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Season 3

31 Mar. 2018
Chaos: Part One
International Rescue have their hands full when the Hood's newly formed Chaos Crew begin causing trouble around the globe.
7 Apr. 2018
Chaos: Part Two
The GDF's new rescue bots leave International Rescue without work, but when when of them malfunctions the whole team is needed to save the day and defeat the Chaos Crew.
14 Apr. 2018
Path of Destruction
International Rescue intervene when Fuse attempts to hijack a convoy carrying volatile cargo.
21 Apr. 2018
Night and Day
After a rocket capsule explodes a mining crawler breaks down causing a team to be trapped. Alan and Brains must quickly help them repair it before the sun rises and destroys the capsule.
28 Apr. 2018
Growing Pains
Poor Ned Tedford is in trouble once again, this time the Chaos Crew are hoping to steal the orchard growth serum inside the highly secure Global Seed Vault. Kayo and Captain Rigby step in to stop them but things soon take a turn for the worse when a virus infects EOS.
5 May 2018
Life Signs
Captain Taylor and Professor Karim are trapped in a cave on Mars. Virgil joins Alan in Thunderbird 3 to mount a rescue mission using a specialized Dragonfly Pod.
12 May 2018
Rally Raid
FAB1 is competing in a the Corona 5000 against the new BR2. Lady Penelope is navigator to professional rally driver Jensen Hunt. Parker and Sherbert invite themselves along for the ride. But the Chaos Crew is after the BR2's turbo computer.
19 May 2018
Crash Course
Two freighters crash into each other while docking and become interlocked and their combined cargo could turn explosive. Thunderbird 3 heads into low-Earth orbit to rescue the bickering pilots.
26 May 2018
Flame Out
Virgil is exited to meet his hero, fire fighter Kip Harris. Together with Gordon, they have to cap a leak at a hydro-methane facility.
18 May 2019
Deep Water
Thunderbird 4 dives into the Supreme Barrier Reef where a mother and son scientist team is trapped in acidic waters.
25 May 2019
Kayo, with the help of a futuristic game creator that only talks like a wizard (Sylvester McCoy), must play through a futuristic holo-game called 'Cavern Quest' to stop The Chaos Crew from stealing a powerful piece of technology.
1 Jun. 2019
SOS Part One
Scott, Virgil and Brains take Thunderbird 3 to intercept the crew of the Calypso which is on a crash course with Earth. Meanwhile Gordon borrows Thunderbird 1 to help Parker look for missing Sherbert.
8 Jun. 2019
SOS Part Two
After Braman survived the crash of the Calypso, the race is on to recover the robot. A battle between Gordon and the Chaos Crew ensues.
15 Jun. 2019
Signals Part One
After the unexpected revelation that Jeff Tracy may still be alive, International Rescue launch a mission to uncover what really happened to their founding father.
22 Jun. 2019
Signals Part Two
While Kayo and Alan are trying to get the stolen Thunderbird 3 back, Virgil and Lady Penelope have to save Scott from sinking beneath the bottom of the sea.
29 Jun. 2019
Chain Reaction
International Rescue team up with a familiar face to rescue a man from a radioactive nuclear facility.
6 Jul. 2019
Lady Penelope, Parker and Sherbert answer a distress call from Parker's old acquaintances - Light Fingered Fred and Gomez. The distress turns out to be a ruse.
13 Jul. 2019
An avalanche traps blogger Brandon Berringer and his pal Goose in a treacherous snowy basin. Scott, Alan and Virgil must work carefully to dig out Brandon without triggering a second disaster with their vehicles.
11 Jan. 2020
The Tracys (and their Thunderbird Vehicles) attend a prestigious Global Airshow, and a test pilot unveils the ultra fast "Icarus" superjet. But a malfunction causes the plane to pick up speed, resulting in Scott, Virgil, Gordon and Alan scrambling for a way to catch up.
18 Jan. 2020
Break Out
In order to build a T-Drive engine for the Zero-X, Brains needs help from the Mechanic. Trouble is, the Mechanic is locked inside a space prison known as The Hex. Lady Penelope and International Rescue convince Colonel Casey to let Kayo and Alan speak with the Mechanic for a short time, with Captain Rigby overseeing the conversation.
25 Jan. 2020
Buried Treasure
An urban explorer named Scraps gets trapped inside an underground trash mine. Scott, Gordon and Virgil investigate with the help of Thunderbird 2 and the Mole POD. Meanwhile, Brains has finally developed technology that allows the Mechanic to sever his link between the Hood.
1 Feb. 2020
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