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May 2010
Uncommon Courage: Breakout at Chosin
The Korean War may be considered "The Forgotten War," but it brought us one unforgettable hero.
Nov. 2007
Arlington: Call to Honor
Explore one of America's most famous Cemeteries for war heroes.
Nov. 2007
Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25
History of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall in Washington DC is chronicled.
Jul. 2009
The Men Who Brought the Dawn
Chronical of the airmen who flew the bombing missions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, including their 50-year reunion, personal recollections and archival footage of the devastation wrought by the nuclear weapons.
Feb. 2008
Day of the Kamikaze
Japanese pilots' suicide attacks on Allied forces in the latter stages of World War II are recalled. Including original color film of actual attacks, CGI reconstructions, testimony of survivors from both sides and newly discovered letters and diaries.
Jan. 2011
Wings of Honor
Wings of Honor tells the stories of three men who fought in World War II and follows them as they fly to Washington DC to visit a monument built in their honor, and return to a celebration - and that long awaited welcome home.
May 2010
Shooting Iwo Jima
Meet forgotten hero Bill Genaust, who captured on film the flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Learn his story as told by his photo unit commander, the last living relative to remember him, and the photojournalist's own forceful, visceral footage of two of the fiercest battles in World War II.
May 2010
History in HD: The Last Bomb
Embark on a 3,000-mile death-defying World War II mission, all captured on film and all transferred to stunning HD.

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