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15 Jan. 2016
Junior Squealers/The Storm
A crime-wave has hit Littlebark! Fee is the culprit and now Harvey has to figure out if it's better to be true to the rules or to your friends. Harvey is worried living outside is unsafe and insists the twins move in with him.
29 Jan. 2016
Steam Gate/Yeti Ready
Feeling like no one in town shares his interests, Moff builds a portal to another dimension. Afraid that he can't protect his family from an imaginary yeti, Irving goes to Rooter's survivalist family for help.
26 Feb. 2016
Terrybear/Bark Kart
Technobear is shocked to discover his real name is Terrybear. With no idea who he really is anymore, this bear bro decides to re-invent himself. The kids of Littlebark enter an epic go-kart race.
6 Jun. 2016
Wade Is Cooler Than Dade/King of the Castle
Dade tries to change to be cool like his younger brother Wade. The kids build an awesome castle out of garbage, but must keep Princess from knocking it down.
7 Jun. 2016
Foofee/Why Are You Even Friends?
Fee and Foo have a secret language just for the two of them. Foo feels betrayed when Fee shares it with Harvey. Dade loses it when he has doubts about whether or not he and Harvey are totally best friends.
8 Jun. 2016
Alone/Foo Shoes
Unable to find anyone to play with for the day, Harvey has to find a way to have fun all by himself. Foo's handmade mud shoes are all the rage in Littlebark, until the squirrels steal his idea by making knock-offs!
9 Jun. 2016
The Punishment/Arbor Day
Wracked with guilt over accidentally breaking a plate, Harvey tries to find a big enough punishment. Arbor Day is Piri Piri's favorite day! But her ideal holiday comes under attack from historical accuracy.
10 Jun. 2016
Double Digits/Fee & Foo's First Birthday
Harvey believes that he'll become a boring adult when he turns ten, so he tries to cancel his birthday. The twins have never had a birthday, so they throw the biggest bash Littlebark has ever seen.
23 Jun. 2016
Steampunks: Part 1
Harvey imagines himself and his friends in a magical steampunk world, but things come crashing down when Harvey is blamed for breaking a floating city.
24 Jun. 2016
Steampunks: Part 2
Harvey and his friends continue their quest to fix the floating city, but danger looms around every steamy corner.
13 Jun. 2016
The New Bugaboo/The Case of the Missing Pancake
Harvey thinks his family is big enough, so in a moment of panic, he gives his baby sister away! Harvey's grandparents are the suspects of a despicable crime: pancake-theft! Can Harvey solve this Cr̻pe-caper?
15 Jun. 2016
Kathy with a K/Harvey's Pet
Kathy is a shy girl who LOVES leaves. Harvey tries to find her some like-minded friends, but his efforts misfire. When Harvey wants to show he's responsible enough to have a pet, he adopts a plant and treats it like a puppy.
17 Jun. 2016
Fee's Pyramid/Life Debt
Fee tries to learn what it's like to be a big sister, with the help of Piri Piri's mother, so she can watch over Harvey's baby sister Michele. When Foo saves his life, Rooter feels he must repay the debt.
21 Jun. 2016
The Feelings/Bag of Naughty
Irving sets up a touchy-feely camping trip with the hopes of connecting to his stone-faced father. Harvey and the twins must destroy a bag of magical fireworks, but the temptation to set them off is strong!
26 Sep. 2016
Mr. & Mrs. Borks
Harvey's parents are getting married, again! Harvey and Fee throw crazy bachelor and bachelorette parties before the big day.
28 Sep. 2016
Operation Peanut Butter/Little Littlebark
Harvey leads the squirrels on the ultimate heist to help them regain their confidence as outlaws! Harvey makes dolls of the folks of Littlebark and believes they have magical powers.
30 Sep. 2016
Repo Fee/Stalemates
Randl takes Fee under his wing and teaches her the family business. Fee and Foo enter an arm wrestling competition to prove they're the strongest in Littlebark.
15 Oct. 2016
When Technobear decides he's too cool for trick-or-treating, he's visited by three Halloween spirits that remind him of the true meaning of the holiday.
9 Dec. 2016
It's Christmas You Dorks!
Old Man Winter visits Littlebark Grove and transforms the town into a musical, whimsical, holiday wonderland!

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