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Tawny Cypress: Cherie Rollins-Murray


  • Cherie Rollins-Murray : Killing couples is a pretty rare serial killer profile. I mean, you got the Zodiac Killer out in California. He killed couples. The Son of Sam shot at several couples parked in their cars.

    Jay Lee : Yeah, but all those victims were teenagers, early 20s at most.

    Al Burns : The affluence and age of these couples doesn't fit any pattern we can find.

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : Mm-hmm.

    Al Burns : Murray, if you could get on the ballistics. I'm guessing .40 caliber. With some luck, we should be able to match them.

  • Al Burns : I know those dates. August 8, August 17. The Reid and Grant murders.

    Jay Lee : Exactly. Those couples were killed within twelve hours of the husband going dark. Same goes true for Glen Truman and his wife Ianna yesterday.

    Al Burns : So, the question is, what were they doing in those three hours?

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : I might have an answer. Turns out our Eileen Brenner wasn't always Eileen Brenner. Meet the former Eileen Hanson. Complete with a criminal history.

    Al Burns : A prostitution charge.

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : Oh, several. Out of Florida 17 years ago. After graduating college, she and a couple of sorority sisters apparently started a little call girl ring. Our squeaky clean Scarsdale soccer mom was once a hooker.

  • Jay Lee : You destroyed records of criminal activity to spare the school some embarrassment?

    Adrian Proctor : It wasn't only the school that was spared embarrassment. Our investigation uncovered the identity of many of these girls' clients. I assure you, if you had seen that list, you would've appreciated our discretion.

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : People are being killed, Dean Proctor. If you or your university has obstructed our investigation in any way, your endowment will be the least of your concerns.

  • Carrie Wells : Hey.

    Jay Lee : Surveillance camera picked up our first one.

    Carrie Wells : Already?

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : She should be in class. Use your head, girl.

    Jay Lee : Showtime.

    Carrie Wells : Am I alone in feeling like I don't want to watch this?

  • Jay Lee : Hey, Al, just got back background on Proctor. Turns out he was an only kid. One of Dad's regular hookers turned out to be a federal agent. Dad was sent up the river, Mom had a nervous breakdown, and poor little Adrian ended up in foster care.

    Al Burns : And Harvey Reynolds?

    Cherie Rollins-Murray : Proctor killed him. Looks like they met when Proctor was investigating the call girl scandal at Hudson five years ago. I think he sensed Harvey's own damage, figured he might find a future use for him, which he did.

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