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Tuva Novotny: Cass Sheppard



  • Lena : The mutations were subtle at 1st; more extreme as we got closer to the lighthouse. Corruptions of form. Duplicates of form.

    Lomax : Duplicates?

    Lena : [She looks at the tattoo on her arm & lifts her arm up]  Echoes.

    Lomax : Is it possible these were hallucinations?

    Lena : I wondered that myself... but they were shared among all of us. It was dreamlike.

    Lomax : Nightmarish?

    Lena : Not always. Sometimes it was beautiful.

    [the movie then cuts back in time to show beautiful translucent single-tailed wormfish swimming alongside double-tailed duplicates. Lena is in a canoe on a swamp located quite near to a corpse that bears the same tattoo as Lena] 

    Lena : Oww. Ow.

    [She clutches her arm - there is no tattoo yet. However, a dark blue mark has appeared at the same place on her arm] 

    Cass Sheppard : You're hurt?

    Lena : It's just a bruise. I must have gotten that from the gator.

  • [the team kill an alligator & examine it's mouth] 

    Lena : Lena: Whoa. It's exactly the same as the flowers. Look at the teeth. Concentric rows. Something here is making giant waves in the gene pool.

    [the paramedic, Anya, holds the alligator's mouth open. She has no tattoo on her arm] 

    Cass Sheppard : Sharks have teeth like that, don't they?

    Dr Ventress : Do you think it's a crossbreed?

    Lena : You can't crossbreed between different species.

    Anya Thorensen : Lena, this is getting heavy.

    [Later in the movie, Anya has acquired the tattoo] 

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