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Nathalie Emmanuel: Ramsey



  • Dominic Toretto : How 'bout you tell us where that device is?

    Ramsey : I mailed it to a friend. In Abu Dhabi.

    Brian O'Conner : That was pretty easy. That other team wanted to torture you for that information.

    Ramsey : I didn't trust them. I trust you.

    Letty : [Letty scoffs]  Now why would you trust us? You barely know us.

    Ramsey : I know enough.

    [looks at Brian] 

    Ramsey : Ex-cop. Military, something like that. The way you took out those guys shows training.

    [looks at Tej] 

    Ramsey : Tech guy, offended by the hacker remark, naturally.

    [looks at Dom and Letty] 

    Ramsey : Alpha. Ms. Alpha.

    [looks at Roman] 

    Ramsey : Joker.

    Roman : Wrong.

    [stands up and smiles] 

    Roman : Double alpha. Man-candy. You know what I'm saying?

    Tej : [everyone laughs]  Man, sit your candy ass down.

    Roman : [Roman stops smiling and sits down]  The disrespect is real around here.

  • Ramsey : Life is binary: zero and ones. Only two things keep a group like this together; fear or loyalty - and I don't see a drop of fear amongst you guys.

  • Letty : Did you bring the cavalry

    Hobbs : Woman... I AM the cavalry

    Letty : Of course you are

    Ramsey : Who is that

    Letty : That's Hobbs

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