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  • Eric pledges allegiance to Bill in a last-resort effort to save Nora. A tragedy close to home forces Sam to ignore Alcide's warning and return to Bon Temps. Jessica shows her gratitude to James while Sarah exacts a measure of revenge on Jason.


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  • Open with Eric telling Willa about Hep-V. He tells her to return to gen pop and warn Pam not to drink the Tru Blood so he can take Nora to safety. A guard realizes there has been a breach, but Eric manages to sneak Nora out of the compound by holding onto the bottom of a delivery truck.

    Willa tells Pam about the Tru Blood. Pam tells her warn Tara and Jessica, but not inform the rest of the vampires. Pam thinks that if vampires stop drinking the product it will be a clue they've discovered the plot.

    Eric brings Nora to Bill. He wants him to give her his special Lilith blood. Nora doesn't want it, saying she'd rather die than drink Lilith's blood. Bill thinks they must honor her dying request.

    Sara discovers Burrell's body. She kisses his severed head and assures him his death will not be in vain. Sara meets with one of Louisiana's senators and presents a plan: They will pretend that Burrell escaped the attack and is working in seclusion. He will be able to run the state while she handles all vampire matters. He likes the plan.

    Sookie and Warlow talk about what their having sex means. She makes it clear that it doesn't mean she's accepted his proposal. She hears Arlene sobbing in the cemetery and leaves to be with her. Arlene tells her about having Terry glamoured and not being sure who is responsible for his death. Arlene hasn't told their children yet.

    Sam calls Lafayette to check in and is told about Terry. He tells Nicole that he must return to Bon Temps and advises her to call her mother and have her take her away. It won't be safe for Sam, but "not being there isn't an option."

    Sookie brings Arlene home. Arlene blows up at Lafayette because of the safety deposit box. Andy agrees to be with Arlene when she talks to her children. Lafayette and Sookie think they should figure out what is in the box before Arlene does.

    Jason sends for Jessica. He tells her about witnessing her near-rape and says he's there to help her. Jessica tells him about Bill's vision of the vampire's death and says he doesn't need him to rescue her. She wants to meet the vampire who wouldn't rape her and thank him in person.

    Nicole joins Sam while he showers and they have sex.

    Lafayette and Sookie open Terry's safety deposit box. It's a $2 million life insurance policy issued just days before his death. Terry much have known his death was coming.

    Alcide brings Jackson home. Jackson suggests that Alcide doesn't have to return to the pack, saying they aren't pack-type wolves.

    Nicole's mother arrives to pick up her daughter. Before leaving Nicole promises she'll never tell anybody what she knows about shifters and leaves her number.

    Jason brings the vampire, James, to Jessica, who asks Jason for some privacy. She thanks him and says that he let her know that all vampires aren't monsters. She says she wants to have sex with him, that spending time with someone so good is what she wants to do before facing the sun.

    Eric tells Bill that he believes in Lilith and will do anything he asks. But he wants Bill to give Nora some of his blood. Bill tells him about his vision and says they have to get Warlow. Eric agrees to help. Bill gives Nora some of his blood.

    Sookie and returns to find Arlene is in rough shape. She's been drinking heavily in an attempt to drown out the pain. They decide it's not the best time to tell her about the policy. Holly introduces Sookie to Andy's daughter. Bill arrives and gives Arlene his condolences. He also apologizes to Andy for his losses and the two shake hands. Outside Bill tells Sookie she needs more of Warlow's blood. He tells her about the death camp and says she has to give up Warlow in order to save Jessica and Tara. Bill leaves her with: "Bring me Warlow. Soon."

    Pam seduces the therapist in order to gain access to gen pop.

    Sara tells Jason about the governer's death. This means he has no leverage over her. Jason's forearm is cut and he's thrown into female gen pop. Tara tries to protect, but a more powerful vampire says "he's mine."

    Alcide returns to the pack and tells them he's killed Sam and Nicole. But the pack has captured Nicole and her mother and are furious Alcide was lying.

    Eric sits by Nora's bed and begs Godric for help. She wakes up and reminds him how they met. We flash to the mid-17th century when a king told Eric he wants him to save Nora, with whom he was enjoyed having sex. Eric finds Nora who has contracted the bubonic plague. He realizes she doesn't want to return to the king and brings her to his "father." In present day Nora dies in Eric's arms, turning to vampire goo just before Bill walks into the room.

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