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I am speechless... mesmerizing, I cried! Incredible 24 finale!
joonas13418 July 2014
Wow and wow.... I'm out of words... it's literally the best episode of anything and something so mesmerized, cringing, so much sadness, miserable and just incredibly executed! I mean... this is one of the darkest, saddest episode I ever go through..

The whole episode is packed so well, I really can't say anything negative, I won't spoil anything, but every scene and touching minutes are just closing to climax, it's just one of the best moments of television history if you are true hard-core 24 FAN! It's that good! Bad or good things this is the way how you finish ninth season period! Writing is perfect, whole season delivers so much, I can't even remember how much this show is improving season after season... it just fits with everything. Acting is top-notch, scripting is interesting and really well maded, whole atmosphere and tension is builded to this and it just explodes when you reveal the truth and how it ends.

Final scene was so touching and something to remember forever. Seriously thank you for everyone who made this season happen, I'm so happy it continued after eight season and now I know why! Thank you and I hope they continue.. because it's possible and not nonsense at all.

Thank you Kiefer without you there will no be any 24 material IMO! 24 <3 Forever <3 :)
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Best Season since the fifth ends with an unforgettable finale
breakingrules-9014 July 2014
"Live Another Day" or "Season / Day 9" of 24 started as a cure for all fans who wanted so badly to see Jack Bauer in action again. But slowly (since the episodes five and six) became in a truly spectacular, imaginative and powerful season which raised the bar for a show that lost the point with its three last seasons (despite still being real good television). With the death of Margot and the reappearance of Cheng this special event finally became in the kind of sequel that I wanted to see since the early promos. And now... It's over. And it's over in the most meaningful way possible. It can be unexpected or necessary. It can be depressing or beautiful. But this finale is one of best episodes aired on television in recent memory. For the first time an episode of 24 can reach the powerful and dramatic level of "True Detective", "Game of Thrones" or "Breaking Bad". With this season and this ending, 24 finally redeems itself and closes a whole chapter in a satisfying way. Every plot is resolved in spectacular fashion. Every character shines bright. William Devane is awesome. Kiefer Sutherland has a powerful ending. The final moments, that final shot, that closing clock... Everything will be remembered for sure. Whatever it happens in the future, this will go down as one of the best seasons of the show (Even I admit that for some this could be the best of all) and this last episode ranks the poll of best seasons finale of the ninth series.

Please: Don't reveal anything.
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Unmissable (also hard and touching) finale to one of the best comebacks ever produced (A really stunning and powerful finale)
jigsaw-9114 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
WOW! They did it! And I truly liked it despite the very edgy and painful moments inside. Hands down! This has been one terrific season of 24. The best since the classic ones. The only one of the whole series which really got better episode after episode until reaching an explosive climax. Seriously! The time gap and the recovery of the energy and excitement have been great ads to the breakneck pace and really solid plot. These 12 episodes show that an entertaining show can really transcendent that easy title card to become in one of the top shows.

This final episode is the best of this special day without any doubts, but also one of the best of the whole show ever. Probably the best season finale since the seasons one or five. It's a unique episode of the show too because the time jump finally happens and works very well. We are familiarized with that usual 40 minutes that shows only one hour and this installment showing thirteen left me worried about it. But there's space for everything: action, suspense, character development and (more important of all) drama. The finale is powerful and shocking. Truly shocking. The showdown between Jack and Cheng reminded me the excitement and drama of that finale with Victor Drazen at the dock. But the better things were about to come along the episode. And it must be experienced. The bet that I made previous week was right: this is the most emotional episode of the series. Pure excitement and emotion, reward and betrayal to the viewers and fans expectations (but without lying to anyone), nice turns and fatal end ways. This episode is not just about the epilogue. It's more than a powerful twist (that I won't spoil, I won't be so bastard: you have to watch it). It's careful about the whole "hour" keeping you at the edge of the seat.

Sean Callery does a fantastic job with the soundtrack. Jon Cassar is a magnificent director. The writers have managed to deliver one ending that could serve as a series finale (or ending one kind of era inside the storyline) but leaving a very little of hope of a chance of returning (maybe using some new characters or testing new formats or story lines). My opinion since the beginning was that "Live Another Day" had to the be the Final Season of 24. I won't give away my personal opinion by viewing this finale (because I would say too much), but let me say that I'm impressed and satisfied despite the cracking nerve and the unstoppable tension.

Returning to the actors: Kiefer Sutherland and William Devane deserve Emmys nominations (at least) and the universal acclaim for their performances. While Sutherland ends Bauer on the highest note possible, Devane is the most shocking character in his one. His moments approaching the end were unforgettable to any fan and a class act for any viewer. Both are the most crucial roles. Tate Donovan also makes a great job one last time alongside Kim Raver. Yvonne Strahovski is brilliant as Kate Morgan (possibly the best Bauer girl because she is so flawless and tough that she could really live without him… a very interesting point for the future). The rest of the actors are very good.

Overall, "Live Another Day" is one of the best seasons of 24 ever made, a great farewell to the story arc and one of the best shows of this year. This season must be experienced for anyone (fans and other viewers alike) and its finale is a truly perfect and complex episode which leaves the bar at the unexpected highest possible. A hard and touching ending that has the closure that we needed (for better and for worse) and manages to end at the top of the game. If this is really the last one (at least as we all once knew the show), they couldn't deliver a better outing. Congratulations to everyone who made it possible.
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Brilliant, Sad, Intense, Amazing!
micahratchet15 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Live Another Day goes down as one of my all time favorite seasons of 24! Absolute brilliant finale and episode (which can also be said about the season as a whole!) I cried, cheered, cried again, sat on the edge of my seat, all while my heart was pounding through this thrill ride of an episode/event! Everything from the final speech from Heller to Jacks sacrifice (as well as his very emotional scene where he almost kills himself..) was amazing! I give this season a 10/10!! Well done you brilliant people!!! NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Can you make a season 10?

Maybe have Jack and Tony both in prison while breaking out? Then have some crazy stuff then time jump to America and bam!
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24: Live Another Day finishes strong, Jack Bauer makes one final Sacrifice:
bendr4215 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it's over. Personally I hope that this is the end of 24, as I feel that this is a massive improvement over the finale that aired in 2010. As a warning to all readers, spoilers will follow. At the end of last week's penultimate episode, we saw Audrey in the cross-hairs of a sniper sent by Cheng. Disaster was looming for the US if Bauer did not provide the Chinese government with proof that Cheng Zhi was still alive, and responsible for the attack on their carrier via the Override Device. Going into this episode, I expected death and heartbreak, and as usual, Jack Bauer did not let me down. Within a half-hour, Audrey was dead, a cruel trick played on the viewers by the writers, as we were initially led to believe that she was safe. Although she was never my favorite character, I was still shocked and saddened by her death. This sets up a climatic and epic final battle between a grieving Jack, and the despicable Cheng. (A special mention should go to Agent Morgan's phone call to Jack, which brought me to tears.) However tragic Audrey's death was, Jack's reaction to the news was emotionally devastating for a long-time fan of the show and the character. I had not considered the possibility of Jack ending his own life, but in a rare moment on the show, we are granted complete silence as Jack processes the death of his lover. I believe that Bauer did not kill himself for two reasons: A.) He wanted to fulfill Audrey's final request for Cheng's death, and B.) he knew that it would be a "selfish" act, as the country still needed him (When does it not?). The final battle between Jack and Cheng is as explosive and deadly as 24 has ever been. Using everything from a machine gun to a meat cleaver to a samurai sword, we see Jack going "Full Bauer" on Cheng's henchmen, before finally coming to the "Big Bad" himself. After sending a video recording to President Heller, (which gave me chills, by the way) we see years of rage and hate boil over as Jack viciously decapitates Cheng. (Am I the only one that thinks this mirrors Hershel's execution on "The Walking Dead"?) President Heller, in my opinion, has been one of the most tragic figures in a series full of tragedy. His reaction to his daughter's death brought me to tears. William Devane perfectly portrayed Heller's grief in another tear-jerking scene. With Cheng dead, World War Three averted, and with Jack mourning the loss of another one of his lovers, all seems to be coming to a close. But this is the world of 24, and it's never truly over when we think it is. Jack and Belcheck realize that Chloe has been abducted after they go back to where they left her. A mysterious phone call to Jack, and we are finally subjected to the long-rumored "time jump." As the day comes to a close, President Heller delivers a final monologue, ending his character's long arc on the show in a heartbreaking fashion. As someone who has personally witnessed loved ones succumb to the grip of dementia, his anecdote about not being able to recognize his daughter's face hit very close to home, and made me tear up once again. The fact that his Alzheimer's disease will be his only solace from his pain is perhaps the closest to a "happy ending" that this show can provide. Not to be forgotten, Kate Morgan was my favorite new addition to the show as the "Female Bauer", and was shown to have many parallels to Jack throughout the season (loss of spouse, plays by her own rules, problem with authority), and was seamlessly integrated into the story line. The look of defeat over letting Audrey die (blamelessly), as she turned in her badge and gun was another tragic end to another tragic character. In the closing minutes of the (series?) finale, we finally get the ending for Jack that we should have gotten four years ago. Chloe's relationship with Jack has always been my favorite part of the series, and seeing him finally acknowledge that Chloe O'Brien is his best friend is the closest that the series will ever allow Jack to go to saying "I love you." Jack Bauer is a man who selflessly has sacrificed for his family and his country, and in return has suffered the death of almost everyone he has ever cared about. His final act of sacrifice was, in a way, Jack's way of wiping the slate clean, and as the helicopter takes off to Russia, we are treated to the second "silent clock" of the episode as Jack is taken away with a look of peace on his face.
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An Unforgettable Season Finale
Desertman841 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The twelfth hour provides an unforgettable season finale for 24;Live Another Day.In it,the world is on the brink of terror plot.Jack and his team reunite together for another time to prevent mass destruction of epic proportions in this final hour of the season.

Learning that Cheng is leaving with Audrey taken by his sniper,Jack takes his team together to save the President's daughter and to prevent the group of terrorist that would create massive destruction in most parts of the world.Kate tries to save Audrey but the latter gets killed in the process.The United States and China come close into war but Jack was able to infiltrate Cheng's hideout.After learning of Audrey's death,he kills all of Cheng and his guards through an act of vengeance. Later,President Heller is able to convince the Chinese to back down.Meanwhile,Kate resigns from the CIA and Mark, now in CIA custody, is being transported back to the U.S. to be put on trial. When Jack finds Chloe missing, he gets a call from the Russians.In the end,Jack turns himself over to the Russians, in exchange for Chloe's freedom and safety.

The ending was definitely unforgettable and classic by definition.The death of Audrey and Jack's sacrifice for the safety of others was far from a happy ending that everyone expected. It is so sad to seen the last of Kim Raver,who portrayed Audrey magnificently.Obviously,there is going to be another season as we probably would witness Jack escaping from the Russians in later episodes.Overall,I was just happy to see that the writers of the show provided unhappy endings this time around and the tightness and pacing of the show was simply to the show's advantage instead of a liability.
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You will not breath for an hour
longlongmemory16 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
They did it. After 8 season, they were able to deliver one groundbreaking and unforgettable episode. "10:00 p.m.-11:00 a.m" manages to be the most devastating and saddest episode of 24 ever, probably the best season finale ever delivered by the series and simply one of the best installments of the 204 ones. This finale and the season overall are a massive improvement over that lackluster and anti-climatic Season 8 (althought still pretty like it). That is fantastic. Period.

But... I don't think that Jack deserved that truly tragic (and barely open) ending (I'm writing this at the time that everyone in the show like directors and writers are saying that this is the end and there's no plans to continue for now on). I'm still thinking that this ending with him sit in the Russians helicopter to a deadly fate (with a silent clock) and mirroring "Redemption" closure it's not a ultimate wrap up for the character since the first season. And I'm not saying that is awful (then I would rate this with a 1). It's a shocking and stunning ending (like they promised), but it's not easy to accept for me. Probably a happy ending could be fine for the fans but not so for the good of the show. Okay. Then kill him, for colder it could sounds like. Because that is the only way to close this amazing character. If he's dead, everyone would cry together but knowing that that's the unbreakable end. Okay, his face reflects peace since a very long time. For him there's no more to say: his lover is dead, his President won't remember him, his only friend (Chloe) could be in danger if he stills running or trying to escape. He knows that he's probably cursed (or the writers want him cursed) due to everyone who approaches to him is damaged or dead. So... Why to place innocent people in danger? Be alone "forever". But... Oh, Jack is a so loving character...

Personally I think that the writers were suffering like us too with the ending and not just for open the setting for a "Day 10" but to try to find Jack Bauer alive but not to betray his past actions in the finale. Everything has consequences. But, he's a freaking' hero. He should be free... I personally think that we won't find a perfect closure for Jack Bauer and everyone's like it. After the whole story, his path and his personality has grown in the audience. And the finale reflects this. Even knowing that an incoming season is being made, this ending is painful and heartbreaking. I think that any ending would be...

So, the power of the last minutes and that frame of Bauer looking relaxed and done marks the unforgettable conclusion of LAD. And probably for the show.

What an episode! What an ending!
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Good finale for all races!
available_goat16 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to write my own review here so people can here a black man's opinion on this finale. I gotta say I was blown away here! The most heartbreaking scene was when Jack finds out about Audrey's death, it was so sad, my daughter even cried during that scene. It was a shame that the writers didn't give the black guy from the CIA more lines but there was too much stuff going on so I guess they didn't. I think he was Chris Partlow from the Wire but I liked his character in 24 too because he seemed like a reasonable guy. I wish they brought back President Palmer's brother because he was a really good character and it's always good to see another man of color on TV shows. Anyways, this was a great finale, it wasn't as good as season 1, 4, or 5 finales but it was one of the better ones.
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