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Worst Finale EVER!
rfrancis-au23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was the worst finale ever - the pacing was terrible, the acting sub-par (even though Michael C Hall is usually pretty good - did anyone feel moved at all watching the Dexter and Deb holding the baby scene?) and the story.. GOOD LORD was it BAD.

As a season finale to a show about a serial killer this needed to go one of two ways - he ends tragically or he rides off into the sunset. This ending was more a "we're out of ideas so let's just make an open-ended cryptic finish and pretend it's meaningful."

The whole story arc of this season has been ridiculous - he struggles to regain his humanity then ends by abandoning his child and Hannah.. the exact opposite. They try to make it out that he doing it to protect them but it's just not believable - he has shown he has changed and no longer wishes to kill. What then is he protecting them from? A loving and devoted father?. And she is a wanted fugitive with a child in foreign country. Abandoning them seems like the very worst thing he could do. Dexter spent the ENTIRE SEASON chasing this goal of a life with Hannah. What was the point in all that if he is just going to abandon them anyway?

I really wish this final season had been Dexter facing the consequences of his years of killing and either escaping with an extraordinary Dexter-esque plan or it all come crashing down and he goes to jail. All his friends turning on him and Miami metro chasing one of their own would have made for an epic final season. Instead we get some uninspired drivel that is very unsatisfying and doesn't leave you feeling one way or the other. Was it a sad ending? Not really, they did all escape but his sister died (and what was with that - wouldn't you wait to see how bad her condition really was before deciding to kill her?). Was it a happy ending? No he ended alone and miserable yet Hannah and Harrison walk off into the sunset. #Confused.

Dexter was great series but this last season really hasn't delivered. You create a plot arc for what 9 Episodes involving Dr Vogel then drop her in a way that doesn't really add anything to the story. We already know Saxon is a psycopath he doesn't need any more reason to come after Dexter. Also, only introducing the main bad guy (Saxon) halfway through the final season is very poor form. It doesn't give enough time for him to develop as a real nemesis like the trinity or ice truck killer was. Very disappointing for a finale.

Overall this finale was a MASSIVE let down. They didn't wrap up any of the loose ends (Masuka's daughter anyone?) and the story arc was terrible.

My hopes now lie with Breaking Bad to provide a great conclusion to one of my favourite shows.
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Lamest end to the Greatest show ever?
chunky-dave23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Season Finale... Sitting in my living room wearing dexter shirt and sipping tea from my dexter mug!! Expectations were high but still at the bottom was that sinking feeling that the writers would blow it up big times in order to make it epic and the least expected.. And alas, it did happen...

SPOILERS to follow:: No, Dexter didn't die. No, Dexter was not caught. No, Hanna didn't die. No, Deb didn't kill dexter. Instead, Debra died.. (read... killed by dexter) And our dear Dex became lumberjack.... Reaalllllllyyyy??? Were the writers watching first of the X-men while deciding the fate of Dexter?

The quality of production continued to be lame.. Seemed like story was trying to make its way through all those pot holes left by the writers. 1.Entire terminal of Miami evacuated just on suspicion over one backpack. And the guy in question is Ex Miami metro (obviously no criminal record) 2. We thought Dexter had given her SUV to Astor... By the way he was so in rush to get away with Hanna, he never bothered to meet his foster kids and say goodbye???? 3. How come a person who resigned 3 days back still has his badge on him when he goes to kill Oliver Saxon? 4. How easily he walks out of the office once Batista and Quinn watches the tape of him killing Saxon? Even after noticing how calm he was while pressing that panic button? No bells ring to Batista or Quinn about LaGuerta blaming Dexter of being bay harbour butcher???? 5. Any one can take any one out of the hospital, maybe alive or dead as per their wish!!Who cares??? Like really?? 6. They had such a big weather warning and still no coast guard stops dexter from roaming in the ocean with a dead body on board!!! WOW!!

Well these are just to name the few!! Acting seemed to be forced!! All actors were just waiting for this lame episode to be over with

And what about all those side stories they had? About Masuka's biological daughter? Does any one care??

I can imagine 100 other ways they could have ended this finale and still they could have given justice to the legacy of this series and all the loyal fans who had been following it from day 1!!

I wish I could erase the memory of this entire season!!!
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Is this the best you can do?
Stormchaser9924 September 2013
I'm asking the writers this question_ Is this the best you can do? A predictable ending. I won't say it's the worst but it's not a good one. Most importantly this is not the way fans want to remember this wonderful show. We deserved better.

To tell the truth I'd really like to forget this ending and possibly the entire 8th season. A lot of unanswered questions, lot of unfinished side stories. The show ends like a slap in the face. As a long time fan of Dexter it doesn't feel like a closure to me.

Dexter started with a great 1st season, got better and better for the next 3, was at it's best on 4th season, followed by three average seasons and ends with a boring season8.

Anyway i'm gonna miss the show for sure.
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This season's end is the biggest mockery anyone has ever made of my time
djkaspar23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry, I'm not one to review movies or series online, I usually keep my opinions to myself.

But I must ask - even if just aloud - what the hell where these people thinking, wrapping this up like this? Could there be a more void, predictable, pointless, tacky way of ending this series?

I will have to put up a topic that will address the endless amount of absurdities this episode - and in fact this whole series - had to it (appart from the terrible, utterly terrible dialogs and the nonsense ridden narrative plot that ends in ambiguity leaving a bitter, acrid taste of a huge letdown)... it's like the cast and writers where forced to make one last season.

I was hooked on Dexter from the first season onward, it's almost unbelievable how long ago that was! It was my first real TV experience, my first love for a series, my first addiction to a show that wasn't Seinfeld. It was better than Lost at the time - for me, it was the best of the best, the tensest of the tense, the most edgy writing... and it ends like the worlds saddest thing...

And it now ends, and I feel I've been swindled, tricked into it. A sort of frustration I can only pair up to what it would be like if your parents say they'll give you an Xbox for Xmas, but when you get there you open the present and realize you're only getting a pair of socks. Like a cold, relieving hand job a nurse gives to an old paralyzed patient as palliative care.

It was TV's lowest point for me so far. I was really hoping for something better and I could imagine 50 alternative endings that would involve magic stuff like dragons and goblins, and still make it stick better than what I just saw.

I'm sorry guys... but it feels like you chickened out. This killer deserved better.

PS. Some specific thoughts I just have to share will follow... *spoiler*

"why the hell will he want to commit suicide if his sister's last dying wishes where for him to BE HAPPY??"

"why would they show him working a lumberyard???? WHY?????? Why not at a pharmacy or at a chemical plant, a microscope factory, a slaughterhouse... or something that would be a little more credible... Why is he crying like a little girl after walking out on his family??? WHY??? what sense is there in that? no longer a killer and no longer with Harrison?? what? how??"

So much more could follow... but it'd be a waste of time. I'm sorry. I'm truly sad.
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Very briefly
Stardust2123 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
**** SPOILERS**** Very briefly put, this series final can summed up as such: Debra dies in service, Dexter gets revenge by killing her killer... with a pen, he buries her at sea ... (with all the chopped up bodies of the crooks he's killed before), decides to abandon his son to Hannah (who manages to make it to Argentina with Harrison) he then sails into a storm, survives, and becomes... a lumberman!

Most fans will be extremely disappointed by the lack of suspense,excitement, fear for the character to name just a few. I was expecting a fire work, twists and turns, but we got: nothing. A tasteless dish cooked up by some dried out writers. Most horrible series final ever.
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What a disappointment
sjensenstrad24 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well this last season has been a bit boring and superficial.

Lets go to Argentina... no I cant go..... lets go.... no I cant go yet....... I just need to wrap up... OK I wrapped up... lets go..... No wait I forgot my teddy bear OK lets go, no you go... I come join you later.

And then this last episode just so stupid........ I mean the writers they most have laid down at least 20 different ways this show could end, and they pick this SH1T? Dexter the lumber jack.... well that could be the spin of comedy "Hey I am dexter the lumber jack killer, let me just find my axe and chop chop"
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hi167811623 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If I could give this episode 0 stars I would. This whole season has been terrible but none of the episodes have been as bad as the finale. This was the most unrealistic and disappointing finale of anything I've ever seen. 1. The fact that Hannah McKay didn't even bother to DYE HER HAIR at least to get through the airport makes no sense. 2. How does she even have custody of Harrison? 3. So you're telling me that A US MARSHALL hasn't seen the news about a murderer on the loose??? 4. WHY IS DEB DEAD? 5. Amidst all the commotion of the hurricane, NOBODY saw Dexter take Deb's body? Nobody wondered where the hell it went when the storm was through? 6. Who the HELL thought of the last scene and why does it exist? Are we supposed to find some comfort in Hannah thinking Dexter is dead and Dexter being a lumberjack?

That was definitely the worst of all finales ever aired. I thought this boring 8th season couldn't get any worse but the writers really outdid themselves here.
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What the f***!!!!
batista_fan26 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What started as one of the best series I've ever seen quickly dissolved into one of the most poorly written and directed ever. It really does show what happens when a great show-runner leaves. Clyde Phillips left after the last great season (Season 4), and after that it was pretty much all downhill from there. You could tell in the very first episode of season 5 that it wasn't . Now, we have the ultimate culmination of bad writing, poor character choices, and an ending that tries to be "edgy" but ultimately falls flat on it's face. I'll always remember the first four seasons of Dexter, but the last four? I won't waste my time again.

This season felt totally rushed and totally strayed away from what Dexter is all about. Dexter killing serial killers and dealing with Deb's transformation. Deb's death in this episode was completely absurd. Felt rushed, unceremonious, and it was like the writers thought to themselves "It's the series finale. Somebody has to die right?" Deb deserved a better death, like death in combat.

Hannah was such a stupid person these past couple episodes. What's weird about Dexter is that logic set up by the narrative is very selective. Hannah's face was on television, everyone is Miami has seen her face. Why didn't her dye her hair, or cut it, or wear sunglasses, or SOMETHING. And what's peculiar is that Elway, the Marshal Deputy, and that women at the hospital that recognize Hannah.

Dexter's decision to kill himself was dumb. This season we have been witnessing his transformation from a psychopath killer to a normal human because of Hannah. Why would he need to protect Hannah and Harrison from him when he is normal now? And that fact that he is a lumberjack and never meets up with Harrison or Hannah is stupid. Dexter gives one last stare into the camera but I couldn't see that because I was throwing stuff at my TV.

Final verdict: Absolute crap.
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Just Bad and Disappointing
jbboss7823 July 2014
As a big fan of this show, I was really disappointed. As far as I'm concerned, the seventh first seasons were awesome, some more than others, but in general, they were great ! Then comes the eighth season. Obviously, ending such a great show was a difficult task but, I've never seen an ending as terrible as that one. Big Time.

The first episodes of the season were okay, not awesome, but okay. Butthen...

Some of the things that got under my skin : 1) NIkki : useless 2) You tell me Marshall Clayton didn't see the news ??? 3) I think Deb deserved more than a "there was a complication" 4) The idea of loneliness for Dexter's end was not bad but a lumberjack ?? really ?? 5) Oliver Saxon walking in the parking lot with a gun in his hand and blood all over him while wanted and nobody cares, What the... 6) Jamie/Quinn 's story 7) After Dexter told Saxon he was going to kill him with the pen on the table, Saxon, as an experienced killer, "tried" to kill Dexter by aiming the shoulder ???? 8) Hannah, wanted all over the news, doesn't even Dye her hair ???? SO much for blending in...

Well, I guess that summed it up. Now, all I want is to forget how my favorite show got destroyed.
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To writers: How could you do this to Dexter Fans?
sinanodes24 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
************** Contains spoiler *********************

To writers: How could you do this to Dexter Fans?

I liked Dexter because it was about a clash between good and bad. First four season, it made me to ask myself many times "Could I really choose a serial killer's side?"

After great four season, downhill started with Season 5 Finale, The Big One. In the final scene, Debra caught Dexter and Lumen but they were standing behind the curtain. Then Debra did a small talk and walked away. Nobody believes Debra Morgan release a serial killer without even looking at his face. All downhill started with this scene and and kept going until the worst and the last episode.

How writers could do that to all Dexter Fans? After we all told our friends how great this show is. I gave 4 stars, each star for great first four seasons.

Here are my questions to writers regarding whole series and finale: - Do you really think someone get out from Hospital with a body? Dexter could wear a doctor's outfit at least. - How easily he killed Debra? Even Dexter we know researches everything. She was in the hospital for one day. Not eve a second opinion on Debra's health? - Why Dexter became like super hacker, ultimate lock-picker and a Bruce Lee in martial arts? Can he really take down any serial killer without any resistance power? - Vogel's experiments was very interesting. Even I was thinking she killed Dexter's father because he knew so much. But she became like weak chicken and died. Nosense! - Masuka's daughter? What's this all about? - Zach? Really? Why you guys need a character like that to fill a few episodes cheaply? - Saxon, I think Mr. Bean could fit this role better. He really thinks he can kill Debra in the hospital with full of cops? - Miami Metro? How many murder have been happened and connected to Dexter. He can still walk away after? Really????? - How come a Fed. Marshall does not know about serial killer while whole Miami knows him. - Hannah... At least a fig, color change, a glass... Do something to hide!

And our serial killer with great principles, talent and a code became lumberjack? Really? Really?

Why you guys think all fans deserve a finale like this? After we all spent great amount of time from our life to watch this show and gave you a great milestone in your career.
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Truly awful
tyronne-324 September 2013
After watching 'Dexter' for the past 8 seasons with my girlfriend, we felt that to have it finish the way it did was very anti-climatic.

I will not spoil it for those yet to see it but the feeling of shouting at the telly 'Oh come on - you have got to be kidding me' at the conclusion was very strong. Had I been able to go all 'Elvis' on my telly at that moment I would have as after spending so much time with these characters, we honestly felt cheated.

Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy - so many plot holes simply passed over to get the series wrapped up and that is without even mentioning some of the poorest C.G.I near the end we have seen in ages.

We now wish we had stopped watching it during a series high, rather than this damp squib.

Glad its now over if that is the best that could be done to be honest.
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Worst ending to the best show ever
RyanGini19 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I give this show 10/10, and i don't do that often. This episode however, 1/10. Let me sum this ending up.

Dexter says bye to Deb, giving her his last kill (very heartwarming, he's turning over a new leaf). A US Marshall then releases the now most wanted killer in the US (Why the f### a Marshall does not recognize this as the man all over the news who has been sawing people's heads in half is beyond me) while releasing this man from the table the Marshall dies, the killer gets the gun and shoots Deb. Did they do a dramatic, sad death? No. They make her into a vegetable living off the machine. Dexter then avenges her death by killing the antagonist (so much for that new leaf). He then goes back to the hospital and kills Deb and dumps her body in the ocean (dramatically) with all the other killers and rapists he's put there over the years. Oh, but not before abandoning his son and his would-be wife to Argentina... alone. Then sails off into the hurricane... and lives. To begin his life anew. Without Hanna. Without his son. Without anybody from the life he's built that he's come to truly love (As this season has tried so hard to point out.) All to emerge..... a lumberjack. A f##king lumberjack.

Worst. Finale. Ever.
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Poetic and symbolic ending!
eb100025 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't understand all the bad criticism about season 8 and the final episode.

There simply couldn't be any more fitting ending. Dexter finally learns the lesson of his life.. He gets a taste of having real feeling and being a real human, but quickly realize that it's not for him... There is a huge price to pay in the form of always hurting those closest to him.. Debra was already damaged for good and couldn't forgive herself..

Dexter kills her to remind himself that he is the only one responsible for her death.. He also acts as a truly loving big brother by taking away Deb's pain and making it his own... He punishes himself with the hardest punishment possible by not choosing the easy way out of suicide, but instead he sends himself to life imprisonment in complete isolation from any real human contact... No place more fitting for his new life like Oregon which is the opposite of Miami... Working as a lumberjack is also the exact opposite of his previous work with the police.. No more Cuban food, no more warm climate... His new job in a chainsaw noisy environment makes sure he will be reminded of that bloody shipping container every day... Even the lack of Dexster's voice-over in that last scene, leaves the viewers with a scene of isolation and emptiness... I also liked the sense of a somewhat open ending, which leaves a hope for some future continuation..

I think everyone who criticize the ending deserves to be on Dexter's table... :-)
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What the HELL was that?!
Playbahnosh26 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, let's get one thing out of the way first: I absolutely LOVED this series. It had it's ups and downs as far as quality goes, but all in all Dexter was a really good show and I would watch the re-runs forever. It had it's great moments, truly epic, never before seen scenes that would move mountains and it also had, at times, some of the worst possible blunders....like this ending.

After a quite stellar 7th season, I (and I assume everyone else) expected the creators to pull out all the stops, bring out the big guns and end one of the best series in TV history with a bang. But sadly, that's not what happened. The final season was simply the worst of Dexter, choke full of gaping plot holes, forced dialogue, dreadful blunders and characters undoing 7 seasons of character development.

But let's talk about this finale. Instead of a BANG, we got a lousy whimper utterly undeserving of such a great series. I know, writing a finale to such a great series after 8 years is a horribly thankless job, and no matter how you write it, most fans would hate it, if only just because it ended their favorite show. However, ruining the entire series with a terrible schlock like this finale is simply unacceptable. A room full of howler monkeys with a typewriter could've done a better job.

Bringing back Hannah was one of the biggest mistakes. It served no purpose other than sticking a huge flashing sign on her that says "MOTIVATION". She did nothing the whole season but sit in rooms and act concerned. Some of the biggest, most blatant plot holes were all Hannah's. Her face was plastered all over the news as a dangerous fugitive, and yet she didn't even bother to change her looks? No haircut or dye, hat, shades, different clothes, nothing? She was busted by a simple hospital receptionist for gods sake, yet she passed airport security right up to the departure gates? WHAT?! Looks aside, how did she explain away the syringe full of horse tranquilizer? I assume she had it all along and it didn't just magically appear en-route to the bus terminal. Even if security was dumb, SOMEONE should've recognized her! She also stabbed a guy with a syringe on a packed bus, yet nobody bats and eye. Then she strolls through security at YET ANOTHER airport? Damn...

How about Saxon? The walking plot device, without whom there would've been no season 8. His presence is only to serve as a beating stick and a disposable plot generator. Being a total psychopath, he shows a considerable amount of emotion and utter lack of common sense when he just casually stumbles into the hospital filled with cops and media, and goes after the person that's the sole reason for them being there? After he makes his dramatic entrance by depositing a cruelly mangled victim (who's tongue he cut out in a vehicle parked on a high-traffic street in broad daylight) to the doorstep of said hospital, he just waltzes in and strolls around clearly drenched in blood without anyone noticing? Keep in mind, there is a MANHUNT after the guy, his face is plastered all over the news. *sigh* Don't even get me started on the holding cell scene. When given a weapon and cornered like an animal, fully aware he is going to be killed one way or another and he has only one shot, (Saxxon being a fully experienced, seasoned killer himself) he stabs Dexter in the shoulder. Yes, the shoulder. As in Hollywood's go-to "it's just a flesh-wound" spot. Really? REALLY?! And after Dexter quite predictably goes for the jugular, a few minutes later Batista just lets him leave for Argentina? WHAT?

All that aside, Michael C. Hall's acting (or rather, the lack thereof) was the worst, most cringe-worthy thing in the entire finale. After being handed a script this stupid, I assume nobody would've done any better, but still, he could've tried at least instead of this "why bother" attitude. Being at the deathbed of Dexter's dearly beloved sister, pulling the plug and then unceremoniously dumping her body in the ocean (right near his other victims), all he manages is a series of clearly forced, wimpy frowns? If anything, one would've assumed THIS would make Dexter flip the hell out, trash a room, scream, cry, beat himself up, ANYTHING. But no, all we get is a tired-looking, mopey, stone faced Dexter with a "meh" attitude. Pathetic.

Adding insult to injury, the totally-unnecessary-but-crammed-in-anyway- for-the-sake-of-spinoffs epilogue. After magically surviving a giant hurricane on the ocean (which wrecked his boat to splinters), we see a totally unharmed Dexter in what I assume Alaska, sporting a horrible looking fake beard and nonchalantly working as a....lumberjack? Of all the things, this is the best they could come up with? A lumberjack? The very last ending picture is this hollow shell, we once knew as Dexter, tiredly looking at the camera with a "are we done yet?" expression on his face. Why? Just...why?

I don't know what were they thinking. I assume they were just "lets get this done quickly, because I need to look for another job now". Sad. Real sad. It's particularly infuriating too, because unlike the great majority of series, they knew full well Dexter is going to end TWO YEARS beforehand. They had ample time and opportunity to write a two-season story arc to tie everything into a neat little bow. But apparently they shot their load at season 7 and the energy and drive was simply lost by the end. Shame. Now not only we have to deal with one of our favorite series ending, we have to deal with the awful taste this finale left in our mouths, that sours the entire show in our memory....
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destroyed the whole series..:(
nithinrdev23 July 2014
This is one of the worst climax i have ever seen.usually i never write a review but when i finished watching this marvelous series's climax i couldn't resist to show how unhappy i was .

I never thought this would end like this. i was a hard core fan of this series and was eager to watch the ending but when i saw it i wished erasing my memory of the last episode.

It was that boring , the story was droopy and not arranged.

Dexter started with a great 1st season, got better and better for the next 3, was at it's best on 4th season, followed by three average seasons and ends with a boring season 8
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Series finale?
jobeans122922 September 2013
What kind of series finale was that?

So disappointing for the best show on TV to end the way it did.

Seasons 1-6 were awesome.

7 was weak but still a huge fan of the show.

Season 8 has been anti-climatic all season but I was still pulling for an amazing ending which never came.

I will miss the show and all the characters however I feel the show really should have ended 2 seasons ago.

While this last season tried to be an emotionally packed season, I feel that there were many missed opportunities.

I imagined so many different ways the series could have ended, as I am sure many others have also.

So sad Scott Buck became lost in conveying his final vision of the show.
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This is the finale?
XxxDaniel9413 May 2016
Season 8 has not been a very strong season, it's on par with season 6 and the slowest and weakest of the whole series. Throughout season 8 there has never been a sense of closure for one of the most loved TV series of all time, and this episode follows.

If this episode was the finale of a normal season, and not the entire show, it would be fantastic, possibly one of the best. However this episode does not do a good job and closing the stories of the characters that we have grown to love over the past 8 years. You only see some of the main characters once in this episode, and they barely have any lines to say, and suddenly that's it. WHAT!? This is dreadful storytelling, and lazy writing. The creators of this show should have realised the size of this show's fan-base, and decided on ending it on a high note, much like Breaking Bad did, with that show's outstanding ending.

However this is not an entirely bad episode, like I said. The scenes with Dexter and Deborah are fantastic. There is a strong emotion there, and their scene in the hospital is one of the best scenes in the entire show. It's just a shame it is all wasted on an anticlimactic ending.

The second half of season 8 should have been Dexter on the run, and eventually abandon his family in order to protect them, eventually leading to how this episode ended. But instead they gave us 12 episodes of nothing.

Dexter is truly one of the greatest TV shows of all time, but also has one of the worst finales of all time. I am not giving this a very low rating, because this is still a good episode itself, just not a good finale.
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Let Down
goodfella4792 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After watching Breaking Bad's Ozymandias I really couldn't bring myself to endure any other TV shows until I got BB out of my system. So I waited until today to watch anything else, starting with the last 2 episodes of Dexter. I have to say, with all of the great plot lines and writing from seasons 1-6 of this show, the last 2 seasons have been very sub-par. And this finale brought closure to Dexter, maybe a fitting one at that, but the way everyone else was left hanging or abruptly erased was far from satisfactory.

Way to mail it in, writers.

I'd recommend not watching this. But if you have already put in the 95 hours (god...) it took to get here, may as well get your last look.
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I just can't believe it....
sammunro10023 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My god i can't express how lame this ending was, i have been an avid fan of Dexter throughout every single series, and i even enjoyed this last one a great deal.

But this final episode is another classic case of just writing a story, which is just far to good to live up to a decent ending, i don't even get why in this final episode every body acting decided to forget everything about acting, it was very sub par for some reason, but that aside i could have lived with, and sadly only and i do mean the only decent thing to this final episode was the incident with Debra Morgan.

And the final ending to it all where he is still alive and well, makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER, he went into the storm to commit suicide and stop ruining peoples life's(And to protect his loved ones from himself), yet comes out of it seemingly unharmed(Amazing right? As he boat was completely demolished....) and living a normal sedimentary life with the hint he is back on his serial killing habits.

I literally am so infuriated at this ending and the writing behind it, and i would find it rather hard to believe that the actors themselves were greatly impressed with it.
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Goodbye Dexter Morgan...
matthewaos25 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, 10/10.

I was introduced to Dexter while second season was half way thru. Although I do not watch a lot of TV series, the show got me almost immediately. First episode, with the Ice Truck killer was interesting, I kept watching out of curiosity. After two or three episodes I was hooked!!

I continued watching Dexter till the final season. During the good, the great and the not so good. What made me like the show was that I thought it was innovating, and very interesting in portraying a serial killer. However, after some seasons I realized that the characters are growing as the show goes foreword. It's not your typical show, trying to hold on the status quo and after a while it does not make any sense.

I realized that the show it's not about a serial killer, but about this poor guy, trying to feel human. This is even evident in every season, especially after the amazing season 4. And everything went "great", until we reached the final episode of season 6...

I understand that some hate the particular season, but I believe that after everything before, it was needed to revive the concept. Deb found out and now what? We entered season 7, a season filled with tension that put another nail in Deb's coffin, but at the same time it made Dexter rethink everything he does, and what are his priorities.

I'll be honest, I watched season 8, episode after episode, and at first it seemed weird, but in reality it has so many things happening, and you are waiting to see what will bring Dexter's downfall, so you don't know what will happen. And that's something else that intrigued me in the show, all your predictions are wrong! Even when I was spoiled about Rita's death, the writers almost made me forgot about it, before actually saw the episode. And in the final season, everyone, including me were waiting for something that will show the heroic Dexter, trying to do good, in his weird way, but failing and get killed or arrested.

In the final episode nothing like that happens. And it is great. Many people reacted negatively about the conclusion, or the episode per se. I find the tension and the writing, along with the music to be fantastic, and the episode itself is something new to Dexter, nothing you have ever see.

But what about the story? Well, Dexter gets what he deserves, and maybe worse. I'm not sure if he faked his death and had a coin toss if he lives or dies. Somehow he manages to live and decides to be rid of all emotions, because now that he has them he realizes that the unspeakable burden that everyone of us carries, but think of it from the perspective of someone who never had emotions. He realizes that he is a machine built for destruction. At the very least that's what Dexter believes for himself, it's not what Deb, Hanna, or the viewers think about him. You have to think as Dexter does to understand this.

As for Harrison and Hanna, many said that Hanna is not capable for raising a child. Is Dexter? A serial killer, even someone who does not need to kill anymore? And is someone who thinks for himself that he only brings grief and death capable? Well, Hanna is maybe not mother of the year, but Dexter never was, even if he loves Harrison.

So no, it was not the ending everyone wished for, or thinking it would happen. It was something unexpected. It was not a glorious happy/sad ending, full of mementos from last seasons, for the geeks to notice (however the ice trucks and "Laura" were good touches). It was not a true Dexter episode if you will, because this was not the same person from the first season, not even from the fifth or sixth. He does what he does best, killing Deb as a mercy kill in his eyes, the one thing no one can do, bury her like all of his victims, as he screwed her life more than anyone else, and goes to exile.

And he is somewhere alone, carrying the burden that sometime he carred for some people, but he destroyed all of them. Will he ever go back to killing? That's what I think. Will he ever get caught and exposed? Probably, if he continues killing? Will he ever go find them, after some time of retribution? Try to discover them see if they are OK? Now that he has feelings who knows? Maybe yes maybe now. It is not necessary to know everything, sometimes it's great to let stuff for the audience to think about.

Some days after I watched the finale, I am still sad about Deb, and still sad about Dexter, that great but weird fried I had for years, who decided it's better away from us. Sometimes it's not about glory or closure. If something makes you think, and you keep thinking about it, it let an impact on you, so sure there must be some good to it...

Goodbye Dexter, maybe the best series around. I'm gonna miss you.
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A Solid Ending for a Great Show
roseybaby63-59-4314925 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sad that so many people are bashing the series finale. Was it perfect? No. It's impossible to make everyone happy and the point of the show was the character of Dexter. It's his story. That being said, I very much was swept away by this episode. I honestly didn't know what to expect.

Of course, there's a part of me that wanted that 'happily ever after' for Dexter...wanted him to go away with Hannah and Harrison. That's not what I thought would happen. The ending would have to be dark.

The death of Deb wasn't expected and was heartbreaking. I so wanted redemption for her. Strangely, when she died, she was in the best place mentally and emotionally than she had been for awhile. She and Quinn were on the verge of being together and she thought things with Dexter would be okay. Of course, that's part of what made her death so heartbreaking. Her death is what convinces Dexter that he's the monster that has led to so many deaths. Many of his decisions led to the deaths of those who closest to him. This is a fact. He spent so much time wanting to have human feelings...to experience empathy..and when he does, it's his undoing. He can feel grief, guilt and regret.

I was satisfied with the way he dispatched the brain surgeon. I love when Quinn and Batista are watching the video of it. While Batista is shocked at the sight, Quinn doesn't even bat an eye. I think he always knew there was something about Dexter. Many people are shocked that Dexter left Harrison with Hannah. I wasn't. They had forged a strong bond last season and Hannah, for all her self preservation type murders, would protect Harrison and care for him. I know she's a psychopath, but so's Dexter.

There were far less voice overs in this episode and I see this as showing how Dexter isn't focused on himself anymore. He's focused on the loved ones around him. The loss of Deb is a breaking point for him. He lovingly gives her to the sea as another of his victims. Perhaps his last victim? His decision to remove himself from Harrison's and Hannah's lives is one made from love and selflessness. It's one of the most human things he's done.

I was surprised by the last seconds, when they show a bearded Dexter working as a lumber jack. He chose a solitary life. His punishment is to live without all the things he strove so desperately to have. The final shot of his face....those eyes so empty, a tear forming in the corner of one of them. It's truly sad. Of course, no matter how much we like Dexter, he was still a serial killer and was bound to pay some sort of price....and he did pay...in a big way.

For those who haven't liked the entire final season, you must keep in mind, that it was a season of winding down. They lingered on some of the other characters....showing which way they were headed. We were saying goodbye to characters that have been around for 8 seasons....ones we have come to know and care about. The show has always been character driven, so to complain about not enough blood in the last season is disrespectful. It's about the characters not the blood.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the finale. I can't help but wonder what people thought happened to Harrison. I'm not clear about that at all. I wonder if I missed something. Did they think he died with Dexter? Like I said at the beginning, it wasn't perfect, but it was a solid finale for a great show.
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adamexsaa23 September 2013
first of all sorry for my English il hope you can understand barely at least.

well first of all I felt huge disappointment from this episode,the main reason is the bad filming and either moving too fast or too slow,for example when dexter and joey being acquainted about debra situation and the fact she cant live anymore by herself,all her feelings and mind will fade,Instead of them I would just fall on my knees and cry(well at least joey),the lack of feelings in this scene made me feel kinda sorry for debra character,the second is saxton death,the whole fight between them was so sad to watch,expreienced killer like sexton I thought would survive more then 10 seconds against dexter. and the main reason I disliked the episode its disappointment from dexter character,harrison,the heart of dexter for more then half series being abandoned by him,with the stupid execuse of "I do so only to save you",and leaving harrison with the hand of ex-serial killer and woman that might be wanted because the fact she "snatched" harrison,she got no papers about him or way to support the fact she is his mother\responsible for him,after all the hard work and though life of Dexter and after he suffered all the loses he take the decision leaving his lovers,because everybody that surrending him will die,so why in the world he make hannah responsible for harrison? woman that al her close people have died.
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Worst Ending Ever
patrickbaecher-799-32443823 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked and loved Dexter. It was and it is an awesome TV-show. The first 6 seasons are great and with the 7th season Dexter starts getting a bit boring. Season 8 is the weakest season of Dexter it never gets gripping. There were some thrilling moments but unfortunately there were more boring moments. Now this episode is terrible. It starts good and thrilling at the airport and with Debra getting to the hospital. Then it gets a bit boring. From the very touching moment on where Debra dies it gets really ridiculous. He steals her body and no one wonders why... Are you kidding me? He walks with a body in his arms trough the whole hospital to his boat and no one cares? Then he throws her into water what doesn't make any sense either. He always threw his victims into the water and now his beloved sister. Why? Then it continues with his dark monologue followed by the scene in which he drives into the bad animated storm. So now the scene with Harrison and Hannah. She just sits there and ready that Dex probably died and just sheds one tear. She really loved him, why the hell doesn't she really care? So now you think it's over, but then the last scene begins and you see that Dexter is still living. How did he survive this?

As I said before this ending is terrible!
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Unconscionable ending to great show
deathnote21926 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The writers treated the finale as though the minute the finale itself is over, the reality within the show is over as well. Which is to say, there is no aftermath or consequences to anything that we just saw in the finale. But think of the consequences of all the things we saw!! Last thing Miami Metro knows, Deb is on life support in a hospital. Then her body disappears? And at the same time, Dexter disappears in his boat off into the hurricane? Why isn't the headline that Hannah reads, "Dexter Morgan Wanted for Theft of Body and Faked Death"? And what about Deb's body? Not weighed down with anything? Her 80 pound torso is going to wash up on the beach in a day or so. Not exactly a fitting end to a great character, and not exactly a nicely tied up loose end. What happens when her body washes up? What happens to the accepted opinion that Dexter sailed off into the hurricane and died? And even if Deb's body doesn't wash up...he just deprived everyone of a funeral and good-bye for her. Real nice, Dexter.

And Batista and a bunch of people knew Dexter was planning on leaving the country. Then all this happens and he disappears under mysterious circumstances? No one is going to look into that? AND WHAT THE hell ABOUT HARRISON?! Harrison wasn't with Dexter when he saw any of Miami Metro during the day, and they knew he was going to leave the country. So they don't have any reason to assume Dexter took him off in the boat with him to die. And on top of that, HANNAH LEFT THE GUY ALIVE that she drugged on the bus. So when he wakes up, he's going to tell Miami Metro and anyone else who'll listen that Hannah McKay was on the bus to Ft. Lauderdale WITH DEXTER'S SON HARRISON. They run the surveillance cameras from the Ft. Lauderdale airport that day and see Hannah (conveniently looking exactly the same as she always does) and Harrison with her. NOW THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY FLEW TO. but don't worry, they're laying low in an outdoor cafe in the middle of the day. No way anyone could find them there once a manhunt is underway and they have their descriptions and whereabouts.

So now they know Dexter's son went with a serial killer to Argentina at the same time his sister's body disappears and Dexter goes missing, right after he stabbed someone to death on camera. Wow, way to tie things up! I'm sure there's no story going on after that! Credit to poster

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Disappointing Moralist Conclusion
claudio_carvalho9 August 2014
Dexter goes to the airport with Harrison to meet Hannah and she tells that Elway is stalking her at the lobby. Dexter uses the airport security system to get rid of Elway but the airport is closed. Matthews calls Dexter and tells that Debra has been shot by Saxon and he heads to the hospital with Harrison; the doctor tells that she is recovering well. The hurricane Laura is coming to Miami and Dexter decides to travel to Jacksonville with Hannah and Harrison using an evacuation bus, but he decides to visit Debra again. Dexter sees Saxon but Angel arrests him but he learns that Debra will stay in coma for the rest of her life. Dexter finds a way to eliminate Saxon in his cell in Miami Metro but feels responsible for the death of everyone he has loved and takes an ultimate decision.

The last episode of Dexter could not be more disappointing with a moralist conclusion. Debra has killed LaGuerta so the writers decide to kill her also. Dexter feels responsible for the death of those that he has ever loved and prefers to leave Harrison alone with an unstable serial-killer in a different country and to commit suicide. The worst, her reappears alive in another American state without any explanation. I could not even imagine a worse and more incoherent conclusion for this excellent series. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Lembra-se dos Monstros?" ("Remember the Monsters?")
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