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Why Hollywood Awards Are Failing Independent TV

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Why Hollywood Awards Are Failing Independent TV
Aymar Jean Christian is part of the inaugural class of Peabody Fellows, distinguished media scholars who provide fresh perspectives and commentary on behalf of the Peabody Media Center, the outreach and media production arm of the prestigious awards program based at the University of Georgia. He is an assistant professor of communication studies at Northwestern University.

You know you’re a TV nerd when your most anticipated awards announcements are the Writers Guild Awards. TV is a writer’s medium. Every TV fan awaits the Emmys, and some even bother to care about the Golden Globes, but most don’t know the major Guilds give out statues to television producers.

Nerdier still, I’m most interested in the nominees almost nobody writes about: web original short form comedies and dramas.

So while you probably could not imagine my disappointment when the WGA released their nominees for original short-form new media this year,
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IFC To Bring Its Digital ‘Comedy Crib’ Programming To TV

Over the past year-and-a-half, IFC has used its digital Comedy Crib destination to distribute a varied selection of independently-minded comedies for streaming audiences. Now, Comedy Crib is coming to TV, and some of its shows will have a chance to air on IFC. The cable channel used its yearly upfront presentation to introduce a weekly, half-hour block of late-night programming sourced from Comedy Crib.

Since its launch, Comedy Crib has featured the talented partners of major comedy organizations like Ucb Comedy and Above Average, and on the platform’s late-night TV block, those stand-up and sketch performers will have yet another chance to shine. Their work will be joined by several of Comedy Crib’s original series, which will also make the jump to terrestrial broadcasts.

One of the first shows that will air during the Comedy Crib TV block is Boxed In, a newly-launched web series from creator Amy York Rubin.
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