Justice League: War (Video 2014) Poster

(2014 Video)

Shemar Moore: Cyborg, Victor Stone


  • [last lines] 

    President : That said, I am very please to introduce you... Gee, I didn't even ask. Do you guys have a name?

    Shazam : Yes, we do.

    Cyborg : We do?

    Shazam : That's right. You can call us the Super Seven.

    Superman : Please don't call us that.

    Cyborg : The Super Seven?

    Shazam : What, you don't like it?

  • Cyborg : The computer is not responding. Come on, you stupid machine, work.

    Computer Voice : Network connect.

    Cyborg : Yes.

    Computer Voice : Insufficient energy.

    Cyborg : Shit. It's programmed, but I don't have the juice to push it. I need a huge blast of power.

    Shazam : Shouldn't be a problem. Shazam!

    [charges the Mother Box with a lightning bolt] 

  • Cyborg : I think what Lantern is saying is that it's time for some teamwork. So let's pull it together.

    Shazam : Yeah, baby, clap it up.

    The Flash : What's the plan, then?

    Green Lantern : Well, he blasts those beams out of his eyes, right?

    Wonder Woman : It's settled, then. We blind him.

    Green Lantern : That's as good as a plan as any. Yeah, we follow and we stay out of sight. I'll turn on the fireworks to get his attention. Princess, you in striking distance and stab that son of a bitch in the eyes.

    Wonder Woman : Like poor damned Oedipus.

    Shazam : Yeah, what the hot Greek chick said.

    The Flash : And the invasion of monsters raining from the sky, what about them?

    Cyborg : I might be able to send them back where they came from.

    Green Lantern : Good enough for me. Here we go, team. We got this.

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