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Excellent way to celebrate the 200th episode of the show
jigsaw-9116 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Live Another Day continues raising its own bar and delivering reasons to make us believe that this is one of the strongest seasons of the series ever. This is one of a hell wild episode which relies more in the characters rather the action, but also has action and suspense to please any fan.

We have never seen the President doing the things that Heller done in this one before. It's extremely suspenseful, interesting and finally shocking. It leaves you pinning for more but also guarantees you that this could be the end. For a few moments, this reminded me the 18th episode of Season 3 involving Ryan Chapelle. That's the only thing I will give away.

Not just William Devane is terrific. Kiefer Sutherland mixes his deeper feeling along his mechanical and killer measures in this one. Kim Raver pulls the crying tear meanwhile Tate Donovan continues to support the cast in the same excellent way.

All the subplots continue to follow their paths and to connect into a big one. All the cast and the performances were terrific. The direction is great. This episode is truly powerful. Guys, the end is here. What's next?
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Mesmerizing, shocking ending!
joonas13417 June 2014
Just wow, that ending scene, I was shocked! Literally cried..

Well.. we are near ending this season and this season is maybe one of the best yet! In this episode we see something really intense parts with emotional feelings. There is not that much of action this time, only really touching scenes were things go really wrong or sad.

But in the ending shocked we so much, I cried a little it was that unpredictable and really sorrowing sad.

See it yourself if you are REAL fan of this show.

This episode touched me so much and now I can see they are really serious putting so much effort on this season, it will be remembered forever in my mind.

I just love this show, can't help it! I don't wanna this show never to end or if it ends, don't for the love of god end it unforgettable and bad way. Make it mesmerizing like how this episode did that and end it.

Congratulations on 200th episode! Long live 24!
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Better than original
mjbrennan-110-32277420 June 2014
This version of 24 is tighter than the original from a plot perspective and from an action angle.Fewer chases and bad marksmen.More of a closed loop so too speak... as they know the story is not open ended. Most striking is the acting, even better cast than before. Benjamin Bratt and Willam Devane are significant upgrades at their positions,both strong screen presences.Kiefer is somehow more controlled yet more involved with the story arc, more of a story catalyst.Location are scenic and setting it in London means it looks very authentic.The character Margo is so spooky mean, she reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz...very nice job.
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Is President Heller Dead?
Desertman8428 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The eighth hour of the show provided an interesting ending.Before we discuss further,let's refresh ourselves of the events that occurred.

In it,Jack and President Heller put themselves through hell in order to stop Margot Al-Harazi from going through with any more attacks.The President tells Jack of his plan to surrender to Margot but Jack isn't amenable to the plan considering that the U.S. did not negotiate with the terrorists.Jack agrees to provide assistance but he needs another person to get him what he needs as he asks for the Secret Service's security plan, a helicopter and that Mark keep everyone, including Audrey, in the dark. After Jack removes a tracking device from Heller, they successfully evade the agents and leave the building.

Meanwhile,Kate is told Simone must have a coma induced in order to survive at the CIA. Kate forces the doctor at gunpoint to wake Simone up.When awakened,Simone reveals the location of her mother but adds that she will no longer be there. At the end of the episode,Heller arrives at the stadium using the helicopter but Margot fires a missile and who knows what happens next.

It could be apparent the President Heller is already dead.I could only anticipate on how Jack and Audrey would react to it considering that the former has been working with the President and the latter is his daughter. In addition to that,that could prove how merciless the terrorists are.On the other hand,President Heller could probably be still alive considering that it would not be a good idea for Margot to kill a world leader considering that he is going to have more enemies that he needs to get away from.Also,she must realize that her daughter is in the custody of the CIA.But nevertheless,I am fully satisfied with the new season.The episodes have been tighter and there are less subplots and unnecessary long chases to maximize the use of 24 episodes.Overall,I have given all the episodes a 10 rating.
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