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A lots of fun. Sexy, Texan, a Modern Day Super-Heroine.
facebook-893-17194710 January 2014
I was watching this with my son and we initially found it really corny. As we watched it further we started to like it and by the end we really liked it. Where in the world can you find a Heroine like that? Texas Ranger, beautiful, sexy, daughter of a millionaire, married to a congressman (in the process of being divorced), dating a daring DEA agent, impervious to bullets/lies/politics, and above all, plays the trumpet in a band!!! Indiana Jones doesn't even come close.

This series is modern, sexy, Texas sized kitsch. Great shots of Texas and cowboy culture. I can't wait for my new super-heroine on the next episode.

Keep up the great work!!!!
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Not believable
mbrowne-982-78221311 January 2014
Just watched the first episode of this new program and did not like it, at all. The leading lady is not believable -- she's too feminine to play this character, like closing her eyes when she shoots a gun and looking very awkward doing it. She just doesn't look tough as she be for the character. It's also ridiculous to believe that two people -- a man and this woman -- could break into a Mexican cartel fortress to rescue two people and were successful at it. Then her boss tells her at the end of the program that if he ever learns that she went across the border to rescue those two people, that she'd be fired. I wonder what he thought might have happened if it was her -- the big bad female ranger.
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I've never seen any other woman do the job Helfer has here
angrypancho20 February 2014
I was just writing someone about how my wife and I enjoy this show and I came onto its IMDb page to check on spelling when I find out this excellent show has been canceled!! This is a disaster and a sign the people at ABC haven't got the brains God gave a goose.

The plots were not at all bad for this kind of show, but by far the truly special thing about this series was Tricia Helfer's performance. My wife and I tuned in, but when I saw the story revolved around a woman Texas Ranger, I was sure I was going to have to leave it to my wife to watch by herself. I've been watching TV for about 50 years and I've never seen a woman successfully pull off the attitude that kind of law enforcement role demands. I was truly shocked to watch Helfer do exactly that and immediately became a fan. Do you people really not realize how unique her performance is? I remember her from Battlestar Galactica but never really got into that show. I'm now sorry I missed it as this woman is phenomenally good. She kind of reminds me of a slightly better version of Famke Janssen which is saying a lot as I've always especially liked Famke's work.

But it wasn't just Helfer's work that made this series a gem, all the supporting cast was in it 100%. No, I'm going to miss this show and find myself dying to vent at ABC for canceling it.
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Great show for women & men!
pthomason7710 April 2014
Killer Women has it all. Tricia Helfer is great and so are the other cast members. Her boyfriend is a macho, yet sweet hunk. Her family is interesting with her brother, his wife & daughter all have their family stuff going on. Tricia can hold her own with all types of characters, female or male. The show's just sexy enough to be juicy! Also, you want to see what's gonna happen next, mystery, chemistry. ABC should have held onto this little gem of a show. Coulda been a HIT! Will surely miss it and so very sad that my new friends have gone! So many pretty people in Killer Women. I have recommended it to many friends and family. Wish there was a way to bring it back!
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rename it "Parker, Texas Ranger"
jlwilson228428 March 2014
"Killer Women" was a fun show and I hated to see it canceled. The plots made you think and were not overly predictable. Have Lifetime or TNT pick up the show "Killer Women" and rename it "Parker, Texas Ranger". The name "Killer Women" put off some of my friends. Have "Walker Texas Ranger" join or make a cameo. His shows still have an audience. The show is good, yes a little over dramatic.. but what action film is not? Nice story line that keeps Dallas fans of night time soaps coming back. What little girls didn't want to grow up and be a Texas Ranger? The male actors are good eye candy and I enjoy the southwest scenery after living in New Mexico and Texas. Nice change from location shoots of LA or New York.
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Great Show, I enjoy it!
medmalpara2 March 2014
I love the show. After reviewing the negative comments made about the show, I ask myself if they are made by chauvinist males or insecure females that have let men convince them they are inferior. I am certain that negative comments are either affected by the fact that the show contains a beautiful intelligent FEMALE mastering a once known male position in authority or that it is in fact predictable because it is a good example of how a female as always is superior and her brains over the brawn gets the job down.

It has good action, good background, storyline, and cast.

Yes, some may state that there are some exaggerations in the show, well guess what so do 90% of the shows on TV. Even reality TV!!!

I highly would recommend this show and hope it is not removed from the network.
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A decent show that is on its way out
atlasmb29 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched the first two episodes of this new show and I just read that the network is cutting back on its order of new episodes.

Despite their lack of confidence--caused by poor viewership--I found the first two episodes very watchable.

I think the concept of a sexy Texas Ranger lives or dies on the strength of the main character. Tricia Helfer (as Molly)does a fine job. There are few actresses who can pull off such a strong, physical character (a good one, for example, is Gina Torres). And Tricia is beautiful, to boot (pun intended).

The plots are somewhat simple, but the production values are good.

Molly is separated from her senator husband, but he has trouble letting go. And she sees a DEA agent romantically when she is not being a hard-nosed determined investigator.

I do have one question: is the title a spoiler, suggesting that all of the perps will be women? If so, it will kill some of the suspense.

Addendum: After watching a few episodes now, I still like this show. The current episode is about a combat veteran who is upset that vets get the runaround from the VA and other government agencies. The story was done tastefully and touchingly. Killer Women has heart.
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Good new show
trishwarren-899-87825716 January 2014
My husband and I liked the show, all it needs is a little character development. In our opinion it's tons better then many we've seen that continue today. Depending on the next few shows will tell whether it's a keeper or not. Though discouragingly enough, it won't matter how many people like it if the networks decide not to produce it next year. For now my husband and I feel it's worth watching for a few more shows to see how the characters develop. We like the fact that it had good action, good pacing, good suspense and a realistic venue. We liked the dichotomy of the main character being able to be both sexy and very feminine woman but also professional and tough.
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Give it a chance.
marbltx15 January 2014
I'll admit the pilot episode was overly dramatic, over acted, and hard to believe. 4 people in a car in a confined space being shot at by a dozen automatic weapons and nobody gets hit? Maybe that's just someones idea of attracting viewers (doesn't work for me) or something, but the next episode wasn't so cheesy. I'll continue to watch until it goes south again. There's also a back story going on concerning her marriage that is interesting. I'm interested in seeing where that's going as well. Since I live in Texas it's interesting to see if they get their facts concerning the state accurate. So far they have. In summary, there's enough there to keep my interest I'll give it a few more episodes before I totally decide if I'll keep watching or not.
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would have been better as a movie
dbskeetdude-2131924 August 2018
Watered down abc action plus tricia helfer is as talented as she is beautiful killer women would work as a movie if it was r rated renegade cop vs cartel faire
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OMG, here we go again!
plex9 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The producers at ABC studios must have felt a little skittish about this one so they billed this show as a Sofia Vergara ( the Columbian bombshell from Modern Family) production, to seemingly intimate Sofia is stretching out and headed for Hollywood "playa" status and , of course, to help boost this show's viewer-ship on pilot night. Oddly, she listed as one of many producers, and not listed at all on the production list here at IMDb. Don't worry about that Sofia, be thankful. This show is truly lame on all accounts. Poorly written, directed and acted. This 1st installment has a cliché'd story-line with a couple of non-mainstream treatments, but those deviations defy credibility and showcase horrible execution. Our lead, Tricia Helfer, who looks like a model, is a Texas Ranger named Molly Parker. Amongst her abilities aside from traveling all over Texas and Mexico in an afternoon, changing clothes- 3 times in the 1st episode without so much as a butt-crack or side-boob slip, ranch handling, she also plays....hold it comes.....THE TRUMPET, AND at a professional level so high that when she plays, spontaneously jumping on the stage with the band ( I cant imagine where she was hiding her horn), magically she's and entire horn section ( typical Hollywood musician misrepresentation) making a monophonic instrument play harmonies!! I am sure there are female trumpet players in the world, but in my lifetime I have never seen one, and Im sure if I did, its not going to be a Texas Ranger. Not to be outdone in the inane-department, the previous scene had her deliver divorce papers to her senator/hubby, who had beat her repeatedly ( I guess Texas Rangers cant defend themselves or have beaters prosecuted) while saying in front of everyone in his meeting room " if you don't sign these I will tell everyone about your secret" : a powerfully scathing made-for-Hallmark moment if there ever was one. The trumpet scene immediately reminded me of those cheesy 60 shows where the episode ends in a saccharine-sweet way. Unfortunately, I don't see such an ending to this show, as it is sure to be yanked soon ( unless Ms Vergara uses her "assets" to keep it airing) but in all honesty she should run from this one. Pride only hurts, it never helps.
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Change the name.
teresame24 March 2014
I found this series on Prime Time Shows On Demand and watched the episodes because there was nothing else to watch I'd caught up on all my shows. I surfed through the listings, ABC just happened to be first in line. When I got to "Killer Women", I said oh brother out loud and thought this I gotta see. I love this show. Miss Helfer is so talented and so watchable along with a great cast. The characters are so rich with just the right amount of humor, seriousness and drama. I like and care about them thats rare in TV.

Now the NNAAAMME. "Killer Women" is an unfortunate and inaccurate title in my opinion. This series is better than good.

ABC please have some "CW and Fox"" guts and renew the show. Change the name to something less hokey and more dignified and befitting Texas Rangers.
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I liked it...
skattyus-211-2508220 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so she's driving away from a bunch of automatic gun-wielding Mexican drug dealers and then she pulls out a grenade launcher and blows up a gas tank....Yes, it's cheesy and over-dramatic but I liked it!

The main character is a strong female with a knack for badassery and trouble, in the name of justice of course. I love that the series showcases tons of headstrong women. While I thought that the title was stupid to say the least, I'm glad I gave it a chance. If you like Charlie's Angels then you will probably like this show.

What has bothered me most about the show is that she has failed to divorce her ex-husband, the whole thing is quite ridiculous. She prances around telling all the victims about how they have to be strong and how her husband beat her but she doesn't do anything. All characters need their flaws, but her inability to rid her awful husband is dumb and not very believable.

8 out of 10. Entertaining, but it has it's flaws.
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Killer Women: Dead Off the Mark
byers-849-68142412 January 2014
There may be dumber programming yet to come this Spring season, but it's hard to imagine a sillier, more poorly written and acted program than Killer Women. This show has virtually nothing to recommend it.

In perfect sync with Hollywood's penchant for marketing to the lowest common denominator, this program features a leggy, voluptuous, lady Texas Ranger played inexpertly and with an overdose of melodrama by Tricia Helfer, who's tough and tender. Gimme a break!

Executive producer Sofia Vergara couldn't have demonstrated more clearly that she is not ready for prime time. Witless and ridiculous, "Killer Women" is merely Deadly Dull.
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Supermodel Cop investigates Female Killers
SnoopyStyle22 January 2014
It's 3 episodes in. I'm on the fence and the show is canceled. I'm not really surprised, and I won't shed a tear.

Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer) is a tough smart Texas Ranger. However her personal life is a mess. She's trying to divorce her powerful abusive politician husband Jake Colton (Jeffrey Nordling). Her new boyfriend is DEA agent Dan Winston (Marc Blucas). She's living with her brother's family (Michael Trucco, Marta Milans), but their family is having problems too. This show has Molly investigating cases with female killers.

Tricia Helfer looks like a supermodel playing a cowgirl cop. Normally, TV shows always want to sex up their lady cops. The problem is that she's just too sex up. And I don't know about this gimmick of only female killers. Does she ONLY investigate women? It's too much of a gimmick, and so is the show.

The pilot had a very silly action sequence. Molly and Dan goes to Mexico and Terminator a drug cartel. It's not a good start.
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Can't Find End Credits Song
skittleducky23 July 2014
Great show.

However, I can't find the end credits song to purchase anywhere? Does anybody know its name or where to purchase or listen to it? Mark Kilian is named for the music in the credits, but there is no song attached to both his name and "Killer Women." The song does not appear on Amazon, iTunes, or even YouTube.

I really enjoyed the show(and loved its music). I do wish they hadn't cancelled it. I've heard the first episode isn't as good as the rest of them. It's a lot better than some shows out there. The acting is good/better than average.
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..always fun watching bad-ass women
bjarias15 November 2014
This was not really a bad show.. Tricia Helfer.. ..holds her own and does a pretty respectable acting job as Molly Parker. Wither or not you by into a woman with her outstanding looks being a Texas Ranger (and a long-time battered spouse) might be another story. The story lines episode to episode were typical but production values were good, and the time spent watching passed pretty easily. It would have been appreciated by the audience to see what happens with the abusive ex, but it's not to be, as in May of 2014, ABC canceled Killer Women after only one season. Not a great loss, but could have readily enjoyed watching another season or two.
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Boring and predictable with
MoviesMustHaveLogic8 January 2014
pretentious acting. in my opinion, this new series won't go afar, because the Texas background locality is an overly used territory, the so-called ranger with cool looking cowboy hats, cowboy boots, jeans, the lone star shield and the Texan accent usually involved nothing but drugs, white trash, illegal aliens, daily murders either related to drugs or domestic violence and so, you've got to ask yourself, do i need one more of this formulaic, predictable same crap different title from different TV channels? the answer, of course, givemeabreak. 'cause seen one seen them all, man. this new series, well, of course give you one more head strong tall Texas female ranger, while trying so hard to divorce her love-you-not husband, she already got a lover from the DEA. driving a huge gas guzzler SUV like crazy, and guess what? she would drive into the opposite lane to get close to the unlawful criminals, she would put every other law-abiding citizen in danger in order to catch her escaping criminal. and then, dating her DEA boy friend in motels to quench her sexual desire. so what else is new, other than the usual car chasing, gun fights, and the swag of her booty long legs, man? this is just so boring, and i assure you, i'll never watch the S01E02.
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too bad..could have been really entertaining
rdburns-905-97047623 January 2014
The Texas Rangers are such a great choice of topics, a woman Ranger even better. But who ever the Armorer is for the set/show is clueless. Changing guns between scenes, no gun in Parkers' holster at times and a totally clueless Parker (her technical adviser anyway) on how to carry or use a 1911 makes the series loose any credibility it might have had.

Cool leather except for the holster...another 1911 faux pas. Nasty! Such easy things to fix as they have been done right more than a few times. Right now it is like nails on a chalk board to any one with a clue.....which is much of your target audience I suspect. Riley, who I like, is still too baby faced to be a tough matter how many vamps he has killed in the past. Come on ...just one episode done right and I'd keep watching. Turn that 3 into am 8 or 9 with so little effort !
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Has Potential
kym-cyndie13 February 2014
I like the idea story line a female ranger. I am just not sure if I like this character. Overall the actress is okay. As some of the others had mention she does not play a ranger, perfectly, shooting with eyes closed. She seems masculine (this is not referring to the Texas personality, I think she plays that great), she is trying to hard to be a hot shot calling favors from DEA and no respect for her boss (really eating his pie). I think I would better connect with her if she were building herself up to become a hot shot, instead of already being a lone female ranger and already a hot shot. The relationship or partnership with the DEA does not seem believable, more like maybe this character got this job because she has connections to got of the books on her first case. Same with the boos and her relationship, they work well together although she over steps. There should be more tension between them if that is the case, right? Her senses of cases being "off" is too far-fetch so early in the show, that's why she has to announce them and not let the audience guess them. I think this is want causes to be predictable for some of the viewers. Even though some of them are predictable,the story lines are decent.
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Rename it 'Crapper Women'...
sir_tora23 August 2014
If it ever appears on Netflix/Hulu/etc.Flat out bad acting from the lead of the show. The terrible show title also gave away that the criminal of the week was, like the lead, going to be a tiny, unassuming woman. Marc Blucas was all right for what he had to work with in terms of writing and coworkers. Some cancelled shows get picked up by different networks, I hope this stays dead as Tricia's career should be.

Also I found that the boring character development stories for the main character was boring as it got. To be honest I might have tuned out, because I never got why her ex- husband was supposed to be a bad guy. More bad writing I guess.
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Chappy Watched: Killer Women - The Complete Series
chappywatched8 April 2016
My whole reasoning to watch this was because I wanted to see Tricia Helfer in something other than Battlestar Galactica and sci-fi.

I did enjoy her performance in this along with her Battlestar co-star, Michael Trucco, and Buffy's Marc Blucas as well as the rest of the cast.

The story and the cases are entertaining to watch, at some moments it feels like a hybrid of a serious show and a daytime drama.

While it was entertaining and Helfer packs a punch in the role, I can see why it was cancelled; it is pretty much the same thing every episode with some personal stories chucked in.

An entertaining watch, not sure I would continue past the first season if it were renewed.
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For man hating feminists only
ralph-outcalt28 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes for this especially with Caprica 6 as the main character and Marc Blucus but was quickly disappointed when it became obvious that it it was all about hating men and women were incapable of protecting themselves from us.

In real life, men are the victims and women the oppressors. MGTOW forever!
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