The movie is the better for it but you have to forget about the forensics.
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Watch it!
JamesCinemaFan15 June 2016
Summary: This film is fantastic. Deserves a much better rating than it currently has on IMDb (4.7). Don't see why this movie's average rating is not at least a 7.


The rare movie with an empowered, non-hypersexualized female lead character, whose humanity is the most important thing about her, not merely that she is a female. She is not fetishized nor relegated to caring only about relationships with men, nor does she need to be rescued by a "big strong man" to do all the dirty work for her. Rather, she is capable of doing anything any human person can do, but what in cinema is often reserved for males alone, such as wielding worldly power, being emotionally tough, and perhaps most importantly, simply being independent. It is not enough to merely put a gun in a female character's hand and let her shoot someone, and then celebrate the movie as non-sexist. Not if said female character is still portrayed as utterly relationally dependent on men, as usually happens in such movies. Not here.

In line with this, the movie takes a far more realistic, compassionate approach to how it portrays human relationship, character, and choice, rather than the macho, male-dominant, "shoot/beat up everyone and make it better" tropes in so many other movies with similar subject matter. It actually takes the time to show the plot from the point of view of all the characters, female or male, adult or child, powerful or powerless, "glamorous" or ordinary. One example being a gunshot victim's sister. Just an ordinary kid, no reason the movie has to include her at all, but it does, because this movie cares about the human element. In this regard Badge of Honor is very reminiscent of Clint Eastwood's best directorial work, such as "Gran Torino" and "Unforgiven".
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Great movie great cast
Mr Monroe portrays the cop masterfully. Ms Suvari plays the role of rookie IA detective masterfully. Mr Sheen delivers a credible performance as the referee. Who will win this chess match?
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nogodnomasters12 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mike ( Jesse Bradford) is a good cop and his partner David (Lochlyn Monroe) is not so good. During a drug bust Mike accidentally shoots a 15 year old kid. David devises a cover-up by planting a gun on the kid and claiming he shot first. Jessica (Mena Suvari) is called in to do an internal investigation which lasts the whole picture with not much complexity.

The problem I had with the film is that if the kid shot at the police, there would be a bullet in the wall from that gun. They didn't even check, something that would make this an open and shut case. Instead Jessica must solve the case using hypothetical evidence.

The acting was decent. The script was bad.

Guide F-bombs, sex, nudity (Natasha Henstridge, Lee Tomaschefski, + 1 other brief FF)
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Great movie, but don't watch if you don't want to see nudity and sex
rtorans3 October 2016
It is a great movie, but needs to have a parental review.

I haven't even gotten 30 minutes into the movie before 2 full blown sex scene hit.

The scenes are full nudity and breast are fully out there.

I really don't care for movies like this.

I am interested in the movie not the sex scene.

If I wanted to see a sex scene I would get a porno.

I just want to let everyone know what is in the movie.

So, not recommended for anyone who doesn't want to see this kind of movie with nudity in it.
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Watch this movie for Jasmine Mooney and Natasha
The first 15 minutes of any action/crime/suspense movie is very important as this gains much percentage of the success.

Good: ----- (1) filmed in nice locations. (2) Mena Suvari and Martin sheen are two important characters did right justice. (3) Augustine (director) put his maximum effort without doubt. (4) Real light filming.

Bads ------ (1) they spent 5million dollars wondering where did it go... (2) Two cops fight not surprises you. What special story you can create with this.. (3) It feels like I am watching a television serial episode not a real movie.. (4) Actress Jasmine Mooney is my sex symbol..Glad to see her full naked in very short scene. She appears as a drugged slave without clothes for 10-15 seconds. I would have picked her role till end of the movie as a drugged slave. Another nude girl is Natasha in sex scene. No idea why Jasmine Mooney is not in a sex scene. Dream to see her again in sequel-2.. This message I am passing to film makers.
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