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As we watch Fiona reflect on her life, everyone else seems to be setting themselves up for failure.
Amari-Sali24 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For most of the episode, like with last season, we watch as Jessica Lange's character reflects on her youth. It makes it so, while watching her interact with so many young talents, we see her own mortality begin to slip as she becomes an old face and these fresh new girls grab at whatever they can. Take things which used to easily be available to her, and she has no choice but to watch. It is a bit eerie in a way, but Lange works well through it as we see her character Fiona witness a new supreme rise and her powers slip away. Of course though, Fiona isn't the type to sit down and take defeat, the episode for her ends with blood on her hands.

Speaking of blood, Kyle and Zoey continue their interaction as she picks him up from Misty who has seemingly become a shut-in since dying. Zoey nearly has to rip poor Kyle away and watching Kyle's actions make you think he wants to leave Misty just because she is clingy, but then we meet his mother. Alicia has the looks of what would be considered "White Trash." What makes thing worse is that she does unspeakable things with her son, making us understand why Kyle looked so horrified being with Misty at times, for though she wasn't blood and close to his age, he knew what it was like to have someone invade his comfort zone without invitation.

As for Nan and Queenie, while Nan still is a small supporting role, Queenie seemingly may have opportunity to move up a few notches on the totem pole. You see, Madam LaLaurie has been made Queenie's slave since Fiona claims to be against racism, with the only proof of this being that she voted for Obama twice and the fact she never said much, or did much, to harm Queenie. However, do remember her words when she visited Marie Laveau which were laden with prejudice. Whether James Wong, the writer of the episode, realized it or not, he showed some of the hypocrisy in those who think themselves as progressive. That aside, Queenie seems to be on the verge of having a interesting story due to her having relations with Queen Laveau's lover, the Minotaur.

Which leads to us finally talking about Queen Laveau in this episode. As before Angela Bassett dominates her scenes and truly stands side by side, if not a foot or two above, Jessica Lange. In this episode the two may not go toe to toe, but instead Sarah Paulson's character Cordelia visits Queen Laveau and Bassett eats the girl alive. Putting them in the same scene is almost like a boxing match in which one woman begs for sympathy and is willing to lay down to throw the match, but the other fighter wants to rush of a fight. To me, if Bassett doesn't get a Emmy nomination for guest actress, there is a serious issue with the nomination process.

Overall, there is a war coming and I am giddy just thinking about how it will pan out. And I must admit that the side stories featuring Queenie, Zoey and Kyle, and the issues of Fiona's vanity has got me interested as well. I can't say though I see any value in Cordelia as of yet, but the season is still early on and based off her performance last season, surely they could liven her up. Either way, quality episode, with a good surprise in it, which I don't think I spoiled.
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Another vampire story.
mm-3913 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Just like vampire high etc replace the theme with witches. Good vs bad! The women battle each other and now neighbors. They created a monster. The battle between the witches in the different covens has begun. Lang play here usual power hunger self, like in the other series. Season 3 is less scary and more like the new vampire shows. I guess season three had to re-invent itself. I hope the series picks up. I give the Replacements a five out of ten. There is not much to season 3 so far. I hope the series picks up. The Replacements needs to be replaced with some better scares. Still some shock in season three. Let's hope there is a new character added. Maybe, a new story line as season drags on.
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