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  • Margaret Beaufort is pleased to learn that Warwick, whose daughter Isabel is George's reluctant bride, is holding a parliament in York to have George declared the rightful monarch. However the parliament opposes Warwick's idea and Edward, Elizabeth and Jacquetta are all released. Edward, to his wife's annoyance, suggests alliances with Warwick to prevent further factions and even Elizabeth's surviving brother Anthony appears to acquiesce. However Edward has another revolt on his hands, supposedly led by Henry's wife Margaret of Anjou but in reality staged by Warwick and George. Margaret Beaufort's husband wants no part in it but the obsessive matriarch prevails upon her nervous brother Richard to lead her cause. He is killed by Edward after telling him that the rebels are actually Warwick and George, who are forced to flee abroad. Whilst on board ship Isabel miscarries George's baby but Elizabeth is pregnant again and swears that this shall be a son.


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  • In the Tower of London, Elizabeth waits for word of Edward, who still remains a captive of Warwick.

    In captivity, Edward rages at Warwick who says he will restore Edward's crown if the King removes the Rivers family as his advisers. Privately, Warwick tells his family that he intends to call a parliament which will make George King and Isabelle Queen.

    Margaret relishes the schism in the York dynasty and waits for the chance for her son to accede to the throne.

    Anne expresses her joy at Issy's impending coronation. But Isabelle expresses regret at her father's machinations and says she does not wish to be Queen. She warns Anne that marriage is horrible and that they will never have what Elizabeth has with her marriage.

    At the parliament, Richard speaks on Edward's behalf. The parliament ultimately sides with Edward. The King tells Warwick to either kill him or set him free. Defeated, Warwick agrees, leaving Isabelle distraught that all of the anguish she's gone through has been for naught.

    Reunited with Elizabeth, Edward explains that as the price for his freedom and to keep the peace he has agreed to restore Warwick to his former position and reward his advisers.

    Lord Stafford receives word that the King has passed him over for his family's ancestral title. Angered that Margaret's opposition to Edward has cost him so much he berates her that she must be a loyal wife.

    When Warwick's family return to court, Elizabeth informs his wife and daughters that "you will dance to whatever tune I sing." But she fumes impotently as Warwick and his allies lord their restored status over her.

    On hearing of Isabelle Neville's pregnancy, Elizabeth determines that she must have a son. She and her mother cast a scrying spell which tells them that she will have a boy named Edward. As a punishment, Elizabeth makes Anne, now serving as her Lady in Waiting, help undress her as she and Edward make love. Anne flees to her father and begs him to let her marry Richard. However, Warwick says she must marry someone else since Richard is loyal to King Edward.

    Word soon comes of another rebellion being raised in the name of King Henry. Elizabeth begs her husband not to go, saying that she is pregnant with a boy. However, Edward insists that he must lead the effort to stop the rebellion. She warns him that Warwick and George, who will be helping him, cannot be trusted. Edward insists that he will return to her shortly and they will feast on "peaches and salt cod."

    Margaret is visited by Jasper Tudor and told of the rebellion. She begs her husband to raise his men in support of the rebellion but Stafford refuses, arguing that too many men have already died and that Edward is the better King. Margaret storms out in disgust and is informed by Jasper that the rebellion is really called by Warwick and George who intend to betray Edward. Jasper argues that George will be a weak King and can be easily overthrown by the Lancaster forces. Margaret promises to convince her brother to raise their family's forces for the rebellion. Margaret tells Stafford that she has been remiss as a wife and claims to rededicate herself to him. She asks also to go to see her mother so that she may apologize to her as well.

    At her mother's house, Margaret takes her brother Richard to pray with her. She tells him that God has spoken to her and told her that Richard is special and should lead their family's forces to help depose Edward. She says that when Edward is defeated, God will place a Lancastrian King on the throne and implies that Richard will be that King.

    A montage shows the various women praying to God for the victory of their respective sides.

    At the rebel camp, Jasper informs Richard Welles that Warwick and George plan to betray Edward. Horrified, Richard flees to Edward's camp to inform him of the treachery. Richard barely gets his warning out before Edward runs him through with a sword.

    Margaret's mother breaks down upon receiving word of her son's death. Margaret expresses no sorrow for her brother's death, calling him a traitor for betraying his Lancastrian house. However, Margaret breaks down when she sees that Jasper has fled to France, leaving her son Henry alone.

    Warwick returns to his family and informs them that they must sail to Calais and raise an army. Isabelle informs him that she cannot sail due to her pregnancy, but her ignores her. Elizabeth receives word of Warwick's flight to Calais and is determined that he be punished. She and her mother cast a spell designed to curse Warwick.

    As the Neville's board the ship, Isabelle seems more and more sick. As the ship makes the crossing a terrible storm comes up and Isabelle goes into labor. During the storm Margaret and Stafford make their way to Jasper's estate. When they arrive however, Henry does not want to leave and barely recognizes his mother. When Warwick's ship reaches Calais they come under cannon fire and realize the city is loyal to Edward. Without shelter, Anne is forced to help deliver her sister's baby, a stillborn boy. George barely registers any emotion on hearing of the death of his son. Jasper returns briefly to his home to say goodbye to Margaret before he flees to France. Stafford catches the two as they almost kiss. Jasper says goodbye to Henry and Margaret invites her son to pray with her buy he brushes her off.

    Edward returns to London and embraces Elizabeth. He shows her that, just as he promised, he has returned with peaches and salt cod.

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