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  • Det. Kennex and Dorian investigate Simon, a psychopathic killer who is strapping bombs to his victims' neck and broadcasting their final moments over the internet. Meanwhile, a power deficiency affects Dorian's energy level, causing him to have unexpected outbursts.


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  • Detective Paul leads a briefing, following a solar flare that knocked out power and led to rolling blackouts. Androids are being charged on a priority basis.

    After he finishes recapping, Dorian comes in and decks Paul. He apologizes, then explains that because the MXes have priority, he only has half a charge and "it messes me up emotionally, man."

    Paul shakes it off and Kennex leaves for patrol, saying a half-charged Dorian is better than an MX. In the car, Dorian explains his "personality interface" is the first thing to go, then other systems. Dorian gets fired up about the social injustice of coming second and says again he wants his own place. John says he talked to the captain, but she said because Dorian is city property, he has to always be supervised, even off duty.

    Dorian asks John about staying at his place in the back room, but John doesn't want to give up his trophy room. He spends sometime reliving his past quarterback glory days, saying all his old records still stand and they used to call him "the white cheetah."

    A man, Ramon, drives home talking to his wife on the phone. When he drives through an alley a homeless looking person comes out to wash his windshield. Ramon rolls down his window to give the person money, but gets sprayed in the face.

    He passes out. When he wakes up, he sees a bomb strapped to his neck counting down from 28 minutes. An automated voice asks him: "Ready to play? Do not deviate from the instructions if you want to live."

    The voice tells him to open the case and go to the bank where he works. Viewers log on and start watching.

    Ramon goes to his bank and asks a woman to transfer money, then pulls a gun, apologizing and explaining someone is making him do it. She trips a silent alarm as he leaves.

    The person typing the automated instructions watches the viewer feedback, which is sharply cynical.

    John and Dorian get the call and track Ramon. The voice tells Ramon not to stop if he wants to live. He speeds off, but the police disable his car with an electromagnetic pulse.

    When they pull him over, he gets out and tells them what's going on. Dorian looks at the bomb and says he'll need five minutes to disarm it. There's less than a minute. He tells John to put up the shield -- a force field. There's nothing they can do. John backs away, promising the man they'll find out who did it to him. As he's telling them to tell his wife he loves her, Ramon explodes inside the shield.

    Watching the online response, the man behind the automated voice loves it as people cheer and call for more blood.

    Dorian scans Ramon's car and finds traces of fentenyl oxide, which would have knocked him out. The car's data recorder was fried by the EMP, they send it to Rudy. They find the bitcoin from the bank with the transfer. John notices the cameras all over the car and Dorian gets overly upset that someone would do such a thing.

    Back at the station, Paul interviews the woman who Ramon robbed. She says everyone liked him, even though he was a loan officer who had to deny loans.

    Valerie Stahl brings Captain Maldonado the footage of the robbery from the dark net. They haven't had any luck tracing it so far.

    In Rudy's lab, he offers Dorian the charge he has; Dorian is twitchy and jonesing. Rudy warns John that Dorian's mood swings might get worse.

    When John mentions that Dorian wants to live on his own, Rudy points out that living alone isn't all it's cracked up to be and it can be lonely.

    Rudy has gotten into the car's data recorder and finds the last transmissions from the bomber were to an address, but it was more than 10 miles from where they intercepted Ramon, so he wouldn't have made it even if they hadn't stopped him. The bomb was very advanced.

    Dorian is slightly more even after charging, but picking up foreign radio.

    At the given address, they find a juke box is the only thing with power. They enter the code provided and the bomber types a message to them, knowing they'd find the address. He displays a woman named Jeannie Hartman, the next victim, and says they have to be the only ones to try to save her.

    The bomber calls a florist and orders flowers from Jeannie Hartman to deliver. He reads the online comments, begging for another show. He promises one in 45 minutes.

    John and Dorian call the florist and reach Jeannie's father. She's already gone.

    In the florist's van, the bomber finishes installing cameras as Jeannie is knocked out with the bomb already around her neck.

    Maldonado and everyone watch the feed back at the station.

    Valerie wakes up and receives orders via text, telling her to go to a gazebo in a park and dance. The bomber plays music for her and seems to pine after her. He soaks up the comments, on edge about what's going to happen next.

    Dorian and John find Jeannie and Dorian calls Rudy for help. Dorian's running at 48% power and apologizes in advance in case he says anything "wildly inappropriate."

    The bomber texts John: "The world is watching you Kennex, good luck."

    With three minutes left on the timer, Jeannie tells John she thinks a man named Simon that she met online did this to her.

    Rudy stops Dorian from cutting the wrong wires and guides him to the right ones as time ticks away.

    Jeannie tells John that she met Simon at the same park where they are now but he was creepy and she got a bad vibe, so when he went to get the picnic basket, she ran off.

    Simon reads as commenters slam him.

    Dorian gets twitchier as his power dwindles. With one minute left, he tells John to put up the shield and back away. Instead, John stays to help following the orders Rudy gives because Dorian is too shaky. With just seconds left, Dorian cuts the final wire and the bomb disarms.

    As his emotional circuits overload, Dorian celebrates the moment with a group hug.

    Simon watches with rage as the commenters mock him and sign off.

    Back at the station, they've found that Ramon denied Simon for a loan and he was seeking revenge. Simon was in the police academy and trained with the bomb squad. He was kicked out for psych issues by Sgt. James Morton, who they now have under protection.

    Maldonado sends a tactical team to Simon's current address. John assures her that Dorian is fine, even with his mood swings.

    At Simon's trailer, Paul reports it's totally wired and they do a controlled blast. An officer tells John that crime scene techs have something for him. He goes alone to check it out and ends up getting gassed by Simon.

    Once they realize John is gone, they begin searching. Dorian finds John's locator chip.

    John wakes up at night on a park bench with a bomb around his neck with only 11 minutes on it. He's chained to the bench. He answers the phone ringing in his pocket. Simon tells John he'll detonate if John calls for help. His whole body is wired, too. Simon directs John to tools under the bench, saying he can try to disarm the bomb himself.

    At the station they see the feed and recognize where John is.

    Simon tells John they're the same, that after John lost his leg in the raid he got a bad psych eval, too, but John got a second chance.

    Watching from nearby, Simon sees the cops arrive and threatens to detonate if they get near. The cops realize Simon can't see them from his video feed, so he must be nearby. Dorian spots him on top of a building. They line up a sniper, but then see that Simon has a dead man switch for the bomb that will detonate if they kill him and he lets go.

    John drops one of his bomb tools and reaches for a token to try to separate the wires. There are less than 3 minutes left.

    From down below, Dorian sees a path up the building outside of Lynch's cameras. He suggests to Paul that he climb the building and electrocute Simon, causing his muscles to tense so he can't drop the switch.

    Dorian is only at 15% but says he can make it.

    John manages to prop the wires open with the token so he can cut underneath them as Dorian climbs the building with a charge level at 8%. He's at 3% by the time he gets to the top. The online viewers keep rising past 11,000.

    With 10 seconds left, Simon is ready to watch him detonate, but Dorian sneaks up on him and grabs him, shocking him. Down in the park, John disarms the bomb with 2 seconds left. With 1% of his power left, Dorian gets Simon in cuffs and powers down.

    Later, Maldonado shares a drink with John, toasting to winning. John asks for a favor.

    John takes Dorian to Rudy's lab, his new home. Rudy is super excited to have a wing man, although it's not exactly what Dorian had in mind.

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