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Season Two
Tweekums20 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
These comments refer to the whole of season two not just the final episode.

After a successful first season it is of little surprise that this series about the police investigating the police should return for a second season. The story this time follows the investigation into the murder of three police officers and a protected witness. As few people knew that the witness was being moved it is obvious that somebody within the police must have tipped of the killers; not surprisingly suspicion quickly falls on DI Lindsay Denton, the sole survivor of the attack. It isn't long before she is charged but as the investigation proceeds more and more suspects emerge until the point where it seems anybody could be involved.

I really enjoyed the first season on 'Line of Duty' but I must say I found this one to be even better. Right up until the closing scenes I was unsure who was involved in what. The web of intrigue was convoluted without seeming unbelievable. There was plenty of tension and the killing of an apparently major character early on gave the impression that nobody was safe. The acting was top notch; especially from Keeley Hawes who excelled as DI Denton; she made the character sympathetic while also being believable as a suspect. People who want every loose end tied up may be a little disappointed but I think a very neat ending wouldn't have fitted in with the feel of the series… and some of those loose ends could make the promised third season just as good as this one was.
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They did it again: Season Review
charmaments3 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After Gates died and the case was closed, I was disappointed that the characters from season 1 were not returning and that the case was over, Tommy got away with it.

When the season started with Denton, I initially thought that this was an entirely different cast, focusing on a new officer, with new Anti-Corruption detectives and a new case.

I was somewhat wrong and I'm glad that I was.

Slowly, bit by bit, the cast returned. Arnott, Hastings and Fleming at first, then Dot and finally Morton. As the case unravelled, we discover that it was about the murder of some police officers and Tommy, from season 1. It's all connected.

I'm not a fan of procedurals because I like bigger stories with side plots and detail. I don't like disposable plots or characters, and this show does none of that. Everything matters. A tiny offhand comment by Dot in season 1 turned out to be important, he is the dirty Caddy after all, but he's not the only one it seems.

The more they dig, the more they find - dirty cops, affairs, killers for hire, underage sex trafficking, you name it.

That small thread of Dot being dirty, a twist ending for season 1, turned out to be incredibly important in season 2. We all knew Dot was dirty but believed that all he wanted was to pin the name "Caddy" on someone, anyone, else, but the twist is even more insane - Dot, in attempting to go clean and get rid of Tommy, architected a massacre that killed Tommy and a few other police officers. During the course of the investigation more were to die.

There are many shows that rely on tropes and clichés or obvious plots that lead to guessing games online and off. This is not one of them. I tried several times to guess what was going on and I was not even close.

Some of my guesses could've made good plots: missing persons being subverted/involved in trafficking and underage prostitution. Tommy's gang using Missing Persons to find and kill lost underage prostitutes. Dryden using missing persons to find his love child Carly to kill her. Dryden being blackmailed with his love child Carly. Pregnant Denton threatening to go public about the Dryden affair and her pregnancy.

The fact that I couldn't get it shows how great and creative this show is.
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Season 2
jbencker13 February 2019
After a police convoy escorting a civilian in witness protection is attacked with three police officers dying AC-12 begins to investigate. They soon suspect DC Lindsey Denton who was the only police officer surviving the attack. The team struggles in this investigation not only due to their clever suspect but their own indiscretions.

Season 2 is even better than the first season. While we follow again the investigated person this time we never see her doing anything truly incriminating. As the viewers know only marginally more about Denton than the team they are constantly kept on their toes, questioning whether she is guilty or not. Jed Mercurio masterfully manipulates the viewer, repeatedly shifting our view of Denton. Throughout the series a tense atmosphere is maintained, keeping the viewers continuously on the edge of their seats, eagerly following the story's twists and turns. Especially the interrogation scenes are filled with tension in a way no other tv show is capable of.
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Season 2 is a much better season ....
ronalamont-9147210 July 2019
I wish to give an update to my review of Season One. As others have stated, the show got into its groove and the plots of this season surprised us and were full of excellent twists and turns. I now appreciate Martin Compston in the role of D.S. Arnott. He gives a solid performance throughout this season and seems more mature. Keeley Hawes gives a riveting performance as DI Lindsay Denton ... even at the end her guilt or innocence remains unclear to me because of her superb subtle acting. All the acting was great and the only series weakness is the continuation to shoot it "reality tv style" with the operator, Ryan Douglas, really going over the top in the early episodes. Between his work and the editing, the camera often plays a more important and distractingly intrusive element than the acting in a scene. It begins to get more subtle as the season progresses and this makes a huge contribution to the appearance and professionalism of the show I'm my opinion. It's interesting to note that he is replaced in Season 3 ( he becomes the Focus Puller for the first three episodes) and a decision is made to shoot in a more traditional film narrative style which really makes all the difference to the overall production value of the show..
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What a rubbish end to the series *spoilers*
georgewilliammiles16 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Builds up all series then in the end just a disappointing poor written ending. Anything that relies on a flashback to tell the whole story deserves a sad review im afraid . Glad I watched it but ended in sadness
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I agree that the comments alluding to a real life sexual offender were uncalled fo and offensive to me..
ronalamont-9147210 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Like another reviewer, I was disappointed and appalled that the decision was made by the writer to show an obvious "Jimmy Saville" look-alike and to discuss him and the pursuit of bringing him to justice In dismissive terms. Especially given the BBC's position regarding the cover-up. It was mentioned that entertainers had "low moral standards" (What? We're talking about child molestation here!) and later someone in authority mentions that they should be going after politicians and high ranking police officers instead of Deejays!! (in that very dismissive tone!). I couldn't believe my ears. Very poor taste I thought.
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