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Dang, This show is awesome!
Kedentje1 April 2014
Log Horizon. Wow. Much better than expected. After reading about this anime I expected it to be a hack and slash one. Just like every single MMORPG. So I didn't really expect much of it.. But after watching the first episode I noticed it wasn't just like any hack and slash game at all! It's all trying to make their new 'world' into a better one! So that everybody can live happily until they found a way to get out of the game!

Log Horizon has a great story line in it so far! It's awesome to see how a tactician thinks about doing everything, and not just run in and see what happens.

In the first season it's all about strategies and trying to make their world better to live in. While I would've liked to see some more fighting from Shiroe.

I would really suggest this anime to everyone! Can't wait till the next season!
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Log Horizon : Surprisingly Good
sameershahnewaz25 January 2014
I didn't had too much hope for this one , since it's a mmorpg based anime , I thought it would be a all fights , average story , forced romance kinda anime . But boy o boy was I wrong ? What makes Log Horizon stand above other animes with similar themes (i.e SAO and Accel World)is that it's much more mature , focuses on the story , looks at the events from a strategic point of view , shows us what happens behind the curtains i.e the political side of the whole thing . It doesn't limit itself to some crappy one dimensional forced romance stories . The main character is a master strategist , the characters show enough complexity to keep them interesting .

There isn't any lone wolf mumbo jumbo going on , their is a cohesiveness feel on the show , when it comes to Log Horizon teamwork is the name of the game . All in all , if you are a fan of good old fashioned strategy and action- adventure stories , I suggest you give this a shot .
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A true hidden gem
skippersd3 May 2015
Most people tend to associate Log Horizon with Sword Art Online. Other than the most basic plot of being stuck in an MMORPG, the two shows don't have much in common. I'd even say that Log Horizon has everything that SAO lacked, and lacks where SAO excelled.

Pros: Internally consistent world, rich side characters, and many plot twists that actually do make sense in hindsight.

Cons: The animation feels sub-par compared to SAO, and the soundtrack lacks that little something that made SAO's soundtracks so iconic.

The show has a few quirks that you may dislike (sometimes it feels that most characters have a split personality in case of comedic relief, and the animation does dip into the large sweat drop when someone does something awkward style), but if you can let that slide, you will have a show with good pacing, interesting story filled with mystery, and a world that actually makes sense.
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Really Cool, Wasn't what I expected going in
michaelzay8 November 2014
I went in expecting just another fighting an enemy for a few episodes, then winning and fighting the next one.

But it expands so much on the world, and the story is really about making this new world a better place, stopping guilds who treat people unethically, and helping those in need.

The characters really grow on you, and they do a good job of setting the tone of the situation. Lots of serious parts, but also times where I genuinely laughed, something a lot of shows don't seem to do for me anymore.

I got hooked on this show really quickly, and I hope it continues to grow!
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Watching wet paint drying is more interesting than this show. Good premise, RUINED by incompetent, bad writers, and RUINED by the laziest animators in the world.
domain-513 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
***********MAJOR SPOILERS***********


The "writers" of this show have absolutely NO idea how real people actually think or act. 30,000 people are instantly trapped in an online RPG (Role Playing Game), in a fantasy world based on Japan's geography.

Are they in shock? Do they mourn losing their friends and families? Do they worry about their real bodies? Are they worried about their relationships or marriages or jobs in the real world? Do they talk or think about returning to the real world?

NO! They do NOT! Not in the slightest! Not for an instant! Ridiculous!

Because of the good premise, I've watched 30 episodes hoping beyond hope for ANYTHING of interest to happen. In this entire time, just a few minutes TOTAL, have been spent on the above questions. Unbelievable!

The writers have absolutely NO idea how to develop characters. They willy-nilly introduce more and more major characters, now 15 total, making it impossible to keep track. The characters are one-dimensional, and poorly written.

If a world magic bomb went off, and killed off the lot of them forever, I wouldn't care. The ONLY character fleshed out in the slightest, is the Assassin girl, Akstsuki, who's in love with Shiroe (the supposed main character; though it's now an ensemble piece), who doesn't know she loves him, or ignores it.

NOR do the incompetent writers have the slightest clue how to write a plot arc, or have even the SLIGHTEST interesting thing happen. The "animators" are also lazy as heck. Examples:

If you love DULL meetings,where NOTHING much ever happens, this is the show for you! Over and over again, dull, ponderous meetings fill up episode after episode. However, this is GREAT for the lazy animators, who don't actually have to animate anything. Just people sitting motionless in chairs, with maybe an eye or mouth moving. OH! A favorite of the lazy animators, is to have the person talking with their BACK to the camera shot, so that they don't even have to animate the mouth moving! DISGUSTINGLY LAZY!

The writers, not having thought out their plot ideas in the slightest, constantly change how the magic works, to make it more convenient for their dull plots.

In a plot arc where the Adventurers (IE, the real people trapped in the RPG), go to the aid of the People of the Land (IE, the people who were originally non-player characters (presumably without souls, although no one has mentioned or thought of this even once)), when part of tens of thousands of goblins attack.

WOW! Looked amazing, right? NO. AFTER THE FACT, you get to hear this (paraphrased): "Gee, whiz! That was a heck of a battle! Gazillions of goblins coming after us all night long! Man, we're lucky to be alive!!!" BUT, what a boon for the lazy animators! Heaven forbid they'd actually have to animate this!

If the lazy animators are actually FORCED to animate a battle or crowd scene, you get a static single drawing, that they PAN the camera over, to give a partial illusion of movement. This is done over and over again. LAZY!

Neither the genius master strategist (NOT!) Shiroe NOR the other 30,000 other people trapped there, seemed to remember from the game that you always have to defeat the new Goblin King, to keep the goblins from attacking. Did they finally go and do what they should've done in the first place; defeat the Goblin King, so that the tens of thousands of goblins would slink back to their holes in the ground? Ho, ho, ho, no! They go off and have a FESTIVAL! Are they all INSANE???

Now, I am a big fan of planning and strategy, and would really liked to have seen something decent; but the writers are so BAD at this, they should just give it up, and have mindless action like everyone else.

A several episode "plot arc", had an evil Person of the Land plotting against Shiroe's home city, during a festival. (Man! They have a LOT of festivals, in this show; since the bungling writers can't think of a single original idea.) He brings a gigantic ship into the city harbor, supposedly with trade goods.

What's REALLY inside this gigantic ship? Troops? Magic weapons? Tons of explosives? Gazillions of evil monsters?

NO! He's forged a document, so that a Princess of the Land staying there would be humiliated that they didn't have warehouse space ready for his trade goods.

HUH???!!! WHAT???!!! HUH???!!! WHAT???!!!

THIS was the ending to a several episode "plot arc". I will leave you in the dark, as to whether or not the Princess was humiliated.


One commentator here said that Log Horizon didn't have "...one dimensional forced romance stories...".

He's correct. Log Horizon has ZERO dimensional romance stories. ZERO marriages (after a year, not a single marriage?) ZERO newborn babies. ZERO sex. (How realistic is THAT?) ZERO adult relationships. Love struck women, make big cow eyes at their love interest, too afraid to actually say anything (sexist). Usually, the love interest either doesn't realize this, or ignores it (also sexist).

A several episode arc (partly) involved Shiroe and Akstsuki going to a big ball, where, presumably, they'd have their big dance. He asks her to dance. How much do the lazy animators show? ZERO! NONE! Set up for weeks! The little dancing they showed of others, was SO BAD, it looked like cut-out figures glued to popsicle sticks.

Sword Art Online, mentioned elsewhere, is vastly superior in every possible way to Log Horizon. The only similarity, is being trapped in an RPG world.

Log Horizon is drek, crud, garbage; WORTHLESS in every way.

You've been warned.

***********MAJOR SPOILERS***********
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The will grow on you
peterfmodel22 August 2018
After watching Overlord i was hungry for similar material, which Log Horizon is. My expectations were low as i though the graphics was aimed at a younger audience, but boy was i wrong. It was not long before i could not wait to watch the next episode to see what happens. Unlike many other trapped in a MMORPG series this retains the MMORPG element at all times. The players are still, sort of, bound by the MMORPG rules and the tactics remain the same. However the changes are the most interesting elements, especially the people of the land and the new majic created. This will keep you glued to your seat once you get into it, which should be by episode 11, when the people of the land become involved. After that and you will need to resist being watching it. Also, unlike many other anime with the same MMORPG element, this is children safe. No fan base material included, so its safe to allow children to watch.
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Character designs are good but I found the whole thing rather boring...
Irishchatter10 September 2019
So after watching "Drifters", I felt like watching another well received isekai series and this anime was one of them on my watchlist. This was the time to watch it!

I thought the main characters designs were good like the art was good. However the story just didn't move me at all, instead it bored me to tears. The English Dub cast weren't that bad at all but needed work too. I thought some of the voice actors who voiced some of the characters didn't match what type of voice they are required to do. However the plot bothered me more because it did have that potential to be a pretty decent isekai out there like Drifters,Overlord, Reincarnated as a Slime and Shield Hero.

Yeah it's just a bummer that it's not joining my best isekai anime list...
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Expected something more
mayank0987614 February 2020
The review is only for Season One

There were some good episodes but most of the journey was a drag, going into too much details and build-up of characters really slowed the pacing down also the animation is mediocre.
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Rogu Horaizun - Fun and Different
Cafelar15 December 2019
Initially it looks like a very large copy of Sword Art Online, but over time it makes its way by exploring the story of good characters, focusing much more on managing the virtual world than on adventures directly, his script explores different visions of how to deal with situation of getting stuck in a game.
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Was good
carlsonaidan4 November 2019
It was good for the first 20 episodes and I give it a 7 for that however after that it became just forced romance that was trying to take all the attention, because while the story was still ok I feel that it lost something when it started forcing romance.
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Living in the Database!
Tweekums6 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The game 'Elder Tales', an immersive MMORPG, has been popular for some time but when a new upgrade is added its players find themselves trapped within the game. There are over thirty thousand people caught in the game with no obvious way out. Typically one would expect the rest of the series would see them struggling to find a way out but here they quickly come to accept that, at least for the time being, this will be their new home. The story is centred around Shiroe and his friends; he is a strategist and soon sets about making the world a better place for them to live. He slowly increases his influence and helps build alliances so food and such like is shared fairly. As well as uniting the various groups of players he must build friendly relations with the NPCs; the so called 'Players of the Land'. There is still fighting to be done of course; there are both monsters and players who would rather not treat others fairly that need dealing with.

Having watched 'Sword Art Online' I was expecting more of the same but this proved quite different; nobody can die, and more time is spent world building than fighting. There is also a larger cast of important characters to remember; Shiroe may be the main character but there are lots of other interesting people too; notably his friend Akatsuki, a female assassin; Nyanta, the cat headed chef who discovers food that actually tastes of food and Minori and Tohya, two young low-level players Shiroe has to rescue… although to be honest there are so many important characters it is impossible to remember them all while typing up a revue but while watching they are fairly distinctive in both appearance and character. The story progresses nicely with some exiting battle scenes and negotiations which are tenser than one might expect. As the story enters its second series there is a disappointing habit of having some episodes focusing on secondary characters although even these aren't bad.

As the second series came to a conclusion it was clear that the story wasn't over so I wouldn't be surprised if we get series three at some point; I certainly hope we do as I enjoyed this more than I expected.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things!
Throkell5 September 2019
Log Horizon is a Japanese novel series written by Mamare Touno (Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero) and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara (Gundam Build Divers). It began serialization online in 2010 on the user-generated novel publishing website Shousetsuka ni Narou, being later on acquired by Enterbrain and published in Light Novel in Japan since 2011. Yen Press began publishing an English translation in 2015. The novel has received four manga adaptations, with one based on the main story and the other three revolving around characters in the series. An anime adaptation aired on NHK Educational TV between October 5, 2013, and March 22, 2014. A second season aired between October 4, 2014, and March 28, 2015.

Log Horizon focuses on the MMORPG "Elder Tales", which enjoys a considerable popularity, because it has to offer not only a great deal of classes, but also a fantasy/post-apocalyptic world. With guilds, NPCs, special quests, and all the other RPG trappings, the game is just a great way to escape the daily routine. However, everything changes with a new patch: unable to log off and to die in the game, "Elder Tales" becomes a new reality for those unfortunate adventurers trapped in the game. While many are about to give up, a group of adventurers decides to unveil the mystery of the game they are playing and find a way to govern their town.

Story wise it is difficult to say that it has anything unique about it: just your average series about an MMORPG; guild halls, guilds, guild wars, trading, and so on. While it does sound boring, since you all know what a MMORG is about and what an anime focused on it is going to be about, however, the difference is that Log Horizon has a very interesting world, the protagonists of the show will explore. The story-line gives you the reason of why the players are trapped in the game world, why they are fighting the monsters, almost everything. And this tremendous world is the reason Log Horizon is worth the time. Yet, there is one big 'BUT' about it, which I will address later on.

Log Horizon has a standard art style and looks similar to many other MMO series. The attention paid to details is average, as well as skills the players use leaves much to be desired. Yet, one would appreciate the fact that with these many characters in the series, they all look somewhat unique. In addition to this, Log Horizon has some beautiful background, however, which looks amazing and helps you understand how big the world of Log Horizon is.

There are 3 main protagonists and many-many supporting characters. The trio of protagonists is Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu. Shiroe is a lone wolf, meaning he does not appreciate the idea of being in a guild, however, his skills, playstyle, as well as class imply that he is a team player. Naotsugu is a friend of Shiroe, who has not played the game for awhile. A tank and a person that is always there with his 'oppai jokes'. Akatsuki is an assassin. Before being trapped in the game, she played as a male character. Because of this, she did not use voice chat to speak with other players. After drinking Shiroe's Appearance-changing potion, she adjusted her character to be closer to her real self. Because of that, she follows Shiroe and helps him unveil the mysteries of the new world. With that being said, the whole cast is okay, even supporting characters receive the development needed.

Long story short, Log Horizon is a very questionable anime to assess. While it has its portion of clichés, it also has enough unique elements, with quite an interesting world building. Yet, there are still quite enough things, which are yet to be touched upon in the third season. Yet, there has still been no confirmation that it is going to air one day. And because of that, I cannot say that it is an absolute masterpiece. Indeed, it is an enjoyable watch for those who enjoy MMORPGs, but do not get your hopes too high, because of the reason mentioned above.

All in all, Log Horizon deserves to be there as a worthy MMORPG based on anime. Indeed, there is no information on the third season and the series has a very slow start, which might influence your opinion on the whole show. Yet, fans of the genre will surely enjoy the huge world Log Horizon has to offer its viewer. If you are a fan of SAO, .Hack, Log Horizon might be an okay watch for you.

A very weak 8/10.
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Nice show
viswadinkarthi15 June 2019
It's kinda awesome at staring though but it bored in middle but i admit it i like this series

I wish i continue next season
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Worth to watch
shinolextazy26 January 2017
After watching Sword art online and same category animes I found Log Horizon. The first season was wonderful I was charmed by it but then I saw second season and watched it.. That was the beginning of my nightmares lol.. I don't know how but it was like they did everything to screw up :/

Animation: First Season 8/10

Second Season 6/10(Many character seemed circular drawn to me)

Sound: First Season 9/10

Second Season 9/10(Both season's fight sounds and all other sounds was great)

Character: First Season 7/10

Second Season 9/10(The new characters on second season was good. They added them as help on rainforest)

Story: First Season 9/10

Second Season 6/10

Overall: First Season(9/10): First season was so good on overall rating they accomplished a good anime.

Second Season(5/10): Second season loses from his story.. The story was not original. I don't mean they stole it of course but there was nothing 'new' on second season. Thats why Log Horizon lost me on second season.
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