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  • Audrey pursues diplomatic channels to try to prevent a full-scale war. Meanwhile, Jack leads Kate and Mark on a mission to locate their target before it's too late and the world is changed forever.

  • After dealing with the ones attacking them, Jack and Kate continue to find the override device. They find where it was and while there Jack discovers that Cheng Zi is the one who has it. He then calls the President who informs Jack of what happened; that one of their subs attack a Chinese vessel. So it seems like Cheng is trying to get the U.S. and China into a conflict. Jack wonders how the men who attacked him, whom they learn are Russians, found him and he learns it was Boudreau. He goes to confront him who admits that he tried to turn Jack over to the Russians. They learn that Cheng is working for the Russians who wants the conflict to occur. So he decides to use Mark to help him find Cheng. In the meantime the Presidnet tries to convince the Chinese that the attack was not their doing. But they don't believe him and are making a move.


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  • Open with Heller and his staff learning about the Chinese carrier explosion.

    Jack and Kate continue their shootout with the Russians.

    Cheng tells Chloe that China "turned its back on me," which is why he's involving them in this plot. He spots Jack on the closed circuit cameras and realizes they were tracking the device. He and his team leave, making sure to bring Chloe with them. On the way out she's able to briefly turn a cell phone on record in the room.

    A CIA team arrives to help Jack and Kate out of the jam. Jack heads towards his GPS signal but finds only the bodies of Adrian and his team. Kate finds the phone Chloe dropped that had been recording. They hear Cheng's voice, Jack recognizes it was the man who tortured him for a year, and says he needs to speak with Heller.

    Jack tells Heller about Cheng's involvement in creating a military conflict. Audrey, who was also tortured by Cheng, overhears and is visibly upset. Everybody thought Cheng died three years ago. Heller needs Jack to find both Cheng and the device so they can prove to the Chinese the U.S. wasn't behind the attack.

    Back at the CIA station, Jack is told the Russians had his Comlink code. That information was known only by the CIA and Boudreau, who specifically requested it. Jack realizes Boudreau set him up.

    We see that Cheng is working with Anatol and the Russians. Anatol gives Cheng instructions to head to a dock where he will be evacuated.

    Jack and Kate guess the Russians were probably behind the carrier attack as an attempt to improve their position as a world power when the US and China go to war.

    The Chinese president contacts Heller. Heller tells him Cheng was behind the attack but the Chinese president doesn't buy it. He tells Heller he does not want war but must do what the US has forced him to do, and it will be on Heller's head.

    Audrey tells Heller she has a contact in the Chinese embassy, Xiao. She may be able to buy them time with the Chinese President. The Chinese are already maneuvering their forces into position for an attack.

    Jack calls Audrey, who tells him he should kill Cheng once he does what he needs to do. Jack says some things are going to happen, referring to Boudreau going down for treason, and Jack doesn't want Audrey's hatred forever. They have an emotional conversation where she says she could never hate him.

    The Chinese appear as if they're looking at attacking a base in Okinawa. One of Heller's colonels suggests making their nuclear weapons ready. Heller doesn't like the idea. Jack arrives and says he needs to speak with Heller and Boudreau privately.

    In another room Jack pulls a gun on Boudreau and demands to know why he put the Russian on his tail. Boudreau admits forging Heller's signature on the extradition order. Boudreau clearly had no idea Anatol is also a covert operator. Heller wants to arrest Boudreau for treason but Jack suggests they use him to set up a meeting with Anatol instead.

    On the way to Anatol's residence Jack gives Boudreau a wireless communication device. Jack instructs him to persuade Anatol to see him.

    Chloe grabs a metal pipe and fights her way out of the moving truck. She falls down a ravine and knocks herself unconscious. Military vehicles approach and force Cheng and his men to abandon searching for her.

    While discussing the options with regard to the Chinese Heller drops a bottle full of pills. His military advisers take notice. Chinese missiles take out of some of US surveillance satellites. Heller raises the alert level.

    Boudreau shows up at the gates and requests an audience with Anatol. Anatol tries to send him away but Boudreau tells him Heller found out and there is a warrant for his arrest. He wants asylum and is willing to offer classified information he's gained as Chief of Staff in return. Anatol finally agrees. Using video from Boudreau, Jack and Kate get a look at the residence's security system and personnel. Anatol takes Boudreau into his office and asks for some classified information now.

    The CIA is able to remotely jam the security system, which allows Jack and Kate to get inside. The cameras go black and Anatol realizes what is happening. He grabs for a gun and Boudreau tackles him. Jack and Kate shoot their way inside. Anatol and Boudreau crash through a glass door, and in the process Anatol is stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass. As he bleeds out Jack demands to know Cheng's location. Anatol dies cursing Jack but without saying anything about Cheng

    Audrey meets with Xiao. She tells her about Cheng and the device, and gives her information that she hopes will buy some time. She asks her to take it to her father, who is connected to the Politburo. Xiao agrees, but as soon as she walks away she is shot and killed, along with the men guarding Audrey. Audrey's phone rings. It is Cheng, who tells her to sit down.

    The episode ends with Chloe waking up in the woods, and Audrey sitting terrified on the bench.

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