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Season 1

29 Oct. 2009
Saiaku no aishô?
Ascoeur develops an infatuation with Troisienne that begins to irk Q-feuille.
12 Nov. 2009
GOTT no bôrei
While searching the abandoned GOTT building, Q-feuille gets separated from Ascoeur and Di-air and eventually stumbles across a shape-shifting monster!
19 Nov. 2009
Kyokuchô-shitsu no giwaku/Say You!
Chief Hiver and Sommer are acting suspiciously, so the girls decide to spy on the pair. Later, Alisa takes the girls to a butler café.
10 Dec. 2009
Kinen shikiten
GTO's anniversary celebration is interrupted by an attack from members of G Society.
17 Dec. 2009
Ikiteita, futari
After the deadly anniversary assault, Ascoeur and Q-feuille are detrmined to become official ES members.
24 Dec. 2009
Shadou wâkâ
Letuchaia uses her maid to spy on fellow G Society members to learn everything she can. Meanwhile back at GTO, the girls learn of G Society's plans.
25 Feb. 2010
Hontô no watashi
Di-air and Ascoeur head to the G Society headquarters to rescue Q-feuille, but when they arrive, Ascoeur begins experiencing flashbacks.
11 Mar. 2010
Yomigaeru kNagare hajimeru jikanioku
Geacht'er sets his plan into motion, and Ascoeur is unsure of what she should do next.
18 Mar. 2010
Tomaranai omoi
Determined to destroy the Galaxy, Geacht'er does everything in his power to start time, but the GTO fleet has other plans.

 Season 1 

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