"24: Live Another Day" 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (TV Episode 2014) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Adam Sinclair: Gavin Leonard



  • Jack Bauer : Gavin, this is Bauer. Do you have a lock on that location yet?

    Gavin Leonard : Affirmative. Two-story building, four ground entrances. I'm showing satellite uplinks, several T1 trunk lines. You're less than three minutes out.

    Jack Bauer : Copy that. Send the address over to Agent Morgan.

    Erik Ritter : Don't wait too long for calling in backup. I know you have a history with Chloe O'Brian.

    Jack Bauer : My priority is the override device. Stay focused on your job. Stop worrying about me.

  • Steve Navarro : I put a tracker on the device. I can tell you where it is.

    Kate Morgan : You lying bastard!

    Jack Bauer : Please, put the weapon down and let him talk!

    Steve Navarro : I can give you the tracker's code.

    Kate Morgan : I don't believe you. I'm going to put a bullet in your head!

    Jack Bauer : Kate, Kate! Put the weapon down!

    Steve Navarro : Three, eight, four, six, nine, romeo. Three, alpha, four, six, nine, romeo. That's the code. I'm telling you the truth.

    Kate Morgan : Did you get that?

    Jack Bauer : Gavin?

    Gavin Leonard : Running the trace now. Seems to be legit. It's already triangulating within a four mile area.

    Jack Bauer : Copy that. He's logging onto the override device. It worked.

    Kate Morgan : You're done. You're going to be executed for murder and for treason. And I'm going to be there to watch.

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