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19 Jul. 2014
Letting Go: Part 1
Olivia struggles to support Jack and Eric at the hospital as painful memories from her past resurface; Justine and Seth clash with Warren over the fate of the restaurant.
26 Jul. 2014
Letting Go: Part 2
Feeling like Shelly, Jack and Olivia are conspiring against him to take his yet unborn child away, Eric threatens to call in a lawyer of his own so that he can get custody of his unborn daughter. Olivia ends up having what Eric and Jack believe is a surprising perspective on the matter, at least on the surface. What Olivia also does is make Justine think about the situation with Seth and the restaurant, putting her own needs and wants first and foremost instead of doing something purely to please Seth. The situation is made all the more difficult for Justine by Seth, ...
2 Aug. 2014
Relations and Relationships
With Seth getting ready to head back to commercial fishing in Alaska, Justine decides to move back into her mother's house until she figures out what to do with her life. Both their physical moves are symbols to Justine of how lost she currently feels in her life. Although Olivia welcomes Justine with open arms, it is not the best time for her as Eric and Shelly are at Jack's house, leaving Jack and Olivia little privacy. In addition, Jack and Olivia are going through a largely undiscussed issue as Jack wants Olivia to have a key to his house, that key which she seems...
9 Aug. 2014
Old Wounds
Eric and Shelly pass along the news to Jack and Olivia that Shelly is planning on moving in with her aunt in Seattle so that she can go back to school. The move would be without Eric, who doesn't like or agree with her decision as it would take Adele away from him. Jack and Olivia have mixed feelings about the news, and how they should counsel Eric and Shelly respectively. Regardless, Eric realizes that his job at Moon's isn't going to sustain a life for himself, let alone a significant other and child. He ends up receiving two offers as an alternative. He has to ...
16 Aug. 2014
Starting Over
Because Warren is a major advertiser with the newspaper, Jack's boss asks Jack to write a glowing article about Warren, which goes against all Jack stands for as a journalist. Jack has to decide what to do about the matter. It would not help if he knew that Eric was seriously considering Warren's offer of employment, as Eric realizes that the status quo of working at Moon's is not enough to support him, Shelly and the baby. As Grace enters the courtroom against her ex-husband Dan, she will eventually learn that their divorce has not been as amicable as Dan portrayed ...
23 Aug. 2014
Trials and Tribulations
Jack struggles to accept Eric's new job; Olivia worries as Justine refuses to give up on Luke after his violent outburst puts his bright new future at risk.
30 Aug. 2014
One Day at a Time
Olivia goes up against a difficult new A.D.A. in court; a woman from Jack's past shows up claiming to know the truth about Jack's addiction
6 Sep. 2014
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Olivia's brother returns to Cedar Cove with a shocking announcement; Jack debates coming clean to Olivia about his past.
13 Sep. 2014
Point of No Return
Olivia discovers the new A.D.A. has a deceitful secret; Jack gets a surprising new job offer that comes with a catch.
20 Sep. 2014
Secrets and Lies
Olivia takes a chance on Rebecca despite her bad attitude; Jack second-guesses himself in the newsroom, leading to dire consequences.
27 Sep. 2014
Stand and Deliver
Jack hides his relapse from Olivia just as she puts full faith in their relationship; Eric becomes irreversibly embroiled in Warren's dishonest deals.
4 Oct. 2014
Resolutions and Revelations
Everyone in Cedar Cove learns secrets eventually come out as Olivia gets to the bottom of Jack's distant behavior and Justine deals with the fallout from Seth's return.

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