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Incredible, Amazing, Unforgettable, Shocking... Tragic. I personally bet that the next (and final) one will be unmissable...
jigsaw-917 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am literally speechless after this shocking episode. Without any doubts: the best that Live Another Day has offer us yet. Even I have serious doubts about next week final episode if that could surpass or live up the expectations from this one. Because this one has all the reasons why this show is still relevant and all the power that owns even after all these years and after a superb but more standard start.

You wont expect the twists and the tragic shocks of this penultimate installment. The reasons of Cheng's attack and whereabouts, the fight of Chloe to free herself from the Chinese, the sacrifice of Heller and Mark (the moment in which is confronted with Jack and Heller about his dark side with the Russians is the culmination to the whole story arc since the first episode) for a greater good, the Audrey's help...

Then you have the suffering from Jack and Kate. Two tortured souls in the middle of a global crisis. But the most important thing is not exactly that crisis, but their personal powder to go ahead and end everything with a glorious bang. These characters are the best of the miniseries and their plots carry the quality of the show to the highest possible after all that we saw from the 24 universe.

The performances are unbelievable, the script is taken to extreme levels and even having all that plots together in the final episodes, everything is approaching to a explosive and dramatic conclusion. Although I think that the best word is not dramatic but tragic. Really tragic. If my thoughts are right, get ready to watch next week the most exciting, epic and saddest finale since the first series of the original run.

Now everything is done. I'm thinking of this season like the last of all. Everything has been set. Now it's time to conclude.
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Audrey Pursues Peace And Diplomacy
Desertman8431 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The eleventh hour or the penultimate episode of 24:Live Another Day treats us to exciting events such as Jack Bauer is on a laser-focused mission of locating the target responsible for a global terrorist threat who is out to seek destruction to that world by initiating a full scale world war and Audrey's pursuit of preventing it through peaceful diplomatic channels.

Jack and Kate later finds out that the Russians are chasing them and forces a shoot out. After disposing their enemies,they get into the Open Cell to find Adrian Cross dead and the device missing. Chloe reports Cheng's involvement and later escapes during transport. Upon learning about Cheng from Jack,President Heller's daughter Audrey meets with the daughter of a high-level Chinese official but she is taken into custody by Cheng's group.

Live Another Day is getting better and better as it progresses and the 24 fans are treated to one kind of a season as the entertainment and excitement reaches a new high before it all ends.

This is definitely a lot better than Day 6 which is arguably the least favorite of the seasons and even Day 8 which probably was more of a rehash of the previous seasons' plot.This new season is definitely original and would probably compete for the best season despite the fact that I have yet to see the final episode which will definitely be far from a disappointment.I think that the writers deserve lots of credit for this great and amazing Day 9.One could see it coming even before watching the twelfth hour.
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