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Great Premise
Zubacz9 July 2014
With so many shows coming out, I often find myself thinking that they all feel very similar. Especially the dramas seem one-sided, with clear-cut characters and predictable plots. This was not the case with Finding Carter. The characters portrayed are complex and conflicted, nevertheless I found myself able to empathise with every character on the show, maybe not sympathising with their behaviour, but definitely understanding it.

The premise guarantees interesting character interaction, as well as diametrically different points of view that situations can be looked at. It is difficult to achieve believability when trying to show this on screen, but this show managed to do this quite well.

The acting was surprisingly decent, especially from the main lead and the Wilson family. I say surprisingly, because more often than not, in features involving a young cast, acting is a problem. Alex Saxon and Jesse Henderson as the male love interests, were far from good in my opinion, but overall the cast was doing a fine job; even the little brother was believable, which could have been the biggest worry.

Even though I initially watched it because of my younger sister, I still look forward to the next episode. Especially the subtle hint, that there is more to the whole kidnapping story, keeps me interested. I hope the show keeps up the realism, despite the complex premise.
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great concept, bad execution gets worst and worst
SnoopyStyle30 January 2016
Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott) is shocked with the discovery that her mother Lori (Milena Govich) is actually her abductor. Carter was born Lyndon Wilson to Elizabeth (Cynthia Watros) and David Wilson (Alexis Denisof). Her birth family includes fraternal twin Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron) and younger brother Grant (Zac Pullam). Max (Alex Saxon) is an old friend from her life with Lori who falls for Taylor.

This is a great concept. The idea is heart-breaking and full of potential. After the pilot, I was ready to give it an eight. This is why I wait for serial TV shows to end before doing a review. This show takes some crazy and horrible turns. First thing first, I thought Megan Prescott would play Kathryn's fraternal twin. I'm guessing Megan has quit acting. It's too bad because they were great in Skins. Her new TV family struck me as being wrong. Taylor looks so different from Carter. That basic problem leads the show down a rabbit hole of bad convoluted writing. After finding Carter, I would think it's standard procedure to do a DNA test. None of the writing about her origin makes any sense. So the overarching concept turns from a great original idea into a unmitigated mess.

As for the teen melodrama, I love Max. He is the only character worth rooting for. Taylor and him is the only compelling couple. Carter simply has horrible taste in boys. None of them are interesting. One can see the douche in them right from the start. It makes Carter look bad. It becomes a chore to care about her relationships. At first, I though the show was setting Max up as her longterm relationship. I'm fine with Max going with Taylor. That leaves Carter with an empty spot that is never filled.
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Surprisingly Amazing!
Phantom_Duck16 July 2014
Most of the "Tween Show" offerings from networks like CW, ABC Family, and the worst offender, Disney are so lame and contrived they insult one's intelligence and assault the senses like cold, moldy oatmeal.

This new show is a delight! With a perfect blend of drama and laugh out loud comedy, it portrays the ebb and tide of real world emotions in a clever and fresh new outlook I have only seen on shows like House MD or NYPD Blue.

Moving from dark angst to teenage pranks, sometimes in the same scene: The food court scene from the pilot episode in the mall is hilarious black humor. I won't delve into the plot, others have already covered the storyline.

I ill say that writing is phenomenal, the direction, fast paced and clever, the casting is spot on and their performances amazing.

I am not a youngster, I am in my fifties and thoroughly loved the first three episodes and watching the characters and their complex relationships develop.

Parents who are uncomfortable with real world, teenage drug use, drinking and sexual behaviors may find this show offensive. Then send your kids to a lock down Mormon Academy in Provo, because we behaved like that in the 1970's, my daughter did in the 1990's and my grand daughter does now. This is the real world of teenage, pain, drama, laughter,joy and real risk.

How they learn.

Very well done show, kudos to MTV and all the cast and crew, for producing a fun, edgy program. Particularly when it would be far too easy to follow this genre into the oatmeal bowl of boredom.
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A Nightmare Event Turned Into A Really Good Show...
Bello-49 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So for what's really a family's nightmare, Finding Carter is surprisingly a really good show. With a well developed cast of characters and an original premise, this show doesn't fall into the routine of other procedural or typical family drama as the family works to rebuild after a said crisis.

There's very few things wrong with this show - namely Carter believes to easily in her kidnapping but you can't dwell on it as you've gotta move the show along. Her "twin sister" is the biggest thing wrong with the show in that it should be noted as a fraternal twin as most people hear twin and think identical and they're not. And Carter's guy/boy friend is just to dumb.

It'll be interesting as the show unfolds. Hopefully we'll get flashbacks of Carter's life with her kidnapper mom, we'll see family life after she was kidnapped. Why did Lori kidnap Carter? Elizabeth's, and the authorities, hunt for Lori. We'll see how Carter impacts the family and they her. I'm glad that Carter throws down with Elizabeth, her birth mom, and still identifies with Lori, her kidnapper mom, as this show could've become a very sappy family reintegration show if it had wanted to.
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This is a great show, considering it's on MTV
Celra16 August 2014
I normally don't watch MTV at all, I'm not one of those girls who sits around and watches 'Teen Mom' and all those other fake reality shows MTV likes to air! My Grandfather likes to watch 'Ridiculousness' and that's how I ended up seeing the commercial for 'Finding Carter' and I decided that I would watch the first episode and see how it was and I was not disappointed!

This is what you call a decent show! It sucks you in and makes you want to know what happens next. You want to know how Carter is dealing with all of this and you want to know if she's going to stay with her family that she was reunited with or if she's going to run away with Lori, the woman who kidnapped her and raised her as her own Daughter.

This show will not disappoint you! The acting is amazing and I recently found out the girl who plays Carter is from the U.K. and you can't even tell she has an accent! It also has some drug references in it and I think that it shows how today's teens act and that's another thing I like about it, it shows you the reality of things that could actually happen.

This show makes you want to keep watching for more and I've recommended this show to some friends who all loved it as well. This is one show you'll get hooked on!
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firecrackerkelly8 July 2014
I was very skeptical about an mtv series, but gave it a try for the lovely Katt Prescott. I was pleasantly surprised! The writing and storyline is absolutely wonderful! Even with the party scenes, or rather especially with the party scenes because it adds to the reality of teenagers, the plot is captivating. The acting is also superb! Kathryn Prescott effectively makes the audience feel the emotions Carter is feeling (not to mention the fact that Prescott is from London and definitely pulled off the American accent). I feel as though I'm part of the story. Fantastic show. I recommend this for anyone who likes drama with a little mystery involved.
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Please do not waste your time in this series.
arehamankhan18 December 2014
When i first saw the pilot of the series i thought it was kind of interesting due to fast screenplay. then when the second episode came out it was not good but you don't expect more from the second episode.But after watching third episode i was literally frustrated,series completely doesn't make any sense.No logic,and lead character "carter" is from outer space i could say because the character is lamely written that it doesn't has any emotion and acting wise you can't watch it at all.Every teenager in this series was either overacting or not at all acting.There are many scenes where you think that is it even possible in real life,For example lead character"carter Finds her biological parents and she lives with them and other character like they are not new to them just after few minutes or hours .i mean how is it even possible.All i want to say is please do your self a favor and do not watch this series i even don't know how come people gave it a rating of "8" i would love to give it in minus.
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Finally something interesting!!!
brazilchick324 August 2014
I am usually not a fan of these types of shows but lately there has just not been anything interesting on so I decided to give it a try and was hooked after the first 10 minutes!! This show is Interesting, it has a really great plot and most importantly it holds my attention throughout and I like the characters as well. Also love how the scenes are not drawn out. Everything is to the point and It is easy to follow...full of drama, romance and suspense. Really hoping this show goes far and isn't cancelled after one season like everything else that is good out there. I hope this is recognized for being different with potential to be even greater.
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Why are all these teenagers alcoholics?!
white_loueise2 July 2015
Where to begin...David and Elizabeth are horrible parents, Max is basically an emotionless robot, and Carter is just stupid. Lori's story gets more ridiculous by the second, the side characters are completely uninteresting, and Grant seems to be headed on the road to suicide. But wait, there's more, there's the big issues. EVERYBODY IN THIS SHOW IS AN ALCOHOLIC, except for maybe the adults, seriously, I don't know what your high school experience was like but I was not out drinking Vodka every SINGLE night. Somebody needs to get these kids some help. And then there's Taylor. Oh, Taylor, you over-dramatic bipolar bitch you. I would have difficulty finding a character in anything who comes off worse than Taylor. She is just horrible. All in all Finding Carter makes for somewhat interesting TV if you have exhausted all of your other options on Netflix/Hulu. I mean ALL of them. If you do decide to watch this for some reason at least now you know what you're getting into.
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Not as good as you would expected it to be
Eddie_weinbauer13 March 2015
As others have mentioned before me,its not quite as black and white as it might come of in the trailers.. Finding Carter starts out pretty interesting, and the 2-3 first episodes are entertaining enough.

But after that is goes into stereotype mode. Prescott does a fairly good job of playing Carter the long lost kidnapped daughter returned home. But Cynthia Watros does the most horrible job of pretending to be a mother,a cop and a struggling wife.

She doesn't look remotely believable as any of the three characters.I mean how many active duty detectives do you know,who walks around in high heels? Carters siblings are mostly one dimensional.

Her little brother is a gamer,and thats basically all you know about him.

Carter's so called twin sister(which doesn't look remotely believable as a twin) is the bright head of the family, the stereotype good girl who just struggles to break out of her role and be bad. And along comes carter soon she's smoking pot and hooks, up with Carters EX boyfriend, a stoner none the less.And her cop mother even condone. So They come up with a few twist and turns along the way,just so you will stick to the end. Mostly it consists of the usual family dramas.Wife cheating,struggling author of a husband,who feels he's a failure cause he can't come up with another best seller etc. I'm kind of amazed they gave it a second season,cause it's really not that great of a storyline. But I will watch it
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Can Carter Get Lost Again??!!!
xpyriences17 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show is definitely not for me. If we're suppose to like this character- be on her side, it's not happening. This character is a horrible person. Yes, she was kidnapped, but her actions against birth mother since her return are deplorable. Complete dis-respect! Carter never considers what her birth mother went through, or anyone else's feelings- at all! She gets involved with a delinquent, in direct defiance of her mother (who just arrested the moron). The moron gets caught teaching Carter's 12 year old brother to roll joints. Her dad kicks him out, and the Mom forbids Carter from seeing him. What does this Carter do? She shoves her tongue down her the moron's throat, and makes a smart$$$ remark, in further defiance. I get she grew up with her kidnapper, and I'll give her that but she is horrible to anyone, that conflicts with what she wants. She doesn't think about other people at all! My ten year old watches this crap, with her Mom. I'm thinking about putting a stop to that. The show, to me, is an epic fail.
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This Show Gets Progressively Worse the Longer It Goes On
buffymcghie23 August 2018
The idea behind the show is brilliant - but that's all that it was. The rest was garbage...

First of all - the kids are constantly unsupervised with unlimited alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Second - a 17 yr old is planning an underground after hours illegal party, fully equipped with security, DJ, lights, sounds, etc?

Her 15 yr old (former) foster brother has all of the computers and equipment to run credit card scams and create fake ID's...

Meanwhile, mom and dad are openly cheating on each other, and it's alright because they each are cheating...

Who wrote this pile of garbage? Don't waste your time - plus season 2 ends in a giant cliff hanger, and the show was canceled, so it's left undone....
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Has potential
irena-pavlovic2 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show caught my attention with its kidnapping story, but it didn't turn out quite as I expected. First of all, I have to say, it's a great idea. I like how the show started, with Carter being told she was taken as a child, but from that moment on, they don't say a lot about her kidnapping. It seems as it became irrelevant. It becomes classic teen drama - fighting with parents, choosing between boys, sibling misunderstandings etc. But where's the plot advertised so much in trailer and previews? This story definitely has potential, and I guess they can't reveal too much in the first 10 episodes, but I expected it going that way. We only got one clue about the kidnapping, and I expected at least more mysteries and unresolved puzzles. By the end of season one, all we know is that Carter's dad and kidnapper (or mom as she calls her) have some kind of past. That's it. And that's why it got only 5 stars. And I can't wait for more episodes, cause I honestly believe we'll get some more background details.
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Bio or Life
ritokessah26 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The beginning was awesome. If you take not a rare scenario, you must add something new. Must! And so it happened.

I may say a lot about bio-family, girl herself, her old and new friends and clear and not so clear love, but the most intrigue question of all is what more important. And I think is Carter's choice between families.

And this is where scenario could be interesting or.. normal. Final episode of season first did hints, but still its all bad feelings. If it would be ''normal'' way, Carter returns to her bio-family at any costs.. of logic. Why? She knew them only few months, they are not perfect, they lied a lot, she had a lot of problems after this reunion, she lost her life and lost herself. It was obvious she wanted back everything, and it was confused when she became hesitate. Even when she find out about lies her bio-family, when her new friends betrayed her, still she hesitates.

Does biological family is more important than the family you lived all your life? If so, and I can see the scenario pushes to that ''normal'' way, than the second season would be boringly predictable: Carter come back to bio-family, which suddenly become more ideal, her mother become some kind of psychotic and may be even do try to hurt her and become a waste, her new friends would be forgiven and become good too and everything is become normal and standard.

Carter on this way after betraying Crash. What with him now - life or death sentence? Not care, because in ''normal'' way he waste too. And waste must be swish off the way! What guy would be the switch? Obvios is the ''normal'' guy.. emm that one, son of cop. And with boyfriend of sister is everything will be okay of course duh. Booooring and predictable.

If it comes interesting way, Carter stays with her mother, to prove that bio-aliens is still aliens in-front of years the real, but fake-founding LIFE. They would go in runs, cool dressing, family ties, Carter understands that her life is importantly than truth others looking for. Crash is out of prison and he forgives her, they reunite, be together and all of this. Happy end.

In interesting way Carter's mother is good person. She the one who clear and justified.. and purified. In way of good scenraio she might the one who couldn't give birth and that why decide to kidnap. And Carter's bio- parents might be really not good (which they really are and it might do deeper). And in this way we have woman with no hope on happiness, and she rescues the child from bad parents to give this child all her love and real family. Can be? Yap, it can.

Carter's bio-mom? Well, she does not give up and this respectful but she os the one who really have real problems, that crystal. And she is faulty in forgetting about her children who stayed! She IS the reason her family so.. glassy. Carter's father have not good character too. And the way where Carter's mother is good and no psychotic kidnapper may come be real AND intrigue!

Not can be because is screaming and ripped out illusion of normal family? You say the family must be good only when normal? And even if not good, therefore it IS normal, big deal? Nu-uh. It's all starts like mess but good mess, and this what WISHED to see. Am I wrong? Is that just one of those clones, or becomes to be? Disappointing ahead of time with hope on good interesting continue.
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Carter is a monster!
bellab197220 August 2015
So, Carter is kidnapped at the age of 3 by what turns out to be a psychopathic not job! At the age of 16, Carter ends up with her biological family who bend over backwards to make her feel comfortable all the while Carter acts like a huge bitch!

Carter was obviously dragged up by the monster who kidnapped her because Carter defends the kidnapper at the expense of her real mother! Carter has absolutely no compassion or understanding for her real mother and the hell she would have gone through for over a decade!

Carter is a drug using, alcohol drinking cold hearted monster who hasn't got a clue what integrity or honour means! The parents kick a low life out of the house for teaching the younger brother to "roll a joint" but Carter still hangs out with the low life!

It's a sad state of affairs when a kid hasn't got the intelligence to empathise with their real mother after being kidnapped by a psycho! What a horrible story line!!

I will give this show a go but find it a little boring with too much drug use and drinking mixed with one dimensional characters!

I do hope the kidnapping mother dies very soon because I am sick of her already!
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As good as "Homeland"
pks-59 April 2015
Don't just go assuming that just because it's on MTV or, technically, it's a "Tween Drama" it can't be good or deep or thrilling.

In fact, it is well above your average CW or ABC or whatever show. The quality of writing and overall production is on par with some of the best HBO series or aforementioned "Homeland".

"Life Unexpected", of course, would be an obvious choice for comparison, but it was way less thriller-ish.

I chose "Homeland" as a major point of reference - as strange as it might seem at first - not just off the top of my head or as a pure quality measure - "Homeland"'s first season is as close a match for the viewing experience that I had with "Finding Carter" - not that of sinister terror plots, of course, but as a psychological thriller where a multitude of agendas collide.

Great show.
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heavensent786923 January 2019
I understand not continuing with season 3 of finding Carter, however, leaving it in the end where max turns himself in and the brother gets beaten and left for dead sucks. Y'all need to really show where max gets released because he was defending Carter and where the brother isn't dead and give it a happy ending, not a horrible ending.
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Hate it was canceled
americanbeautee1315 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really hate that this show was canceled. I liked that a teenager was the main character. The fact that she was such a rebel to her mom, the cop. It was cool that she was a twin. I didn't like the way Grant felt so left out... like he was the replacement child. The twist of the kidnapper actually being the egg donor was neat but slightly unrealistic for her to have known where her eggs went... All in all, I hate it was canceled and would have liked to seen at least one more season.
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Teen girl who was kidnapped when she was younger.
baltazaram14 September 2016
I really enjoyed seeing Finding Carter a lot. I have to admit, I did get confused on a few things here and their. Me and my cousin are a huge fans of Finding Carter. I love the one were Carter throws her mom off with the fake text message from her kidnapper. Her mom is the greatest cop mom ever. I not so happy with the way Carter treats and acts towards her younger siblings and her parents. I understand why she acts the way she acts, I would act the same way if I were kidnapped at a young age and forced to live with my real family with out knowing them that well. I love how "Carter" perfected her accent in the series. I watched most of them, I still have a few to watch. Finding Carter has me at the edge of my seat. It just has so much drama and I love it!
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Best Show I've Ever Watched
craezyy1 February 2016
I watch a lot of TV shows, but no other show had me on the edge of my couch, eyes glued to the screen with my jaw on the floor than Finding Carter.

This show is wild. That's the best way to sum it up. You never know what's going to happen. There's many surprises and endless shocking story lines.

I get goosebumps when I talk about this show. It's downright insane and I am forever saddened about the cancellation.

There will never be another show that's as wicked awesome and crazy as Finding Carter.
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A surprise out of left field - very minor spoilers ahead!
haileyjonas29 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am not much of a TV person, especially not a MTV person, but I was hooked on Teen Wolf like the next gal when the previews first started showing up for Finding Carter. On a whim, I recorded it. After all, if they find Carter in the first episode, what else do they have to do? What other story could they tell? It would be one season of mild enjoyment, and then done.

Was I wrong.

What I wasn't planning on was the intricate storyline weaved by the writers, with twists and turns in every episode, churning up more and more secrets that have been chained up for years inside this family. We watch relationships spark, burn out, and rekindle; we say hello to new characters and spit at others' backs as they leave. I personally have fallen in love with some of these characters, and am always excited to see what they've gotten themselves into next week.

It's not the storyline that really makes the show - it's the actors that bring it all to the table. In my opinion, the bond between Taylor and Carter is enough to keep me watching. As the twins get to know each other - er, again - these two alone start to steal the show. Whether they are fighting, communicating by looks or hugging it out, you can feel that sisterly bond between them, reducing me to a puddle of "aw" every episode.

It's an honest show, with a slight fictional twist, of course - but at the root of it all, it is a strong show that focuses on family drama. And don't we all know how ugly that can turn out.
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An emotional and original new show.
Shopaholic358 November 2015
This kind of situation would be so heavy for a teenager to deal with let alone her family. I cannot even imagine what thoughts would be going through your head. In saying that both Carter and her parents need to give a little instead of being so head strong. They would live a much happier life if they grieved together and then grew together.

The characters are all pretty selfish individuals. I just hope it gets better for them over time. I would hate to think this is what the rest of their lives would look like. Way too depressing to contemplate.

But I do actually like the show. It feels believable to me. Super dramatic but believable. I hope the second season is a little happier though.
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