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Oscar Isaac: Kane



  • [last lines] 

    Lena : You aren't Kane... are you?

    Kane : I don't think so.


    Kane : Are you Lena?

  • Kane : I thought I was a man. I had a life. People called me Kane. And now I'm not so sure. If I wasn't Kane, what was I? Was I you? Were you me?

  • Kane : I was just looking at the moon. It's always so weird seeing it like that in the daylight.

    Lena : Like God made a mistake. Left the hall lights on.

    Kane : God doesn't make mistakes. That's... somewhat key to the whole "being a god" thing.

    Lena : Pretty sure he does.

    Kane : You know he's listening right now, don't you?

    Lena : You take a cell, circumvent the Hayflick limit, you can prevent senescence.

    Kane : I was about to make the exact same point.

    Lena : It means the cell doesn't grow old, it becomes immortal. Keeps dividing, doesn't die. They say aging is a natural process, but it's actually a fault in our genes.

    Kane : I get really turned on when you patronize me. It's really hot.

    Lena : Without it, I could keep looking like this forever.

    Kane : Oh, okay. Well, that could constitute a mistake.

    [kisses her] 

  • Kane : My flesh moves... like liquid. My mind is... just cut loose. I can't bear it.

    [breath quivers] 

    Kane : I can't bear it.


    Kane : I can't bear it.

  • Kane : I don't feel very well.

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