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Bland, Obtuse and Arrogrant.
thehorsetowater14 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched and mostly enjoyed (with the inevitable suspension of disbelief) the sister film 'Olympus has Fallen' I had the chance to watch this over in the states. Assuming another dose of suspension of disbelief, I settled down to watch it.

This film, despite its good lead cast appears to have left the brains of plot and due process behind as it made the leap across the pond.

Set in London which is gleefully smashed up within the first 30mins of the movie along with most of the global heads of state it puts action scenes over plot devices (not that I was expected anything else) but there are some concerning portrayals of real life characters which undermine any amount of nice explosions and gun-play.

The heads of state are all archaic stereotypes of what we assume to be the culture of each country rolled into one person.

For instance, the Italian PM has a young 30-year-old-love who he meets in secrete atop Westminster Abbey. The Canadian President has the perfect family. The French President is conducting some kind of important state business in a kind of renaissance launcher boat on the Thames replete with Champagne (did he really use it to get from Paris to London?) and the Japenese PM is stoically quiet, patient and reserved until the moment when the Thames Bridge is blown up around him. Of course the US President is portrayed as a hip, fashionable humane and judicious man with none of these stereotypes (negative or otherwise).

This marks the first concern - outside of their own nation, Hollywood really does not care how these cosmopolitan characters are portrayed - indeed - entire nations are mercilessly the subject of stereotypical derision as the hapless heads of state are killed in creative manners. Not that I mind red London buses being the unprinted cue for 'this film is set in London'.

What happens next is even more incredible. Since the 'assassination' of the British PM, with the exception of some kind of funeral planning meeting early on, there does not seem to be any kind of UK government / leadership / disaster management faculty left. Rather than employ characters from real life counterparts like 'deputy PM' or 'Defense Secretary' or 'COBRA' or indeed our intelligence services like MI5 the film leads us to believe the the job of bringing order to this chaos falls to a Chief Inspector who thinks that yanks is still an acceptable term for our American cousins. (He is not even a Chief Constable though confusingly he does have chief constable epaulet rank badges) of London's Scotland Yard. Really - the entire intelligence and counter-terrorism effort. (This would be akin to a police captain in the WDCPD mopping up after a similar event took out the President of the US, though we know of course in Hollywood this could never happen).

We have Morgan Freeman as Vice President giving strong suggestions (read: orders?) over some kind of skype thing to this Chief Inspecter who enacts his word like some kind of servile unthinking amoeba.

Even our army is portrayed by a portly old man wearing something from the dad's army set who dares to suggest a military response but is denied this by Morgan Freeman and sheepishly accepts this reprimand.

At some point the President asks to be shot by Banning should he fall into the hands of the terrorists. Of course as soon as this is heard we know that the president is going to fall into the hands of the terrorists and is undoubtedly going to be rescued again. This removes any anticipation of plot from the film and leaves the rest of it as mere action-porn than anything else.

Other issues such as the NSA revealing that they have been spying on a London address for ages and the mindless insertion of armed foreign nationals on the streets of London are too numerous to mention.

Should Aaron be re-elected for a third term in something like 'Paris has Fallen' then I think I might have to go back to watching nature documentaries on UK Gold to sate my action thirst. Beast hunting beast in the great oceans would have more twists and turns than this film.

A bland, obtuse and frankly disturbing revelation of how Hollywood regards the rest of the world should be portrayed against the might and absolute 'good' of the USA. How arrogant, patronising and disgusting.
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Suspend your disbelief - it's only a movie
jamesharrison-541-83546213 January 2017
I enjoyed this film for what it is - yes, none of it's really that plausible, and yes, it's riddled with as many holes in the plot as there are bullet holes the President's Land Rover. Oh, and yes, it's one sided and terribly patriotic - if you're an American - but remember, it's only a film, and a Hollywood Tinsel Town film at that.

Significantly perhaps, as I watched The President face up to the plot against him, I kept wondering... "what would Donald do in such circumstances?" Let's hope he's not taking notes.

The naysayer membership here at IMDb who gave this film 1/10 are missing the point entirely. Like most of what is spewed out by Hollywood, it's all fiction and fantasy held together by as much implausibility as the producers can get away with, and I think most intelligent audiences will get that.

Ah, but "what about the less intelligent movie goer?" you might ask. Well, dress it up as much as you like and these people will never get the irony of such a picture. They've also probably made up their minds as to who's side they're on anyway - and no liberal, limp-wristed Hollywood alternative will convince them they're backing the wrong team.

So I encourage you to watch "London Has Fallen" if you get the chance, and if you can, enjoy your place in the Free World to make up your own mind...
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Don't listen to all the "Movie Buffs"
andrew-gilson1313 January 2017
Before listening to all of the 1 star reviews, hear me out. To start, if you think you're going to be watching a summer movie blockbuster that's 10/10 than you don't have a great judgement on films. Was the movie plot thin? Sure. Was the acting "Oscar winning?" Most certainly not. However, if you enjoy a decent action packed film from start to finish, you may just like this one a little bit. Gerard Butler plays his typical bad ass, ex-marine type character that helps to save the President of the United States. There's your plot. Simple and no more to it. That's what this film intended to give you. A simple plotted movie for action packed movie lovers. So, before you decide to toss this one out, go on Netflix on a boring Sunday afternoon and give it a try.
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Cringe-worthy, cliché-ridden, blatant propagandist cash-grab.
gilfortuna-741203 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers

Do not watch.

Seriously, I warned you. This movie is so bad I felt the need to create an account on this site to tell people the truth about it.

If you're a citizen of the USA who is overly nationalistic, if you buy into the hype of famous actors who end up having less-than-average performances, if you just started watching movies last year and aren't yet familiar with all the clichés you will find in this movie, if you think a blurry, confused action scene is a good action scene, and if you don't mind the poorly done CGI explosions and the plot-holes, then this movie is for you.

If not, and if you're really curious about it, just watch the trailer. The entire movie is there anyway.


Here is how it goes: Main character is a typical American-marine-special-agent kind of dude. He is a reckless, aggressive, dominant alpha male that can't go one minute without saying a cheesy one-liner. In fact, almost all his dialogue are cheesy one-liners. He has a pregnant wife, which is the typical stay-at-home American mom who cares for his husband.

Then there's the typical strong, maternal black women who dies courageously, the typical hot white girl female fatal which you "do not f*** with", the strangely naive USA president who is afraid to pick up a gun and shocked that so many civilians have died because of him (yeah, right), the typical eastern villain that hates America, the faceless enemies with storm-trooper syndrome, the traitor that thinks the system is flawed and accepted a bribe, and Morgan Freeman, who is presented as a major character but ends up playing a very minor role that could be done by any novice actor. Yes, from now on, beware of films with Morgan Freeman. It's not the first time (I'm remembering Oblivion, with Tom Cruise) that his face is plastered all around just to make the movie sell, but ends up being an insignificant part of it. He may have played great roles in the past, but now it's clear he is riding his own fame.

Even then, Morgan Freeman is probably the best actor there. Others are just not competent. Part of the blame is on the dialogue. It's too cliché and far-fetched. As told before, Gerard Butler does nothing but throw down one-liners. He has one or two facial expressions: The angry look and the tender, loving father look. Which makes him an one-dimensional character that you won't be able to build an emotional connection with. He is also an insufferable Mary Sue. The USA president, on the other hand, is pathetic. They try to make him a determined, strong American leader, but the contrast with his best man is just too big. It makes him look tiny, fragile and incompetent. There is not much to say about other actors. All of them play minor roles and are easily forgettable. And all of them play stereotypical, far-fetched roles.

Then there is the plot. Oh, god, the plot.

It's bad. The pacing is horrible. Action scene, chase, small break, action scene, chase, small break, repeat. Not much happens in between. In part because there is no decent plot. It goes like this: the most heavily guarded funeral in history ends up having some serious security flaws. And all because one dude in the USA security agency betrayed them. That one dude is apparently so powerful, or the security agencies (American and English) are so pathetic, that his simple betrayal goes undetected and cause the entire defense operation to fail. How did he do such a feat? How could half the guards in that day be enemies in disguise and that go under the radar? How could the prime-minister of England "die in his sleep" and then no autopsy having been made in time to clear any suspicions of poisoning? Why is Gerard Butler the only one who "feels" that "something" is about to happen? Why is it that the most important target (USA President) is the ONLY ONE that stays alive, and the LAST ONE that the enemy tries to shoot at? Every single point of this movie is far-fetched.

Okay, I'm aware that this is a mindless action movie, and plot and actor performance shouldn't be taken too seriously. BUT THE ACTION SCENES AREN'T GOOD EITHER! All of them are ridden with that annoying, off-putting blur and camera-shake effect. And they aren't original either. Oh, a last-second save. Oh, a car chase. Oh, the helicopter crashes and they are all alive and without a scratch. Except the black girl, of course. Oh, the enemies just send themselves at the hero at the most stupid fashion and end up dead, every single time. It's tedious, predictable and shows that they are lazy and didn't really spend any time to think on good ideas.

So if the point of the movie is bad, and everything else is bad to, what's good? Well, I find the stereotypical representations of the other heads-of-state to be somewhat enjoyable. There's the female German Chancellor that is clearly Angela Merkel, the womanizer Italian prime-minister that is clearly Berlusconi, etc. But all it shows is that this movie could have been a parody. It is certainly a parody, with all the exaggerated nationalistic lines and the plot and action scene clichés, but it's a parody of itself. Its crucial sin is that it takes itself seriously. But it certainly doesn't deserve more than to be a punchline of a joke. A bad, boring, predictable joke.
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A D grade movie that deserves to go straight to DVD and the bin after that.
phil-sydney15 April 2016
If like me, you liked the original, this will leave you greatly disappointed. No breakdown needed. Just mindless cheese through and through. Whilst the original shocked (in particular the opening scenes) with a grandiose, beyond belief terrorist attack, London has fallen shocks with its stupidity, predictability, poor CGI, complete neglect for any realism (not a even a tad!) and tediously boring action scenes that would be more fitting for a new van dame movie.

There's no need to break down this movie and pick it apart. Because the whole thing is just one big, boring mess of mindless BS.

How this movie got over 6.0 is beyond me ! It almost falls into the 'so bad, it's good category', but not quite, so it's just horribly bad and you won't be laughing either.

3.6 Material.
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Good Lord, this was bad...
kevcoe17 April 2016
I love a good, silly, dumb action movie. Truly, I do. But this one was just insulting... I felt like it was written by a bunch of 13 year old boys, cranked up on too much Red Bull.

Totally avoid of any characterisation other than in the broadest possible terms... the dialogue was just horrendous... the plot makes very little sense to anyone with the slightest scrap of brain in their head (what, most of the London police force were taken over by terrorists and NOBODY noticed?)and as for the SFX... you'd be embarrassed if you saw them in an X-box game! I'll admit, there was one good action sequence when Mr Butler and the SAS were advancing on the terrorists lair amidst a hail of gunfire, that was quite nicely done... but five minutes of decent enough action isn't enough to make me think that this film is anything other than an utter turkey...

Give it a swerve, IMO.
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Awesome brainless fun
edwardgamper-0-12860923 July 2016
1 star? Not as good as the first movie? Let's get real! Olympus Has Fallen was equally ridiculous, jingoistic, lacking well-rounded characters, and originality - so why is everyone surprised when London Has Fallen is no different?

Yes it's jingoistic. Yes it's still lacking well-rounded characters. Yes it's mindless violence. And yes it's ludicrous...

...ludicrously freaking awesome that is!

The first thing I loved about this movie was the bad language. It was refreshing. I know that sounds like an odd thing to say, but go with me a moment...

...see, in an era of 12A action movies with tonnes of violence and no bad language, Butler dropping the F bomb a billion times ironically brings a level of realism to London Has Fallen, that is lacking in movies that take themselves far more seriously.

Yes the entire concept is stupid, but that's not what we're here for. I'm here to watch Butler stab bad buys repeatedly in the chest and shoot AK-47s out of 4X4 cars bombing along the Thames at 80 miles per hour. That's what I signed up for.

The pacing of this movie is perfect. It's never boring, and the action sequences are really fun. Yes, in places the CG is a bit shoddy, but the movie is still quite spectacular in pulling off some big set pieces in London.

London Has Fallen is mainly a two-hander between Butler and Eckhart, with some nice buddy moments and fantastic action sequences throughout, including a mega shoot-out at Somerset House, a mega shoot-out in the Underground, and mega shoot outs in dark buildings, including the finale in Soho, of all places.

This isn't going to get any Oscars, but it's a brilliantly retro action movie that takes itself far less seriously than throw-back action films like Taken, which is no less crazy in the plot department.

Anyone who enjoys mindless action will not be disappointed, and where this movie lacks realistic plot, it makes up for it in pacing. At 1 hour 40 - in an age of bloated, long movies that think they're more intelligent than they are - this is frankly a breath of fresh air.

Get a big bowl of popcorn and some sodi-pops, and enjoy relentless, shooting, stabbing, swearing and explosions. Great fun!
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This movie gets worse by the minute
green-3366314 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How can decent actors accept to be in such a horrible movie? Morgan Freeman must have lost a bet to play a role in this movie. So much crap happens in this movie that basically needs the viewer to remove 99% of any kind of logical thinking. So the UK police, special forces, and military can easily be compromised according to this movie, and in front of real officers who are standing right next to them without wondering, hey who the heck are these guys? Bombs can be placed in every famous building without anyone noticing. Hundreds of bad guys can take over a city and have no army come in to confront them. The solution they found to deal with weading out the imposter forces, recall all the known good forces to sit inside while the bad ones can go about doing their terrorizing. WTF, directors, writers, who did they poll this movie in front of and had a response of "yeah this all makes sense". To be left with a feeling of not just wasting time watching the movie (even with forwarding scenes), and then being left with a feeling of how can smart people make such crap, is enough to leave the brain broken. I thought an IMDb rating of 6+ would be a watchable B movie, but this is not even close to watchable, how did this movie not get an avg rating of 3?!!! If you've seen it and liked it, think about this movie with a bit of logic, if you haven't seen it, don't, just don't, unless you enjoy feeling frustrated by stupid things that happen in movies.
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Really bad
chrisst417 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In a nutshell: Supposed best of the 'land of free' (the sunny place where everyone is happy and waves their spangley flag) come over to the London (where is constantly rains and everyone is incompetent and rather sad). London is blown-up but that's OK because they end- up single-handedly saving the most important person in the world (the US President of course) - so everything is fine! They do this by using a lot of fairly bad CGI and applying a script of continuous, cheesy one liners.

The script is predictable and from the start full of hypocrisy. Where did the big, bad arms dealer get his weapons in the first place? Emmm... tough one that! You are constantly left wondering who is the real baddie in this movie especially when Gerald and co. rattle-off their crass one-liners!

Summary: Avoid at all costs.
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Incredibly stupid, typical American crap.
brian_reid-977-38715316 April 2016
Possibly the dumbest movie ever, idiotic plot, American chest- beating, USA chanting nonsense.

There is absolutely nothing in this film remotely believable, and after the nonsense in the first one, you have to hope that this is the end of the franchise. What shocks me most is the appearance of Morgan Freeman in this movie. Is he so hard up that he needs to lower himself to this standard of film?

Do Americans understand anything that happens outside their country?

Save your time, save your money and avoid this crap. And please no more "has fallen" films. Let Butler retire.
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Just fine.
Gus2127 May 2016
London Has Fallen is directed by Babak Najafi and include the main cast of Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman. I enjoyed the movie throughout, even though it started off really boring it definitely had some interesting parts here and there. The ending is also quite fun, in a turn-your-brain-off kind of way. What bothered me the most was the editing, which was terrible up until that one-shot sequence at the end, where it finally got a bit better. Gerard Butler is really great on the role, a total badass, even though he was so in a very unrealistic way. The overall character fits with the theme of the movie. Aaron Eckhart is also fine here, as he is in any movie ever. I think this actor is terribly underrated and overlooked no matter what role he is playing. The CGI is pretty underwhelming, they should have increased the budget from the first movie, which was also better in almost every aspect than this sequel. London Has Fallen is not made to be over analyzed, it is just a fun action meaningless, suspenseful and to a point unnecessary movie that's made for 90's action movie fans to enjoy.
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Clichéd But Still Entertains
sraavan-narayanan14 May 2016
I don't understand why people are being so political here. This is an action movie. in fact one of the best action movies this year. The CGI could have seriously been better cause its "Hollywood" but anyways through the movie there is something new and interesting happening. Even though we know where it will end and who and all will survive, still each and every scene turns out to be interesting. Banning surely has a style while shooting terrorists, surely works out. And could have avoided some unnecessary dialogues but still its fun and ought to be seen. The acting was quite casual and could have been more serious in the places where it should have been. But still a movie that every person can enjoy
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Die Hard 5.5: Just Die Already
lnvicta30 July 2016
Olympus Has Fallen was a dumb mindless action movie, and as a dumb mindless action movie, it was great fun. It had some insane fight scenes and a silly plot with Gerard Butler kicking all kinds of ass without getting a scratch on him. It was basically what Die Hard 5 should've been. One thing it didn't need was a sequel, but here we are with London Has Fallen, one of the dumbest action sequels to ever grace the big screen. Everything about this movie is wrong. The plot is garbage - a bunch of terrorists blow up a crapload of stuff to kill world leaders attending a PM's funeral in London, and of course Gerard Butler is there and he has to save the day. It could've been another mindless fun action movie and that's what I was hoping for, but the faults in London Has Fallen are too glaring to ignore.

The script is dogsh*t, and that's putting it lightly. Some of the worst one-liners ever spoken are in this movie. "Glad you finally came out of the closet," after the president comes out of hiding to save Gerard Butler's life has to take the cake. It's funny, yeah, but not in the intentional observational way but in the ridiculously out-of-place cheesy way. Pair that with really lazy action sequences and a plot that goes absolutely nowhere and you have Die Hard 5.5. It's essentially the same movie - Gerard Butler is invincible, he never misses a shot and dodges waves of bullets without moving a muscle. It's unbelievable to the point of stupidity. And it's not the entertaining kind of action either. It's just throwing crap at the screen to distract you from everything else.

Morgan Freeman, Colin Salmon and Jackie Earle Haley are in this movie, God knows why. Complete waste of talent. Gerard Butler already proved he can be an action star but there was no moments to shine here. It's just an invincible dude running around London killing everybody and acting like a sarcastic douchebag to everyone including the president. The villains are awful. They're just Arabs, literally, no development whatsoever. The hero is an asshole so there's no one to root for. It's usually at this point where I say something positive about the movie, but there is absolutely nothing. The only reason it's not a 1 is because I did laugh a few times at how terrible the script is. But there is no conceivable reason for this movie to have been made, and there's even less reason to watch it. Die Hard 5 is better than this piece of crap and that's saying something.
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This movie is great for it's genre; tactical porn. If you think sneaky assassins are cool, this is the movie for you.
ggitesy25 December 2016
Really guys, it's not meant to be a probing exploration of post-colonial cultural identity and the failure of western statecraft to respect indigenous autonomy. I'm well aware of the fact that the chaos of the third world didn't fall out of the sky, and that The West in general and America specifically is culpable in creating the monsters it now has to face.

That's not what this movie is about. This movie is about really clever and well coordinated terrorists attacking London again and again and again.

Is it blatantly patriotic and biased? Yep. Is it realistic? No. Is it fun if you like that sort of thing? You bet it is, and America totally kicks ass in it too! You should watch Olympus has Fallen as well. Frankly I think it's the better of the two.
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Reasonably fun, if you are in the right mood
Wizard-816 August 2017
As I have said before, I have a soft spot for movies made by Millennium Films, because they are the closest modern day equivalent to the notorious Cannon Films, which made a ton of cheesy but fun B grade movies in the 1980s. The Millennium Films production "London Has Fallen" is really a glorified Cannon movie, and that's why I had fun with it. Oh, I will admit that a lot of it is silly and/or bad. The CGI is often kind of cheap, the depiction of the story's terrorists and their intricate plans is really hard to swallow, and the movie is quite predictable. But it's enjoyable all the same. The first twenty five or so minutes are kind of slow, but then it starts delivering almost non stop action until the end. It's certainly never dull, and even a little exciting at times despite the fact you'll know how each scene will end as soon as it starts. I can see why some people would hate this movie, but for me, it was a fun romp. The more you like B movies, the better the chance you'll like this movie.
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Good twist raises this above standard terrorism films
SimonJack15 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"London Has Fallen" is a terrorism film with a novel plot that raises it above the standard Hollywood fare of the genre. The setting in London, with a plot to take out several world leaders. The complex operation has lots of action with associated pyrotechnics, special effects and stunt routines. Considerable CGI is used to show British landmarks exploding. The cast all are good in this action thriller.

Terrorist films were almost unknown before the 1960s. The few that were made mostly were about individual acts of terrorism. The most common of those was a rash of airplane hijackings into the 1970s. But since the rise of global terrorism by organized groups, mostly from the Middle East and Asia, Hollywood began to make movies around the new understanding of terrorists. Since the mid-1990s, a new terrorism movie has come out about every year or two.

Still, it's surprising that there haven't been more, especially where terrorist groups have been exposed or hunted down. This has happened with government operations in several countries. Most notable have been the U.S., England and France. The public appeal seems mixed from the films that have been made. It could be that much of the public doesn't want to be reminded of the real horror of terrorism that takes place somewhere around the world nearly every week.

One can't imagine why governments wouldn't want films made about their efforts and methods in finding and taking down terrorist forces. It would seem to be a reassurance and calming factor for the public. So, there may be other reasons why Hollywood hasn't explored this genre in more depth and with more films.
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A lot of PHONY rating BASHERS here!
zbidder4 August 2016
Is a GREAT Movie! Extreme fun all the way through. I really wanted to review this because I almost didn't rent it from the reviews here! It's OBVIOUS that there are groups & perhaps large that underhandedly choose to slander & sabotage their choice of movies here with a negative vendetta for various motives. That's a SHAME! This movie is extremely good all the way through just as it's predecessor "Olympus Has Fallen" was & is.

WARNING: Can't go by IMDb negative reviewers; are often bogus & mere sabotage onslaughts.

Gerard Butler is generally always good in anything he does. The acting is good as usual & believable. Is high adrenaline FUN!
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Lots of action! Without PC
civilaffairsmosul9 May 2016
As they say, Life imitates art. I had to rent "London Has Fallen", once I saw in the news that a moslem was elected mayor of London. It is like déjà vu all over again. Forty years ago I saw China Syndrome in a small Pennsylvania town and the following day the Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility had an accident. So unlike reality, our "Prez" is a tough dude, remember Harrison Ford in Air Force One? The movie has too many "F" bombs but the explosions, chases and fights are great. Lots of action. The baddies are a Pakistani Muslim arms dealer, his sons and the usual collection of perpetually and piously offended malcontents who hate the West. A bonus is that this movie now has the PC Police is quite a stir. The action takes place following the Prime Minister's unexpected death when world leader travel to London for the funeral. The hero is a U.S. Secret Service Agent played by Gerald Butler who is backed up in battle by the commandos of the British Special Air Services. Cool flick! (Spoiler Alert) - Many scenes are unsuited for the tender beta-male audiences.
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Utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, drivel.
morrells16 April 2016
The worst movie I've had the misfortune to watch in a considerable time. Awful writing, awful acting, just awful in every respect. Not an ounce of realism or believability. Simply staggeringly stupid in every way. The basic premise could have worked, a terrorist attack on London, but absolutely no rational thought was put into the execution of the idea. Lazy, shallow, brain-dead film making. As it went on I actually thought I was watching a parody. Deeply depressing that so much money went into such a poor excuse for entertainment. Very, very sad indeed. I've actually run out of things to say about this movie as there's absolutely nothing to salvage. It's a train wreck. A hopeless, weak, still-born abomination of a movie.
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London has fallen and your critical thinking might too
michaellyon14 April 2016
Hello everybody,

I've just created my account on this website because of this one. I felt it was important for me to write a couple of lines about this movie.

Unfortunately, while the title may seem interesting, I can't say the same about the film. Indeed, it's not a real movie in the proper sense of the term, it's a propaganda campaign.

a patriot secret service agent, Gerard butler, saving the life of his beloved president while fighting the bad guys with a beard and some black skin they call terrorists.

Just take a look at it, it won't take long before you understand exactly what I mean. I never thought they would release something like that, but they did.

this should be studied at school as a tool used to brainwash people. but if you are a patriot and think that America is heaven, ready to give your life for your president, if you like closing your eyes while you're screwed by some politicians and if you think that everybody else who doesn't accept your opinion should die, then it might be the "movie" you 've been looking for.
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Very Entertaining
jerrydalechandler25 July 2017
Unlike the majority, I thought this movie was very entertaining. It is not cerebral; it is an action movie. I like the fact that it is politically incorrect (I thought it treated certain religious fanatics with kid gloves). This is an underrated movie for red-blooded Americans.
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Absolute nonsense
tbahri-380-57282412 July 2016
Possibly the worst movie ever, idiotic plot, typical American cheeseburger movie. Clichés, nonsense, irrational scenarios, hatred against specific cultures and races, and everyone is stupid except the American cool-tempered invincible hero. An explosion that kills hundreds of people simply makes an exception for the mighty hero and his president. They are barely scratched.

There is absolutely nothing in this film remotely believable. All actors including Morgan Freeman were terrible. Gerard Butler stands on a level of his own, no decent actor should accept such role.

I can't believe that I wasted any time of my life watching this.

1 star, I wish I could give it a zero
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What is this?a trailer movies?
watcheda11 April 2016
First of all this movie far..far away from realism. I meant, one person, the U.S Secret Service against hundred's people with AK-47, RPG, machine guns?that's made me laugh.

So they killed the Queen of England, their armies betrayed the countries, and where is the England Army?not showed up in the movie at all.

This movie I think wants to send message to all people in the world "The United State Is A Super Power Country.." blah..blah..blah..

RAMBO still better than this movie. Well when I watched this movie, I was understand straight to the point. One man, One hero, live happily after, and rich. Lol.

England Has Fallen and U.S saved it only by one person, and England can't do anything for their countries.

This movie really a propaganda, and underestimated other countries, England, Japan, France, Italy. The producer, the script writer and others involved in this movie should careful with what they made.

As we saw the movie, Italy Prime Minister enjoyed the view with a girl, younger woman, and EEkkk..died, the France "Just hold for ten minutes, and EEkk..The Japanese PM stuck-ed in traffic and Eeekk. The Italy PM likes woman, The France a lazy person, and Japanese whose produces nice car but got jammed in traffic. Oh man, this movie insulted other nation. I'm not saying it, the movies tell us.

This is bad movies.
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Almost Good. Not So Much Action.
KnowYourRights17 March 2016
This is a sequel to the successful movie "Olympus Has Fallen." The story begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. Leaders of the G7 attend his funeral.

Group of Seven (G7), international organization officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic cooperation among the world's largest industrial nations; summit meetings of the member nations began in 1975. Members are Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States.

However, what starts out as the most protected event on Earth turns into a deadly plot to kill the world's most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital, and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. Only three people have any hope of stopping it: the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart), his formidable Secret Service head (Gerard Butler), and an English MI-6 agent who rightly trusts no one.

5/10 . It need more action scenes and a stronger plot.
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Absolute rubbish
colinmain3 September 2019
Such an unrealistic plot. Belief cannot merely be suspended, it needs to be doused in petrol and burned - except that would probably blow up half of London.

The first film was rubbish but I thought they might have got things a bit better this time, but nope.

Easily the worst Morgan Freeman film I've seen - I'd expect far better from him.
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