"The Great Train Robbery" A Copper's Tale (TV Episode 2013) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Jim Broadbent: Tommy Butler


  • [DCS Tommy Butler is briefing his team at Scotland Yard] 

    Tommy Butler : Early turn is *officially* nine AM to five PM. I'll expect you here till at least ten. Late turn is two PM till ten PM. I'll expect you started by nine.

    Detective Constable : [sarcastically]  Nice one.

    Tommy Butler : D'you think I'm joking? You try turning up late and see where your bollocks end up.

  • Dr. Ian Holden : We're searching for hairs, fibres and blood stains.

    Tommy Butler : So you'll want hair samples from anyone we bring in.

    Dr. Ian Holden : Head and pubic. We found hairs in sleeping bags and a pair of underpants. Find a match...

    Tommy Butler : ...And we'll have them by the short and curlies.

  • [Butler disagrees very strongly with the decision of DCS Ernie Millen and Commander George Hatherill to name the suspects and issue "wanted" posters] 

    Tommy Butler : Fancy having my job one day, Frank?

    DI Frank Williams : Never thought about it.

    Tommy Butler : Bollocks you haven't! Remember this. No matter who you are, how high you go, there's *always* a wanker boss.

  • [in November 1968, five years after the robbery and the trial at which all the other gang members were convicted, Butler receives a tip-off about the whereabouts of the last gang member, Bruce Reynolds; he knocks on Reynolds' bedroom door] 

    Tommy Butler : [smiling]  Hello, Reynolds.

    Bruce Reynolds : [ruefully]  You took long enough.

  • [after his arrest, Bruce Reynolds is talking to Tommy Butler] 

    Tommy Butler : You know what amazes me? You had no plan. From the second you took the money, no plan at all. Just run and spend and hope. You're not stupid. But you're no mastermind. You got lucky - very lucky - but none of you were bright enough to ride your luck.

    Bruce Reynolds : And the paint on Gordon Goody's shoes? He's certain it was never there. He was done up. Convicted on false evidence. Bill Boal was never in the gang - you got that wrong: you convicted an innocent man.

    Tommy Butler : So a convicted liar is challenging me on the truth?

    Bruce Reynolds : You know what's funny, Mr Butler? You think you set the rules. But you've been chasing me for so long. Your life has been following what I do.

    Tommy Butler : Not any more. Why did you do it? A job that big. Never going to get away with it. You must have known that.

    Bruce Reynolds : You've got to dream big, Mr Butler. What are we here for if we don't make our mark? It was never just about the cash. It's the buzz. Building the team, finding the job, planning the job, carrying it out. Its the camaraderie. Trusting other men with everything you know. With your life. You above all people should know what that feels like.

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