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Connie Britton: Victoria Lasseter



  • Victoria Lasseter : Cherry Progressive, listen. Mandelbrot set is in motion. Echo Choir has been breached.

    Mike Howell : Is that a lyric from something?

  • Krueger : You directly interfered with a government operation. And as a result, you caused the deaths of innocent civilians. Is that correct?

    Victoria Lasseter : Yes, sir.

    Adrian Yates : You're absolutely right, sir. Thanks to Lasseter activating Howell, seven American citizens are now dead.

    Krueger : This is an operation that you created and spearheaded without any authorization, is that correct?

    Adrian Yates : Yes, sir. But you have to understand, I was self-starting.

    Krueger : Excuse me?

    Adrian Yates : Did I make some mistakes? You know, I did. Did I take some shortcuts? Sure. But in the end, I was just doing what I needed to do to create a cost-efficient exploit of a system already put in place. And if I'd pulled it off, you'd be thanking me. Right? Come on, you'd be fucking thanking me, right?

    Krueger : Yeah.

    Adrian Yates : Okay! Thank you.

    Krueger : [kills Yates] 

    Victoria Lasseter : I don't know if this is appropriate, but please do not kill me.

    Krueger : I'm your source. When I called to notify you that the sweep was happening, I did it out of respect and courtesy. And you've made me regret that now. It was not my intention for you to act like a child and try to save your puppy. The puppy was going down, I was notifying you of the puppy's death. But the puppy just shit all over everything! You have a crazy, scary rabid puppy that murders people and will still need to be put down. You understand that, correct?

    Victoria Lasseter : Yes, sir.

    Krueger : You better pray you can find a way to turn this into a win and pull a miracle out of your ass. Because if you can't, that's you.

    [looks to Yates] 

    Victoria Lasseter : You already have your miracle, sir. My program worked. Wiseman beat Toughguy. Mike Howell eliminated 17 Toughguy assets single-handedly. That makes him the most effective asset we've ever seen in any of the Ultra programs. Ever! In 60 years. Pardon me for saying it, sir, but that is a puppy worth saving. That is a $400 million puppy. And you have him sitting in a holding cell right now.

  • Victoria Lasseter : Do you remember when you were arrested when you were 18 for the acid? That was when we first met. I was recruiting for a program called Wiseman. Which was basically designed to take third strike misdemeanor offenders and offer them the opportunity to volunteer.

    Mike Howell : Volunteer? For what?

    Victoria Lasseter : To be an experiment.

    Mike Howell : An experiment?

    Victoria Lasseter : Yeah.

    Mike Howell : That was a mistake.

    Victoria Lasseter : No, but Mike, you worked. All the other subjects that came in, they were all failures. But not you. You were a success, but it was driving you insane. It was driving everybody insane. The risks weren't worth the rewards. So I shut it down, and I gave you all new lives and new identities. A fresh start here.

    Mike Howell : Yeah. So you erased my memories and you fucked with my head. And you left me here with a fake girlfriend.

    Victoria Lasseter : This isn't who you always were. The slow thinking, the inability to leave town. The phobias. We did that to protect you.

    Mike Howell : To protect me? Well, tell that to the guys who are trying to kill me.

  • Victoria Lasseter : Wiseman was my baby.

    Adrian Yates : Yeah, and it's still-born. So what are you crying about?

    Victoria Lasseter : So you're coming after my still-born baby?

    Adrian Yates : I don't understand why you're so upset here. Aren't you the one who shut down the program?

    Victoria Lasseter : Yeah, because it was a flawed model. Because we were hurting people. I didn't expect your yuppie ass to come riding in on a vulture and pick at the bones of my operation.

    Adrian Yates : I was made supervisor fair and square.

    Victoria Lasseter : You were made a temporary supervisor because you kissed the right asses.

    Adrian Yates : Because I'm the right man for the job.

    Victoria Lasseter : According to who? Daffy Duck?

    Adrian Yates : Well, I guess I'm doing something right because I've had the job for about two years.

  • Victoria Lasseter : You're supposed to protect these assets. Not kill them!

    Adrian Yates : Victoria, we're clearing the portfolio. Mike Howell keeps trying to leave town. He needs to be eliminated.

    Victoria Lasseter : You're going to kill him for trying to leave town?

    Adrian Yates : That's a security breach. I'm just doing my job.

    Victoria Lasseter : He's a human being.

    Adrian Yates : They're assets.

    Victoria Lasseter : He's an American citizen.

    Adrian Yates : They're government property.

    Victoria Lasseter : Are you actually fucking insane?

    Adrian Yates : Ow, language!

  • Victoria Lasseter : Thanks for the location on Howell. I'm heading to him right now, but in the meantime we've got to go public on this. Call Krueger. I can't believe Yates has been training mental patients for his program.

    Petey Douglas : It is my duty to inform you that should you go public with this operation.

    Victoria Lasseter : It's your duty? What? We have to stop this! He's completely out of his mind!

    Petey Douglas : If you go public with this operation, you're committing treason and will be treated as a traitor to the United States of America. I'm sorry. I can't help you anymore.

    Victoria Lasseter : No! Pete! Peter! Petey!

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