Smothered (2016) Poster


Dane Rhodes: Randy


  • Kane : Damn it, Agness. Is he dead?

    Agness : Shit no. All he is, is wet. Missed and he's pissed himself.

    Randy : That's Agness? Dude. That chick would boil your rabbit.

  • Randy : You have, ah, tattoos. I like tattoos.

    Dee Dee : Well, I have three, Randy. Got one here... and one here.

    Don : Where's lucky number three?

    Dee Dee : Well Don, if you saw that one, I'd have to kill you.

  • Don : You gonna talk over him?

    Kane : We didn't bury him.

    Don : Well, it looked like you were gonna say something. So either say it or cover him the fuck up.

    Trixie : Poor R.A.

    Don : Why are we wasting our time with Thelma? There's a great RV just down the road.

    Randy : What the hell are you talking about?

    Don : Well... the old fucker's dead. He died of a heart attack or AIDS or some damn thing. And I had to shoot mini Cujo. So let's take his RV.

    Kane : So because he's dead, we can just take his RV?

    Don : He sure as fuck isn't gonna use it.

  • Soggy Christian : Hey, where's Malcolm?

    Randy : Found a boat, his hat, spare tire but no Malcolm.

    Trixie : The hell did you get us into anyway, Kane?

    Kane : Got you into a thousand bucks, that's what.

    Trixie : Got us into a cluster fuck.

    Kane : Take needle dick here down to the old fucker's RV and bring it up here. At least all of us can sleep inside tonight.

    Don : Come on, bounce-boy.

    Randy : You old fuckers are funny.

  • Randy : Why can't you sleep outside, R.A.?

    R.A. : You'll laugh.

    Malcolm : R.A.! I won't laugh. I promise.

    R.A. : You will. You all will.

    Kane : R.A. We're your friends, we're not gonna fuckin' laugh! What?

    R.A. : I'm afraid of the dark.

    [they burst out in laughter] 

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