Batman: Arkham Origins (Video Game 2013) Poster

(2013 Video Game)

Troy Baker: The Joker



  • Lester Buchinsky : Just who *the hell* are you?

    The Joker : I'm the guy with the money...

    [draws a revolver] 

    The Joker : And the gun.

    [the Joker shoots and misses near the Electrocutioner a few times and squeezes off another round into the floor by mistake] 

    The Joker : So when I hire you to kill the Batman... You *shut the hell up* and *kill the Batman*!

  • G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock : [arresting Joker]  Where'd he go?

    The Joker : Who?

    G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock : The Bat. Your partner!

    The Joker : Partner?

    G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock : Who else would jump off a building to save your sorry ass?

    The Joker : You know, Officer, I was wondering the same thing myself.

  • The Joker : [laughing hysterically]  Oh... Oh Bats, what a night!

    [Batman lifts him and slams him against a pillar] 

    The Joker : Fresh off the kill, and back for more, eh?

    Batman : Bane's still alive.

    [Joker's smile fades, and he checks his heart monitor, only to find Batman's words are true] 

    The Joker : Now that's. Not. Funny.

    [Pulls out a gun, in which Batman lets go, punches Joker, and is hit by a rebound] 

    The Joker : All this... all this rage! All directed at and for WHAT? You know, if you'd just let me finish a sentence you might LEARN something! You might learn that were not so different. You might even learn something about yourself!

    Batman : You need to learn to shut up.

    The Joker : You know it's sad really, makes me think you don't care to see the good side in me. Well, I guess learning is a lot to ask from you, meat-for-brains.

    [Batman knocks gun out of his hand, and kicks him far] 

    The Joker : Is all of this for you? Or for me? You must know that I'm a lost cause... Oh, but there's still hope for you!


    The Joker : I have great hopes for you... So go on! Don't stop now!

    [after more fighting, Joker is thrown against a window] 

    The Joker : [Picks up glass shards:]  You just can't get it through your thick skull. WE BOTH EXIST BECAUSE OF THEM!

    Batman : Give up, you've lost!

    The Joker : [Batman beats Joker brutally, throwing him at a Tomb]  That's why you do it, isn't it? You LIKE the way it feels, its what you need!

    [Batman lifts Joker and throws him on the ground] 

    The Joker : Come on baby, beat me till your knuckles bleed! And don't stop there, you know there's only one way to stop me!

    [Batman grabs Joker, shaking him while Joker hallucinates seeing a Bat-monster. Batman finally punches him unconscious] 

  • The Joker : So either you kill Bane...

    Batman : No. I won't kill him.

    Bane : But you will. You will fight me with all your resolve, or you will die. Someone IS going to die. You, me, or the clown. The question of whichever one of us it is... is in your hands.

  • The Joker : I understand you. You had a chance to let me die and you didn't take it. I'll bet right now you're wishing you had. I've killed a lot of people, brought the city to its knees, crippled the police force, and it's not even time to open our presents yet.

  • [Bane and goons attack Batman, but he dodges them] 

    The Joker : [watching]  Can we focus on the task in hand? He's the guy over there, in all-black!

  • The Joker : You just can't get it through your thick skull. We both exist because of THEM!

    Batman : Give up! You've lost!

  • The Joker : Move it along, big boy.

    Bane : No. He's coming for you now. And when he gets here, I'm going to kill him. So YOU wait.

    The Joker : Well, this should be interesting.

  • The Joker : Ha ha, stopped his heart? That IS funny. Good one, Bats. Oh, this is going to be FUN.

  • Thug : [over radio]  I'm telling you - he ain't dead.

    The Joker : I'm sorry, I'm sorry - must be a bad connection. I thought I heard you say that after I *shot* him, and *blew up* a building on him... *the Bat somehow survived*?

    Thug : If he was dead, there'd be a body. There ain't no body!

    The Joker : Since I know that's impossible, I'm going to let you reconcile my vision of reality with your version of reality, and in case your pea-brain can't parse big words, I'll translate it into thug-speak for you... *kill the Bat or I'll kill you!*

  • The Joker : I present to you the death of the Batman!

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