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Thank you Captains!!! and KUDOS to you Mr. Shatner
epiphany76611 October 2014
I have been a fan of all Star Trek Franchises. This Film AMAZING!! I have not had a chance to attend a Trek Convention but now I am so motivated to attend I can hardly wait!! William Shatner gave me a look into not only the careers and lives of the Actors who have been Captain of the Enterprise, but also of how their lives and others have been affected by their roles, both good and challenging. The interviews, the transparency of the Actors and the realism of feelings they displayed was was awesome!!!! I was glued to the show the entire time. I commend all of you for your craft that is so powerful that can pull me away into a good place as I watch you. I did not realize the scope of your personal sacrifices until I saw this film. I appreciate your commitment and I hope that life treats you kind because of them. Mr. Shatner, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!
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Interesting, but with some very weird stuff
trey-yancy-572-7635474 December 2018
Most of this is very interesting but there are a few odd moments. Kate Mulgrew clearly is not very fond of William Shatner and there are indications that Jeri Ryan's veiled mentions of Mulgrew's true nature appear to have some foundation. (The woman grated on my nerves in everything she's done.) There is one part that is totally, absolutely bizarre. Shatner and Brooks are both extremely right-brained types, with Brooks being so esoteric that one wonders what universe he lives in. When you put him together with Shatner, who is prepped to fly off with the pixies and lose himself in every moment, it produces the weirdest improvised play acting I've ever seen. The two could have been totally stoned on acid for all we know. This is worth watching just to see these two lunatics riff off into the ether together. Overall, this is good stuff for any Trekker.
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