Trumbo (2015) Poster


Louis C.K.: Arlen Hird



  • Arlen Hird : Look, I know what I am. Okay? I want this whole country to be different, top to bottom. If I get what I want, nobody gets their own lake.

    Dalton Trumbo : Well, that would be a very dull life, don't you think?

    Arlen Hird : Yeah, for you. Not for the guys who built this. If I'm wrong, tell me, but ever since I've known you, you talk like a radical. But you live like a rich guy.

    Dalton Trumbo : That is true.

    Arlen Hird : Well, I don't know that you're... I don't think you're willing to lose all of this just to do the right thing.

    Dalton Trumbo : [scoffs]  Well, I despise martyrdom and I won't fight for a lost cause. So you're right. I'm not willing to lose it all. Certainly not them. But I am willing to risk it all. That's where the radical and the rich guy make a perfect combination. The radical may fight with the purity of Jesus. But the rich guy wins with the cunning of Satan.

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