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Dallas Roberts: Eliot Delson


  • Al Burns : What, it's not major enough for Major Crimes?

    Eliot Delson : I didn't say that. I said we had limited resources, and the choice of how to allocate those resources belongs to me.

    Al Burns : We're talking about a series of double homicides that I believe are related.

    Eliot Delson : I know you have history with this, but a serial killer who randomly targets wealthy, middle-aged couples?

    Al Burns : Oh, I get it. It's the headlines, right?

    Eliot Delson : Al, fortunately and unfortunately, when we take on a case, a certain amount of media attention generally follows.

    Al Burns : Yeah, you don't want your rich friends waking up to the news they're being stalked in their own homes.

    Eliot Delson : I am simply asking that, despite your personal convictions, we not jump to any conclusions.

    Al Burns : You don't have to jump to these conclusions. They're staring you in the face!

    Eliot Delson : Fine, use the team. But you got 48 hours to work this up as a serial killer. After that, we're gonna dump it down to Midtown South as a home invasion homicide.

    Al Burns : Fine, but by the way, you hired me for my personal convictions.

  • Eliot Delson : What do you mean she doesn't know who works for her?

    Al Burns : That's how she runs it; she only knows her girls by aliases and their disposable cell phone numbers.

    Eliot Delson : Okay, so all the husbands used the same escort service and the same apartment. That doesn't mean it's the same killer.

    [checking his watch] 

    Eliot Delson : Which leaves you... 39 hours. Oh, by the way, I assume that you tipped off Vice to the arrest?

    Al Burns : What arrest?

  • Eliot Delson : I hesitate to ask this, but how exactly did you leave things with Mrs. Brenner?

    Al Burns : We told her to keep doing what she's been doing. In fact, we insisted.

    Eliot Delson : [sarcastic]  Oh, good. You insisted that she continue to operate a criminal enterprise.

    Al Burns : We're not interested in a prostitution bust. We're trying to find a killer, who's probably about to kill again, and Eileen Brenner's service is the only thing that connects all our victims.

    Eliot Delson : [sarcastic again]  Great. So now Major Crimes is in business with prostitutes.

    Al Burns : That a problem?

  • Eliot Delson : Does the name Eileen Brenner mean anything to you?

    Stanton Ward : Well, I meet a lot of people. Should it?

    Eliot Delson : She is a madam. And you are a fairly reliable customer of hers, so... yeah, it should.

  • Eliot Delson : The bar's called the Windover, between Lex and Park on 57th. According to Stanton, all the first meets take place there. I'm telling you, this guy hasn't been this speechless since the Dinkins administration. He'll do anything for us - he'll set up meets, give us names - as long as we keep his name out of it.

    Al Burns : We don't need him.

    Eliot Delson : He was practically begging to wear a wire. What do you mean we don't need him?

    Al Burns : He doesn't fit the profile of our victims. Stanton Ward is divorced. Our guy's not going to target him.

    Eliot Delson : Burns, believe me, this guy will be of help to us.

    Al Burns : Oh, he's already helped us. We know where the girls make their first meet.

    Eliot Delson : What's the plan? We just sit and wait for the perfect married john to show up, which could be God knows when.

    Carrie Wells : [entering]  No, we don't have to wait. Hey.

    Eliot Delson : Oh. No, see, I hate it when you do this.

    Carrie Wells : Do what?

    Eliot Delson : You know. Have Burns soften me up with a jab, then you come in at the perfect moment with the left hook.

    Carrie Wells : I prefer to think of it as an uppercut.

  • Carrie Wells : Listen, Eliot, I think whoever we're after is a person who grew up in a world that was perfect on the outside but rotten on the inside. By killing these married couples, this person, in their mind, is killing their own parents, the ones who made them suffer behind closed doors by denying the lies in their own marriage. This person is targeting perfect couples, ones who seem too good to be real because they aren't real.

    Eliot Delson : All right, I'll buy your profile. But where do we find such a couple?

    Carrie Wells : Al, will you marry me?

    Al Burns : Thought you'd never ask.

  • Eliot Delson : Way to go, guys.

    [checking his watch] 

    Eliot Delson : And you only needed 45 hours.

    Al Burns : You owe me three hours.

    Eliot Delson : And we didn't even have to use your crazy plan.

    Carrie Wells : Who are you calling crazy?

  • Al Burns : We had a nice day.

    Carrie Wells : Oh, yes, we did.

    Eliot Delson : Just tell me that you kept the receipts for all the things in those bags.

    Carrie Wells : Did we need receipts? Did you get receipts?

    Al Burns : Rich people don't need receipts.

    Carrie Wells : We didn't get receipts.

  • Eliot Delson : Well, finish packing up, people. You have any idea how much that brownstone's costing me by the hour?

    Al Burns : Sure, after dinner.

    Eliot Delson : Burns?

    Al Burns : I'm taking my three hours.

    Eliot Delson : Fine. Just don't break anything. I want my deposit back.

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