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Jason Reitman's new film skillfully navigates through the personal melodramas of many characters with a nice sense of balance and a sharp appreciation of generational differences.
The problem is there is just too much going on here for Reitman to pull that off and after an auspicious start, it all just, sadly, falls flat.
The Guardian
A huge improvement on the muddled melodrama of Labor Day, Men, Women and Children is still a flawed Jason Reitman film. Its scope is too big, his ambitions too high.
This painfully well-meaning but largely unpersuasive bid for cross-generational understanding feels at once of-the-moment and too obvious by half, like a less overblown version of “Crash” for the information superhighway.
Veering between alarmism and cautious reassurance — between technohysteria and shrugging, nothing-new-under-the-sun resignation — Men, Women & Children succumbs to the confusion it tries to illuminate.
There are a TV season’s worth of soap opera betrayals, melodramatic traumas and blundering efforts to learn from and escape this media miasma.
Men, Women and Children is so married to the idea of humanity's insignificance that it presents support for that argument with its very existence.
It's a shame Reitman goes down such a dull and tired road with his movie, because the cast give some really nice turns.
Time Out
The first Reitman film to make the 36-year-old director seem about 400 years old.
Slant Magazine
Jason Reitman fails to take into account any of the positive endeavors enabled by social media, which will no doubt be used to promote and market his film.

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